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Merricksdad's Wavey Water Shader (EE)

This is a modification of Soren's normal and spec mapped basic shader (fslit_nm.shd). I've added a portion of Sherincall's bumpyshiny water shader (fs_water.shd).

merricksdad 2020-02-24 6 hours 55 min ago
Black Dragons Ravenloft Realm of Dread

The Black Dragons proudly present Ravenloft Realm of Dread a NWN EE Persistent World. 2020-02-24 2 days 15 hours ago
Eternal Champion

Lord Meshuggah 2020-02-19 5 hours 13 min ago
Ineria Enhanced Edition

Voici les haks et tlk spécifiques à Inéria, l'installation est très simple : Utilisez un programme comme Winrar pour décompresser le dossier téléchargé, glissez ensuite le

KTA@Nwn 2020-02-18 1 week 2 days ago
A Strange World II - The Legend of the Sinwa

A Strange World II - The Legend of the Sinwa - By andgalf.

andgalf 2020-02-18 1 day 9 hours ago
Terth (PRPW)

When the module has been completed for intial server release, it will be suitable for a maximum level of 18.  Then, I will be adding expansions later until it hits level 4

Dreadlord_Anwyn 2020-02-17 4 days 11 hours ago
Merricksdad's Quick Export All New Tiles Script

Until we get a faster functional full directory compiler for NWN: EE in a commandline tool, you can use this little trick to load, compile, and then export all your new cus

merricksdad 2020-02-16 1 week 4 days ago
Scraping NWN Creatures for NWN2

This document provides a work flow for converting NWN creature models for use in NWN2 using Blender,

rjshae 2020-02-16 1 week 4 days ago
Hermit's Chalice Beasties The Hermit's Chalice - Update

So I have finally completed about 90% of the mod.

angry_yard_gnome 2020-02-16 1 week 4 days ago
Tonsperre AI
An improved version of TonyK Battle AI with the combination of Jasperre AI.
TonyK Battle AI was an amazing mod to improve an
demoix 2020-02-16 1 week 4 days ago