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Project Mundana Vendel Dawnfield 9 min ago
Project Village of Eveningstar - Cormyr - Faerun Dragooneer 10 min 40 sec ago
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Project Save the Forums! Baaleos 1 hour 12 min ago
Project Headhunter Trophy Case - Vol. 2 (Human Female Heads) fkirenicus 2 hours 25 min ago
Project Crystal Conversations TheBarbarian 6 hours 34 min ago
Forum topic NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp brothermutant 10 hours 22 min ago
Forum topic Full list of dynamic model IDs? Mecheon 10 hours 36 min ago
Forum topic Monkey Grip StraightOuttaAvernus 11 hours 15 min ago
Forum topic Donations HipMaestro 15 hours 8 min ago
Project Spanish/English interleaved dialogue for language learners sylt 16 hours 15 min ago
Project French/English interleaved dialogue for language learners sylt 16 hours 18 min ago
Project Italian/English interleaved dialogue for language learners sylt 16 hours 19 min ago
Project German/English interleaved dialogue for language learners sylt 16 hours 27 min ago
Forum topic Best Crafting System out to date? ffbj 18 hours 48 min ago
Forum topic New limits for NWN 1 Jedijax 19 hours 39 min ago
Project A Dance with Spies Developer Zone prwo 19 hours 47 min ago
Forum topic Nightmist: Afterlife PW Sangrey 19 hours 58 min ago
Project The Wink and Kiss Part 2 ALPHA Deedlit Greenleaf 20 hours 50 min ago
Forum topic Just a quick question The Amethyst Dragon 21 hours 7 min ago
Forum topic How to make a kill/fetch quest Bootlebat 21 hours 7 min ago
Project HCR2 for NWN1 Core Framework and Systems (FINAL) + NBDE HCR2 1.5 Carcerian 23 hours 31 min ago
Blog entry Feel free to modify all my stuff!! Tonden Ockay 1 day 1 hour ago
Forum topic Small improvement to the bioware walkwaypoints Cleitanious 1 day 2 hours ago
Project Wild Woods [v0.7] & Wild Lands Tilesets Serge 1 day 3 hours ago
Forum topic The crypt tileset Kalister68 1 day 7 hours ago
Forum topic Windows 10 updates slows NWN JusticeDragon 1 day 8 hours ago
Project End of Legends in Kingdom of Algard onceuponthcross 1 day 13 hours ago
Forum topic Custom Content Challenge: March 2017: Blast from the Past Cleitanious 1 day 14 hours ago
Blog entry How to Become Famous or Planet 9 in Outer Space Tarot Redhand 1 day 16 hours ago