1170 PRC Java Tools Ornedan 12-17-200 12-17-2006 Application Other This is a bunch of tools that PRC members - primarily myself and Primogenitor - have written over the time to fill various needs. The 2da-manipulation tools at least seem generic enough to be usefull outside the PRC project context, so this release happens. The tools are written in Java and operated from the command-line (no GUI, sorry :P). Java version required is 1.5+. Source code is included if someone wants to take a look. There is not much documentation as of yet, though each of the tools will describe itself and it's parameters when invoked either without any parameters, or with parameter --help. To see the list of tools included: java -jar prc.jar To use a particular tool: java -jar prc.jar toolname In case of large 2da files, you may need to allow Java to use more memory than the default 64Mb. To do this, use the -Xmx paramater. For example: java -Xmx200m -jar 2da -c spells.2da spells.2da.BW169 Please send bug reports to ornedan@gmail.com 0 N/A Cast fms/Download.php?id=83444 prc.jar prc.jar A Java .jar file containing the tools jar