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Title  Genesis III v1.12
Author  Immortius
Submitted / Updated  09-21-2002 / 03-02-2004
Category  None / Freeform
Expansions  NWN-1.26
Setting  Beginning of the world
Gameplay Length  6
Number Players  The more the merrier.
Language  English
Tricks & Traps  Heavy
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Light
Classes  Only Barbarians allowed at first.
Scope  Epic
DMNeeded  Occasional DM Needed
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  04
Max # Players  Any
Min # Players  Any
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Everyone
It is the beginning of time. History is yet to be written. You are one of the first people on this fair land. Work as a team to survive and thrive. Invent fire, plant trees that really grow, bloom, fruit, seed and die! This module is a scripting example/small freeform world showing off a variety of systems. Feel free to use any of the scripts contained within (crediting me appropriately).


Submitted: 09-21-2002 / Last Updated: 12-07-2002
Submitted: 09-21-2002 / Last Updated: 10-19-2002
2 votes
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Comments (27):

Posted by driftwolf at 2008-07-04 12:57:33    Voted 4.50 on 07/04/08
It is a very intriguing concept. Took a while to get used to it, but once I did it became quite addictive. I do have a few suggestions to make it more "real", but on the whole it was fun for a while...


Unfortunately, the implementation I saw was also completely infuriating, and for one main reason. On the one hand there are permanent penalties to dying. OK, I'm cool with that. I play hardcore on other servers, so I understand the concept of permanent penalties. NOT, however, when the damn module is willing to spawn dragons ON TOP OF level 3 toons (when death penalties take effect) and wipe them out. Not once, not twice, but REGULARLY. If it's not dragons, it's hordes of little critters (like, 20) with insane AC but high AB.

The dragon then proceeds to follow my respawned toon across the map and wipe out the whole farm. Again, not just once, but regularly.

So you either play it two ways: make sure you have a large team of people living in different areas who then share knowledge with the toons that have to be regularly rebuilt from level 1 (because the DM think's it's funny or something to just regularly knock off toons), or .... don't play. Because even with two toons playing the game is frustrating beyond belief as you get wiped out yet again through no fault of your own. So if you play in small groups you can't really get much past level 4 or 5 as a new player, because long before you get there you will have used up your alloted number of lives and have to start over with a new toon.

At least that's what it was like for me in the time I played it.

So although I could rave about the concept being very very cool, and it possibly deserves at least a 9 for that, I'm giving it a 4.5 for the implementor of the one I saw being a self-important idiot who thinks my time is worth nothing.

Posted by Texa at 2006-04-22 19:17:57    Voted 10.00 on 04/22/06
Immersive, unique and addictive.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-01-11 14:02:00    
I love it! We need more nonconventional modules out there. NWVault just doesn't give them the credit they deserve.

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2003-03-17 23:36:00    
666 downloads! Yay!

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2003-03-09 12:56:00    
Please, go ahead. I was basically done with it anyway (the
NWN stutterbug finally got to annoying for me).

Posted by Ondaderthad ( ) at 2003-03-06 22:13:00    
Great idea. I did try to play the Genesis 2 when it was
online but got killed by 100's of Crag Cats at the
I have changed some of your mod (hope you don't mind) to
make the areas smaller and faster to load. Also added
persistent journal system.
It is available for multiplayer on the server at the
moment. Subject to players acceptance.
Try it at Area32 in the PW story section.
or direct connect to

Posted by biggislims ( ) at 2002-12-26 10:22:00    
Hey Immortius, Great Mod! I want to see more
encounters though. No, I'm not talking hack and slash. But
I imagine that without man around there would be much more
wildlife. Perhaps even an area in each area that the
animals "live" in. A den for lions and bears and such. Of
course to venture in would be folly, but during the day
maybe most of them would out hunting, and you could get in
at some of the females and cubs. It needs to feel more
dangerous. More wild.
Do you plan on putting in quests, and Npc's to react
I'm trying to figure out how you've made all this
possible. I've been writing a story for a "beginning of
time" mod, though it takes place during the 4th Generation
of the civilization. The Clan still lives in Caves and have
made friends with a tribe of Gile (goblins) who live deep
in a nearby forest. Other than that there are no other
known races. Everything is still in the works though. I'm
trying to develope my own way to put items together to form
new items. I think I'll just have the pc go to a placeable
or npc to form items. I may be able to do this through a
conversation with an item though.
I've created a "family tree" so that I can keep track
of all NPC's and know which are available to join you.
I'm still on area development now though I have the
story mostly fleshed out. If you want do a search in NWN
site in the forums under biggislims as author of the post.
Check out The Clan of Dayspring Mod post for more info. A
bit of the story has changed but for the most part it is
still intact. If you're ever interested in colaboration let
me know. Scripting for me sucks but ideas are overeflowing!

Anyway, best of luck, if there ever is a PW I'll be there!

Posted by Boris Kutkokov ( ) at 2002-12-09 17:48:00    
Nice!! ive spent hours running around picking up rocks and
sticks and nuts and berries and feathers. lol this mod is
so unlike any mod ive played so far that ive fallen in love
with it. hacknslash is non exhistent, yah you kill, but for
food and materials not "exp". extreamely well done. not to
go try and make a bow ;)

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-10-31 14:32:00    
Work is proceding apace. I have finished tidying up the
scripts and item tags (I can actually understand my own
code for plants now), and have even added a new death
sequence involving Eltorian, the Goddess of Nature, who
brings you back to life when you die.

I did notice that the script allowing players to eat cooked
meat was broken. Did I do this after I released version
1.11, or didn't anyone notice? At any rate it will be
fixed in the next version.

Next up - Dyes, Bedrolls, and Paper you can write on

Posted by Jon ( ) at 2002-10-23 09:37:00    
I am interested in certain parts of this module. Is there
any way I could convince you to send me the custom scripts
for this module. It sounds like it may be something to use
in my current project (I'm working on building a persistent
world), but I don't want to use the class restrictions you
described, etc. However, having plants grow, and that sort
of thing, would be really cool to have, especially since
The module (and likely the world) is going to be named
Genesis (just a name I came up with at random).

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-10-21 04:39:00    
Ok, things will slow down for a bit with Uni Exams coming
up. For the next version I hope to tidy things up a bit
now that I have become a little more experienced (and am no
longer doing it just as an attempt to emulate Genesis II).
I am planning on creating dyes for cured and uncured hide.

The aim of Genesis will change a little now. The problem is
that Genesis III would work best as a PW, and I lack the
resources to do this (and NWN is not quite ready for it
either IMO). It would be great having players say they
want to domesticate chickens for instance, and update the
module with a pen so they can lead the animals in with
Animal Empathy or else gather eggs which the chickens lay
and put them into the pen where they will hatch. But as it
stands adding a fence would look mighty wierd. So Genesis
III will become a sort of Scripting Demo with plot. It will
be nice getting to the stage where people can mine ores or
create magic items.

Just a little warning: Some items from old characters may
not work in new versions. Never anything major like an
idea (that I swear), but some little things like wolf bones
and the such. In version 1.11 I simplified the food
scripts (cut down about 200 lines of code), but in doing so
had to change the item tags of food items.

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-10-20 17:14:00    
in Icewind Dale 2 and have been bored out of my mind.

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-10-09 16:45:00    

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-10-09 15:59:00    
Oh, and I'll update the readme.txt to include the complete
pre-requisites for each tech so people don't need to ask
all the time.

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-10-09 15:58:00    
Maybe a week or two.

Things in development:
- A fix for arrow shafts -> arrows (to prevent the loss of
all extra shafts)
- Spear Fishing!!!
- Some creature difficulty balancing.
- A new area and sub-area.
- The first new class.
- The almighty composite short bow.
- A variety of new creatures and plants related to the new

So far the first three are complete. The rest is under way.

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-10-09 03:45:00    
when do you expect the next update to be done, i'm sort of
waiting on it.

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-09-30 16:23:00    
Ok, updated to version 1.1

Now implemented
- Simple bow
- Reflex bow
- Animal Glue
- Arrow Shafts
- Stone arrows
- Sinew Sling
- Stone Bullets

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-09-29 05:03:00    
Argh, that monolith is so annoying! It has the exact same
script as all the others! I'll look into it.

Posted by Fort23 ( ) at 2002-09-27 12:16:00    
GREAT JOB, IMMORTIUS!!!!! Finally, Ganlor has ideas!:)
Good luck getting a server set up, because you've
definitely got at least one convert. Still thinking about
migrations, seasons, etc.? The trees came out great, and
good idea with the monoliths. Noticed one minor thing
wrong. The stone circle monolith, and maybe it's just me,
but I can't seem to use it. The dialogue window only pops
up for a second when I click on any of those three grouped
together. I just sort of scoot around them without being
able to use them. Other than that, awesome! Looking forward
to the updates! Send me a message if you need anything.

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-09-25 12:47:00    
I made a typo. my real email is silvanis at

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-09-23 12:37:00    
Just a few suggestions: I think it may attrack more poeple
if you added a picture, i USAUALY go for mods with either
good pictures or good discriptions.


How do you descover cleaned hide and tipped spear? I tried
everything! Ty for your time

Posted by Iruyun ( ) at 2002-09-22 19:38:00    
This is a totally genuine, idealistic module. I enjoyed it
alot, even though I didn't play it past the first two areas
(due to guests coming over), but I can tell it will be
ahead of it's time. If this mod was turned into a PW,
WHOAH, that would be very interesting. You would have many
different cultures, fighting for farmland , etc... my two

Great mod

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-09-22 19:32:00    
Just a little more info on plants.

The plants are designed to mimic real plants. For example
take the cherry bush. During their first season they
will 'bloom', creating flowers. Next season they will
convert flowers that haven't been picked into fruit. In
their third season they turn any remaining fruit into
seeds. After some more time they die, spreading their
seeds, some of which will become more bushes.

I just did a test with plant cycles speed up, and after 5
minutes the entire screen was covered in cherry bushes and
trees, so I know plants work correctly.

Posted by Immortius ( ) at 2002-09-22 19:03:00    
So far there are only 3 main areas and 2 sub area - Area
00, Area 01 and Area 10, as well as the cave of creation
and 'A Cave'. These names may seem a little unoriginal,
but I think players should just come up with their own
names at this stage. It is likely Area 10 will become 'The
Delta' soon.

The following ideas have been implemented:
- Fire
- Cutter and Scraper (a.k.a Stone Tools)
- Hand Axe
- Basic Spear
- Hardened Spear
- Hafted Axe
- Uncured Hide
- Cured Hide
- Bone tools
- Tipped Spear
- Socketed Spear

Most players will not be able to invent the socketed spear
due to its high requirements however. Unlike what the
monolith says, the first idea is not wooden tools - these
were removed after consultation with my historical
advisor. There are actually two basic ideas now, and the
monolith should say "one of the first ideas is the cutter
and scrapper, requiring two flint and one other hard rock."

Plant seasons vary between 15 and 30 minutes.

Posted by Wolfeye ( ) at 2002-09-22 14:36:00    
GENIUS! PURE GENIUS! I Got most (or all) of the tecs,
fire, handaxe, spear, hardened spear bone tools, cutter &
scaraper, unclean hide, grafted handaxe, ect. (any i
missed?) Anyway I Loved it! I hope you do more with this
mod, I am realy enjoying it!

**Possable Spoiler**

Are there only, areas 00, 01, and 10, thats all i could
find. Thanks! Once again, GENIUS!

Posted by TheDecoy ( ) at 2002-09-22 01:14:00    
Wow si right. Simply wow. I just played this for a good few
hours just by myself, and it was danm fun. I've allways
enjoyed the games like Empire Earth, and its great to see
someone make a sorty of FPS/RPG/RTS type of thing. I love
the idea of a tech tree and the Monoliths. If you want any
help on the tech-tree, as I dunno how far you are on it, or
anything for that matter, I would love to help in a project
as ambitious as this.
A few comments I'll say right here if ya dont conntact me:
A "Season" chart, or something like that for your plants. I
personally had started quite the grove of trees and cherry
bushes, but whenever I came back from off exploring(danm
big areas, and alot of them) they had either died or didnt
have any fruit/seeds on them. That kinda bugged me as it
was either hit or miss on them.

I cant wait for someone to set up a Persistant Server using
this module, as you could get quite the world going.
Explorers, Gatherers, Farmers, it would be simply amazing I
think and could evolve into the next big thing like the up
and coming Star Wars Galaxies. Player driven economies, ect.

********Semi-SPOILER ALERT*****************

I'm not sure how far you could go on the tech tree, but I
got stuck at only having Fire, Hand Axe, stone tools, bone
tools, Basic Spear, and Hardened Spear. dunno if I was
missing some, but I just couldnt get past those but still
had fun exploring, and I doubt I explored half of your huge

Posted by sewyrn ( ) at 2002-09-21 09:32:00    
Wow. Neat idea, Immortius. I'm downloading it now, and
will give it a spin tonight.

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