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Title  Elven Translations
Author  Anaeles
Submitted / Updated  01-09-2003 / 01-10-2003
Category  Voice - PC Soundsets
Format  MP3
Anaeles is offering anything translated into any of the FaerŻn languages, with recorded pronunciation, if they want. Even Elven. Here's a sample


Submitted: 01-09-2003 / Last Updated: 01-09-2003
3 votes
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Comments (40):

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Posted by RogueGook ( ) at 2004-08-23 11:22:00    
wow sounds cool, and im here stugglin with latin and your creatin a language (or thats what i got from the past comments that you invented what you said)

Posted by RogueGook ( ) at 2004-08-23 11:22:00    
wow sounds cool, and im here stugglin with latin and your creatin a language (or thats what i got from the past comments that you invented what you said)

Posted by THE ELF ( ) at 2004-08-15 07:00:00    
I'd like to request a male and female LOTR elvish voice set, if possible.

Thank You

Posted by Sogno at 2004-05-04 01:34:58    Voted 10.00 on 05/04/04
Crisp and clear. Excellent work!

Posted by Sogno at 2004-05-04 01:34:00    Voted 10.00 on 05/04/04
Splendid work! Now if I could only find some female Elvish voices as good as your male ones. :)

Posted by Khembi at 2004-04-22 01:15:49    Voted 10.00 on 04/22/04

Posted by DarkStorm_Inc at 2004-03-29 12:31:00    
Ive tried to study latin.. but being its a dead language its very hard to find anything on it. Know of any materials on the web to continue learning it?I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello - Teal'C, SG-1
I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello - Teal'C, SG-1

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:28:33    Voted 6.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 6 that made this score of 5.83 then rounded to 6.

Posted by Xenia Firesong ( ) at 2004-01-14 03:43:00    
Well I personally think your accent sounds slightly Italian.(not that that has any bearing on anything :P) In either case it sounds good :) And how many times does it need to be posted this isn't a form of Tolkien elvish lol. Anyway thats my .02$

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-10-15 15:36:00    
Wow. I sparked off a semi-philosophical debate. Well, I have to say that although I find languages fascinating (real ones, I don't bother to learn or find out about any made up ones - again, this is not a Tolkien language), inventing them is so easy for me that I can create the structure of a language in a matter of minutes, and I do a lot of other things as well. Some of you may have noticed that I am also the musical composer and a voice actor for the fouth in the A Call for Heroes series. I guess I'm just lucky in that I can get pretty good at anything I put my mind to.
I don't know what Tolkien intended about the near deification of his books. I think you can rate a book by how many avid fans (or nerds) it garners. Some day I want there to be a word 'Aspinwallian' (from Aspinwall, obviously). From that day I will count any books I write to have been deified. I don't know if I want people to continue evolving my languages like they do with Tolkien's, though.
More about nerdism - some people are procrastinators, others perfectionists, and some people like to put so much detail into their work that most of it will probably never be seen. These people are set creators for movies, artists, musicians and people who, like me, feel that a game, book, movie, or whatever is more real if the people in it speak a workng, evolving language rather than gobbledegook. I believe that if you want to make a new culture, you might as well make it functional. Call me sad, call me a nerd, call me whatever you wish, but in the end, detail makes a game.
Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

Posted by Keith David Reeves ( ) at 2003-10-09 21:33:00    
Donshire's comments have been well-followed-up here, but I must take massive exception to one particular point, aside from the social ones. While I agree wholeheartedly with Da'Turien and Wycked Lady, there is a less personal note that needs to be made:

I think Tolkien DID mean for this.

Tolkien was a linguistic genius, studying ancient and even dead languages intensively, an utilizing the art of language invention to study the elements, the use, and social ramifications of languages and communication. To use his work as the basis for furthering that dialogue is Tolkienian in the most literal sense of the word. To refute that is to refute Tokienian philosophy in a great many ways, and that, in the literal sense of the word, is ignorant.

Speaking of ignorance, it is safe to say that "Some Guy" and Donshire share a disdain for others who are dedicated to their hobbies that those two gentlemen do not share a passion for... Such are the dangerous, seminal thoughts that lead to bigotry. Neither individual may think he is prejudiced, but those thoughts, fed with hatred or misunderstanding, blossom into discrimination and ultimately the numerous -isms of bigotry.

Here's to hoping that the languages of the future have no need for such words. Tolkien would have wanted it that way.

Posted by Donshire ( ) at 2003-08-31 17:50:00    
I admire your dedication to the language, and I certainly agree that it is a beautiful language; however, I have to say its a bit extreme. Look, I like elves just as much if not more than the next fantasy write that comes along, but truly keep a hobby as a hobby, and keep life to life. Now I'm not saying you people don't have lives and are nerds, because I don't know any one of you; all I'm saying is, I don't think Tolkien meant for this.

Posted by Some Guy ( ) at 2003-08-30 21:42:00    
So there are actuall ppl in the world who speak a made up language with absolutely no educational value at all? lol i guess a passion's a passion or some such. No i met this Really big guy that could easily be a bully and speaks Klingon ROFLMAO hes a trekkie LOL its sooo funny. ahem sry but you guys just have a lot of time to study such an intricate and complex language, even if it has some fantasy elements about it.....

Posted by VanityInsanity ( ) at 2003-08-25 11:41:00    
NERDS! hahaha

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-07-23 15:46:00    
Jane -
That sounds like Sindarin or Quenya to me. I can't speak them myself, but they're Tolkien languages and plenty of people can.

Sargas -
My Elven declines nouns. It has three declensions, but, like sanskrit, the nominative suffixes don't follow a patten for which declension they are in. Also, prefixes are added for some cases. Basically, the word stem doesn't change (it's an agglutinative language).

Posted by Jane ( ) at 2003-06-12 09:01:00    
Hello. I would love it if anyone would be able to translate this small piece a friend sent me. All I know is that it is an ancient forgotten language that not many speak. Ok, here goes... "A vanimar, ancalina, cenuva. Indo-ninya estel". Thanks to anyone who can help.

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-06-04 03:24:00    
Welsh, yes, Elven has the Ll sound like Welsh. I don't think that Gaelic has a very Elven sound. I made up a really complex Gaelic sounding one recently, and it didn't sound very Elven. (Sein aire oi'maolein?)
But a really cool sounding one is Ancient Elven. It's like a mix between Welsh, Anglo-Saxon and Indonesian (in sound anyway). Here-

Ilta elvis greodie lu, fir, nusi gwas calies enggar, u chlidin gwas fwi hades eran, u fyolin dutin gwa sanggial. U fwir elendi cyulin fwathis gwa, landif farin gwal. U caledis gwas bwlid edis bifir, sagwi gwa vanggie lu, u elethin gwas gwis, u vadis gwas gwis. U edir, lin gwas bifir, mar aliesuis u brindieswelies, u yenis farin gwei gwal. Far lin fir, ilta nordri gwas enggal, u caledis gwas bwlid edis adatha sagwi gwa vanggie lu. U far grangginyun, udif fegwar gwin, gwei fegwuis edir gwis. U fir, lingwas nordwr, ilta leli gwas faries, gwei [the original text was burnt out here at some time in the past] Fyal Emni ir. Gwie menales sanggus Emnir, lun gwas orual Pelbu, gwal, u erquus gwas gwal Morachang, u quelon gwas fyal sheoriasi, fwir dwelun gwa gwal. U elendi gwin, lin gwin fwan'uhal gwa, u weli gwin darushies, u gwie darushira, talis gwin. U ilta lavali fir, lin gwas twthir, u fali fir, elendi gwas lannis, gwal uth quenggie. Rigwri gwin, cwyif gwin falud u luthis alia, u ethmin gwin caling, gwes ilta thewis lyanir orwin Emni greodal, u gwilif lewfan fingan gwelia enggar. U firgus seland, hiris landriin enggar nouthya u cuwinin lienas. Gwil liuth anglin telelin, sa ilta fyolin elya u greoda. U ilta liwfas wintrin adatha feron, ilta senggui lafin gwa filyanis u suliis, u ilta renggis radyin adatha feron. Mwinyi Ursu u Chlaidir, u far ilta thenyin tyudon Fwi Shar.

-Excerpt from the Veladren-

Posted by Vilance ( ) at 2003-05-14 21:07:00    
wow, great job, i'm no FR expert but i have owned the bulk of the sourcebooks on FR, and other than the FR version of elvish races, little to no information is discused on the language. heck i think there is more reference for dwarven runes in FR and maybe the Dark elf language. keep up the good work, and i would suggest using aspects of welsh and gaelic they have a very fae sound.

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-04-28 13:43:00    
I'm fairly sure that mine *is* the only Toril Elven. Email me! Note- these translations will anly be available for a certain amount of time as I'm going to be reeeaaaally busy quite soon, so if you want something translated, contact me now.

Posted by Drakewind ( ) at 2003-04-02 06:35:00    
just thought id point out that more than likely the elven dictionary mentioned earlier from the core rules was most likely elven from Oerth since that is the dnd core world, that being said, although i have seen silvanesti and qualinesti(elven languages of kryyn) used in offical dnd books and modules. i dont ever recall and large amount of the elven language of toril used.

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-02-20 10:33:00    
Now, I don't know about those. They may be Quenya or some
such, because I have never heard of an Elven language out
of Tolkien. Besides, making languages is not a chore for
me, it is very enjoyable. If there is a D&D Elven, then
this can at least be Faerûn Elven. Do you remember what
that Elven looked like? If anybody else knows more about
such things, please tell me.

Posted by Cynarra ( ) at 2003-02-18 10:14:00    
I have been playing D&D for over 20 years now. The
official campaign, back before it was owned by wizards of
the coast, released the Elven language as part of a series
of languages used in AD&D.

I still have my original copy of the Thieves' Cant
dictionary (with translations to english and back). I
didn't keep the elven copy as at that time, I played a
rogue, not an elf.

You might not want to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak and
contact Wizards of the Coast to see if they play on re-
releasing all the racial language dictionaries in Dragon
Magazine like they did back in 1979!

Posted by Anaeles Darhen ( ) at 2003-02-18 04:14:00    
That looks like Quenya, although the sites usually say.
Although the Adrugil has forty letters, it doesn't have a Q.

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-02-11 04:24:00    
Iavas - All of the Faerûnian languages except Drow were
invented by me, recently. As yet there are no dictionaries,
but I am working on the Elven one. Most of them are quite
complicated, and it helps if you know Latin or a similar
language (for the noun cases), but this is not necessary.
Email me for the dictionary and alphabet.

Arranvin - The Elven you have found is undoubtedly Quenya
or some such J.R.R. Tolkien Elven. As I'm sure you know,
the D&D Elves are different from LOTR, and with different
languages. These do not exist online, because they don't
formally exist, or they didn't until recently. All of these
languages are ones which I have made up myself, and only I
know them. As I have said before, Email me with anything
you want translated.
(Note - The Elven used in the Witch's Wake was not actual
Elven, just a reskinning of English.)

Algaril - Do you still want a some Elven information?


Posted by Arranvin Lantnodel ( ) at 2003-01-25 07:37:00    
Very impressive! And u DO sound Spanish :) One criticism
tho is that perhaps u could slow the reading down a little
bit, so that the 'flow' is a bit better. In any case, nice
work! Can u tell me where I can get a good source of
Elvish? I've downloaded the grey company's dictionary, and
have looked through the appendices of LOTR The Silmarillion
and Unfinished Tales, but haven't found anything really
comprehensive yet.

Posted by Iavas Neldelas ( ) at 2003-01-20 14:57:00    
Where can I find a dictionary of these Faerunean languages
you speak of?

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-01-13 04:36:00    
Algaril - I'd be happy to Email how the language basically

Posted by Anaeles ( ) at 2003-01-13 04:34:00    
Sorry, ilta kasi means it *keeps* being stolen. "-Asi" is
the first conjugation present repetitive. In ilta takasi,
however, the verb stem is takas-, so takasi is imperative
(Takasi on its own would mean "impale").

Posted by Anaeles Darhen ( ) at 2003-01-13 04:26:00    
Do you know how Ogham looks? It's like a long line with
lots of shorter lines going through it at different angles.
Anyway, this language is not a *real* language, i.e. people
don't actually speak to each other in it (not yet anyway),
but it does work. It doesn't use Espruar, it uses Adrugil
(my own devising). The only thing I've in corporated into
it is Takasi, an Elven swear word. Takasi could mean, on
its own, it keeps refilling, but it is more likely to come
from ilta takasi, meaning be impaled, although it could
come from ilta kasi, which means it is being stolen. Takai
and takasai have a common root with tiakai, which means
putting inside.

Remember - Email me for translations! I'm not quite swamped
under yet!

Posted by astroman64 ( ) at 2003-01-13 04:15:00    
well technically, not matter what cunningham says, the way
any metaphysicist will explain it is that if anyone
believes it is true than it is. Hence you cannot deny the
existence of anything unless you know that nobody believes
in its truth.

But back to the subject love the recording,did you go
straight into the computer or do you use outboard too?
There are actually 2 forms of Espruar now commonly reffered
to 2nd and 3rd edition.Given for the editions of the DnD
ruleset they were published under.

The former was alot more runic reminding me of a cross
between norse and the welsh/irish oghma(?).The latter is
much more cylleric(?) and stylized, and reminds me of asian
inspired casting/premonition rune designs. I do have a copy
of the 2nd edition Espruar font if anyone is interested
drop me a line and ill zip it off to you.

But again pro audio work, if im ever in need i'll be back :)

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