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Title  (Custom) Demon #1
Author  M.G.Skaggs
Submitted / Updated  02-12-2003 / 02-12-2003
Category  Monsters
Gender  Male
Format  BioWare Standard
A Demon for those who play on the dark side, or NPC portrait, you choose.


Submitted: 02-12-2003 / Last Updated: 02-12-2003
2 votes
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Comments (10):

Posted by 666Astharoth at 2006-06-13 22:40:09    Voted 1.00 on 06/13/06

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-07-23 17:01:00    

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-05-07 15:53:00    
In other words, FROOT CAKE!!!

Posted by Angel_uhv_Death at 2004-05-07 15:51:00    
Is he supposed to be gay or...whats the deal?

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:31:22    Voted 4.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 9 that made this score of 4.33 then rounded to 4.

Posted by Booy ( ) at 2003-07-26 07:18:00    
*Kicks the +blocked+ed up Devil in the head*

Posted by ArgrA ( ) at 2003-02-16 21:49:00    
In respones to cpc8472: You smell like parmesan. You guys
don't get good cheese like cheddar. Yes, I like promoting
dissention and you should send me money because I'm lazy,
and don't wanna work. And, no I'm not a European "ally",
I'm Canadian, and if you know ANYthing about what our PM is
saying, we're not allies anymore(Read below for


This is an open call to all Americans, from most Canadians:
Please for the love of all that is good and holy, save us
from our own home grown tyrant, King Jean. If "Dubya" wants
to save a country from a power hungry, crazed, selfish
ruler, fu*k Iraq, tell him to come north and get rid of
Chretian!! Millions of Canadians would be in his debt, and
since Chretain himself personally saw to the abolishment of
our once proud army, it'd only take a weekend, and when he
gets it finished, I'll take him out for beerand wings, my

Posted by Alice ( ) at 2003-02-13 23:01:00    
Maybe if he had some texture, it wouldn't look so plastic?

Posted by cpc8472 ( ) at 2003-02-13 16:43:00    
What kind of cheese do we smell like? Cuz Vermont extra-
sharp cheddar cheese smells real good! Unless it's been in
the fridge too long and is all blue and fuzzy. You like to
promote dissention but we should send you money? Are you a
European "ally"?
The facial expression on the larger pic does look a bit
odd. Perhaps changing the mouth to more of a scowl and
altering the eyebrows, maybe?

Posted by ArgrA ( ) at 2003-02-13 11:44:00    
.......not to insult you or anything, but why does he
look "fruity".

P.S - To all those whose sole purpose in life is to +blocked+
about others opinons (valid opinons, not cheap shots
like "your portrait is dissatisfactory" or "i'm personally
insulted by you", feel free to +blocked+ about what I wrote. In
fact seek out everything I write and +blocked+ about it. No
matter how ludicris my ramblings, or out of context your
interpertation. If fact e-mail me your non-sensical
ramblings. I'm second thought don't. You all smell like
cheese. And yes, I am insane and I love to promote strife
and dissention. Send me money.

Oh yeah, the portrait is good from a technical standpoint.
And I appreciate that you contribute to the NWN community,
and am jealous, (like all others that insult people on
these things), of your madskillz(tm).

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