990 Gendrig's Castle Greg King 03-16-200 03-16-2003 Deathmatch Arenas A castle at an unknown location. English This mod allows you to alter your level from any to any. It is intended to help you create new characters for higher level mods. Light Light Heavy Any - however, if you intend to play this mainly for the challenges, a fighter type class might be preferred Medium No DM Required Single Player or Multiplayer Any Any Any Any Everyone This module was created without a plot in mind. It is mainly a tool to use when creating a new character for a higher level mod. It allows you, through npc interaction, to level yourself up to any level, from any level. Also, merchants are provided which sell most any item from the main campaign. A small side quest is included, optional of course. It is a challenge/area fight with custom items as the treasures. Happy hunting! 0 N/A Cast fms/Download.php?id=1494 Gendrigs_Castle.zip Gendrigs_Castle.zip -- zip