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Title  Super Jiggly Female Tattoo Torso Pack
Author  Parasite X
Submitted / Updated  12-14-2003 / 12-14-2003
Category  Armor
Number  24
Format  BioWare Standard
These textures will replace your armor torsos with tattooed torsos. It will also replace your unarmored tattoed torso with an nude tattoed torso *drool*. Also included is the nude breast from Jacen Arkana and Nude Pelvis from Ogre Mage. And to spice things up a bit i even squezzed in Zylch000's and ILmaTeR's Jiggly Pack ;) All races supported. Female only thou. too lazy to do tattoo packs for males


Submitted: 12-14-2003 / Last Updated: 12-14-2003
9 votes
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Comments (53):

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Posted by stdbuk at 2006-08-18 10:18:34    Voted 9.00 on 08/18/06
Great Job! Now I just need a spiked codpiece item and all my players will be hooked!

Posted by ParasiteX at 2006-01-12 20:10:57    
To make a non-tattoed character. just dont copy the armor textures in and simply dont make a character with tattoes.

Posted by Veridious at 2005-12-28 04:22:18    Voted 10.00 on 12/28/05
I play on a module that already has a nude hak, and when I log in, Ogre Mage's female pelvis doesn't seem to appear. I followed the instructions in the readme. Is it not compatible with other haks for servers?

I then went on another server I play that doesn't use any haks. And Ogre Mage's pelvis DOES appear, aswell as the other chest models etc.

Posted by Veridious at 2005-12-28 03:02:32    Voted 10.00 on 12/28/05

Posted by Veridious ( ) at 2005-12-28 03:00:15    

Posted by KamiBushi ( ) at 2005-12-17 11:24:33    
can you make a non tattoed version of this?

Posted by dragn'orn at 2005-07-12 07:19:39    
Winzip might suck, but it's a standard. It's like making a webpage using a non-standard font. YOU can see your font, but most others won't ... unless they go search/dl/install ... well, that said, this had better be worth the time I'll spend getting winrar installed.
shut up, listen, THEN ask questions

Posted by Bob ( ) at 2005-06-28 11:14:23    
make you emo!!

Posted by Arius 577 at 2005-06-03 19:21:25    Voted 9.75 on 06/03/05

Posted by Andarthiel at 2005-04-11 20:28:14    Voted 8.75 on 04/11/05

"I just thought you ought to know I'm very depressed"-Marvin, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Posted by komo ( ) at 2005-03-22 12:35:00    
i'm a total newbie to game customizations and stuffs like those, including customizing textures.
so, i am eager to know if these textures can change the appearance of a character that is already been created,
or are they can only be used on Create New Character??


Posted by Some noob -.- ( ) at 2005-03-07 16:56:00    
Um.. Hi. I'm just about as much of a noob as you could find at dling haks and things like this.. I have no idea what to do, and can't find the readme.txt thing or w/e.. Please help me if you can.

Posted by Civious at 2005-01-17 06:47:18    Voted 5.00 on 01/17/05

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-01-10 02:16:00    
not bad pack, i like the sharp look of those tattoos, unlike the blury bioware-ones, but the jiggling is way too jiggly.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-01-09 19:20:00    
After following the instructions I still had to set my graphics to compatability mode to make it work. That's a lot of work for such a small graphically pleasing bit to it.

Posted by Anonymous1 ( ) at 2004-11-01 22:52:00    
Could it be possible to use the pelvis texture provided with the new CEP succubus? The one that doesn't say PG-13 version. It's a much more realistic and less weird looking one.

Posted by sanami at 2004-10-26 11:47:27    Voted 10.00 on 10/26/04

Posted by Dark_Nature at 2004-09-23 05:06:52    Voted 9.75 on 09/23/04

Posted by Eric Dichter ( ) at 2004-08-26 17:49:00    
Dear Parasite I have found a way to promote your hak, look up my files using Eric Dichter, I hope you continue to do great work.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-08-22 18:33:00    
Thanks angel I like the suggestions, my mother was tired of cutting Jame's underwear off his head (mabey I'll try your ideas, besides if that does't work theres always the holy, Duck Tape :)

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-08-15 18:44:00    

I have a lil bro of my own, and every time I leave my computer unattended he wantz 2 fork around with it>:(

I tryed the wedgee thing, but it didn't work before, so now depending on what he does I'll either; A:Lock him in the closet. (Its funny as hell to listen to him scream at me, because he has such a high voice.) or B:Kick him "where the sun don't shine".(Thats not as funny, but its more effective, and I only use this method when he like; crashes my system, deletes/overrides somthing important, and other $#!+ that, th'it REALLY PISS ME OFF!!!)

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-08-15 08:54:00    
Dear Angel_uhv_Death,

I oppologize for anything that was said in my last messages I was away with my girlfriend and my little bro wantted to have some fun, I'm sorry about all his posts and hope you can forgive hoim as he will now recie an atomic wedgee.

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-07-26 17:33:00    
Hmm...I should have re-worded a few things, but then again I hardly ever can think straight when I'm pissed at some little prick, the only thing I can usually think about is making a perminate fusion between his glasses and his skull...or brain depending on how much of a dork he is. Man, that reminds me of 8th grade when, I got suspended for 5weeks for beating the livin $#!+ out of this little nerd that wuz *ALWAYS* talkin $#!+ to everybody, okay heres my version of the injury report;
Me: A little bruise on my right shoulder(I bruise like a friggin bananna!)
Him:Dislocated left hand(after he "punched" me in the shoulder, I grabbed his hand and wrist, and twisted'em like hell in opposite directions)& a broken nose(Right hook to the face.)
Okay I know yer thinking "why only 5weeks?" because about a month before that he was caught by like 8 teachers swearing. And since my record wuz clean otherwise, and I guess they were getting back at him 4 the swearing thing, so my punishment was pretty minimal, seeing as how normally when a fight occurs, all students involved would be expelled. Well thats the overview of what happens to dorks who want 2 fook wit meh. (If I ever meet them in person, of course.)

Posted by Wyrd Boy ( ) at 2004-07-25 22:26:00    
I think, (not too fast though) that Angel_uhv_Death has a point. You stupid stooges don't even have real names! If your gunna post on a message board, at least use a +blocked+ing name. Oh wait, your simple minds can't put for than two syllables together.

Oh, and great hak Parasite. Now I can look at my character and not think 'Where the hell are the tatooes?'

The definition of dangerous: A monkey with a nailgun.

Posted by Wyrd Boy ( ) at 2004-07-25 22:25:00    
I think, (not too fast though) that Angel_uhv_Death has a point. You stupid stooges don't even have real names! If your gunna post on a message board, at least use a +blocked+ing name. Oh wait, your simple minds can't put for than two syllables together.

Oh, and great hak Parasite. Now I can look at my character and not think 'Where the hell are the tatooes?'

The definition of dangerous: A monkey with a nailgun.

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-07-22 15:52:00    
I wasn't critisizing parastite's hak, dickhead! The only simple mind in this case, is the one u r using. Go 2 hell & f-u-c-k you!? COME ON MAN! If youre gonna insult somebody like *that*, u might want to reconsider talking to someone on your own pitiful level. U want a *REAL* joke? Why not look in a mirror yourself, and guess what?, you don't have to say anything at all! I believe your own expression is self explanitory, as to how much of an a-s-s u just made out of yourself...if none of this makes sense to you, heres a clue, GET A *REAL* SOCIAL LIFE!!! And maybe *then* you will understand, but until then, don't even bother speaking to me again......

Posted by Eric Dichter ( ) at 2004-07-16 06:00:00    
Can you post a link to here on my tera the destroyer, if not thanks.

Posted by Eric Dichter ( ) at 2004-07-10 21:16:00    
Please view my character: (parasite) that I made using your fabulous hak.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-07-03 21:48:00    
Angel_uhv_Death , ha ha ha its a joke. Well heres one for you. Knock knock (answer;whose there) (pause for 10 seconds and go to answer)

Answer:Go to **** (now fill in the blank its only four letters even your simple mind should handle that)

P.S stop critisyzing parisite, me, or any other persaon's hak. To fullfil your liking, look in a mirror and say **** you and your done.

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-07-02 11:19:00    
Don't get yer a-s-s in a wad, it was a joke! U r too uptight man/woman, loosen up 4 once! If u can't, then grab a sweat band! And *YES* I do like this hak.

p.s. You are *MAJORLY* overdue 4 a party!

  1  2 Next>

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