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Screenshot Title Description Name Posted Updated
Mannast's Coin System v.0.4
Mannast's Coinage System v.0.4
edited and updated by Mannast 12/27/2018, uploaded 1/8/2019
Based upon the CRAP coin system.
Mannast 2016-01-30 6 months 3 weeks ago
Generic Button System v.1.6

Generic Button System by Mannast v.1.6

Mannast 2015-09-20 2 years 6 months ago
Mannast's Magic Item Generic System

Magic Item Generic System v.0.9.1 by Mannast
One Script - Multitudes of Items!

Mannast 2015-03-04 4 years 12 months ago
Magic Missile Option System

Magic Missile Options (MMO) Multi-Target Missile Spells v0.8  by Mannast 3/21/2011 --  The MMO system will allow the player to change the way they target their Missile Spel

Mannast 2014-07-24 4 years 12 months ago
Mannast's Vanilla Basemodule for building v.0.9.3

Vanilla (No-Hak, No-Override) persistent multiplayer friendly basemodule for building PnP styled adventures.

Mannast 2014-03-19 1 year 4 months ago
Mannast's Scry and Teleport System

This system will allow characters to keep a list of locations and targets that they may then view remotely from a Scrying Device or Teleport to.

Mannast 2014-03-19 4 years 12 months ago
Mannast's Portable Hole System

Updated to v.0.8
Click-activated, flexible, full-featured portable hole system.

Mannast 2014-03-19 4 years 12 months ago