781 PRC Wallpapers The PRC 09-24-200 02-11-2006 Desktops Other We've added a 3rd wallpaper, based on work done for the Character Creator 1.6 release There are two other wallpapers in the pack, one a gift of Soopman of Spellman's Project fame for our upcoming Psionics release. Also included is the winner of the PRC Wallpaper contest for NWCon 2.5. All wallpapers come in 4 sizes from 800x600 to 1600x1200 2 N/A Cast fms/Image.php?id=51103 51103.jpg null 1120774749_thumb.jpg fms/Image.php?id=51104 51104.jpg null 1120774785_thumb.jpg fms/Image.php?id=64124 64124.jpg null 1139693765_thumb.jpg fms/Download.php?id=64125 PRCWallpapers.rar PRCWallpapers.rar PRC Wallpapers rar nice pics Just a note, this was *not* created by Stratovarius. It was created by Bob4ik. And... he did an excellent job. ~ Lock.~ Lock.