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Title  G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King
Author  imcndbl
Submitted / Updated  09-27-2003 / 09-27-2003
Category  Classic PnP Conversion
Expansions  SOU-1.32
Setting  Muspelhiem Wastelands in Greyhawk
Gameplay Length  at least 4 hours in multiplayer
Language  English
Level Range  need balanced party of at least 4 characters at level 12....20th level characters for single player only
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Light
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  rogue, wizard, fighter, fighter,cleric
Scope  Medium
DMNeeded  Part of Series
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  20
Max # Players  06
Min # Players  04
Min Character Level  12
Content Rating  Everyone
Alignments  not applicable
This is the conversion of G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King. I kept it as close to the original as possible with the available toolset and hakpaks. Sorry for the download but I am a perfectionist. However, with my increasingly busy schedule I have little time for gaming :( and I feel the module is complete enough for release. Anyone who wants to modify it for the better can do so at will, just give credit where credit is due.


Submitted: 09-27-2003 / Last Updated: 09-27-2003
2 votes
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Comments (21):

Posted by Mirgalen at 2010-04-17 04:38:59    Voted 2.00 on 04/17/10
Not worth it.

I could be wrong but this conversion got far less downloads and votes than the same conversions by Trev or Nol Drek for a reason.

- The level range is too extreme (lvl 15 solo should do)
- There is no trap in the kitchen and certainly no insta-death thing with no saving throw
- Mind Blast does stun not the same as a Death Gaze
- No trace of Nedylene or Eclavdra
- author could have used "Gestalt's Caverns" hak in the third level

1-2: The module author did not take the time to fully test or check the module.

Posted by ZoGarth at 2004-02-28 21:32:44    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 8   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 8   

Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-12-20 16:27:00    
you need SOU to play this....

Posted by Happosai ( ) at 2003-12-18 11:03:00    
I tried playing this module. It would load up almost all the way, then it would tell me it was made by a newer version of the toolset. can you help?

Posted by Zo'Garth ( ) at 2003-11-22 23:20:00    
Thanks for the mentioning the secret door fix, that was the problem. Now they show up fine, and i'm off to finish G3

Posted by Zo'Garth ( ) at 2003-11-16 13:18:00    
I am just completing the giant series and I have really enjoyed them, being a vet to D&D starting 79' in the 7th grade. A couple of questions though, in the room where you beat your way through the tenticles, and battle some drow, how do you get back out? Also I seem to have a hard time; actually an impossible time detecting any secret door even with a Search of 21, example the secret door in the Fire Giant King's bedroom etc... so I can't make it to some areas. Any suggestions...I fully patched up to SOU 1.32. Oh I agree the drow could be beefed up a little, our party of 15 lvl fighter, 13 lvl thief, and 12 lvl Ranger, while challenged with the Giants, the drow on the other hand haven't been much of a challenge. Maybe two weapon fighting, better AC and weapons +5 etc...just don't make them droppable to keep game balance and simulate the destruction of sunlight on drow items. Great job and hope for a reply. Thank You

Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-11-04 12:31:00    
thanks for the feedback. I'll buff up the drow and the door. Lich..i'm not sure..i don't recall one...


Posted by Devahl ( ) at 2003-11-02 11:38:00    
Thanks for putting the time into this; it was fun to see how much I could recall of the original PnP module that I played some 15 years ago. Great attention to detail but one question: wasn't there supposed to be a lich somewhere in the lowest caverns or do I recall incorrectly?

As for bugs I noticed a door missing in the western area of the Mezzanine, and I couldn't get into the room. I also had trouble getting the henchmen to equip items.

One last comment; I thought the Drow were way too easy to slay - I would like to see their stats beefed up since I remember them being quite dangerous in the PnP version. Everything else was excellent, however and quite entertaining.

Kudos to you, great job and again thank you for releasing this for us to play.


Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-10-15 19:28:00    
anyone else have anymore comments, suggestions, bugs to report? anyone finished this yet?


Posted by Lindalas ( ) at 2003-10-10 16:48:00    
I can no confirm the suspicion I had in an earlier post... NO monsters move and just provide me with static targets. I guess I must have a corrupted file somehow but will wait until you post an updated version before I download a new copy.

Posted by Lindalas ( ) at 2003-10-10 16:07:00    
I just got in to the first level... I have no idea what I did different but suspect you might have to come at the opening at a very specific angle and in a specific location.

Posted by Lindalas ( ) at 2003-10-10 13:05:00    
It doesn't seem to be a load time issue. It is like i'm walking into a wall (no load screen comes up).

Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-10-10 04:35:00    
when finished, write every little thing you didn't like about it or what could have been better, etc....i'll make the changes....if deemed necessary....


Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-10-09 11:26:00    
ok, you guys talked me into it...when i get time i will make alterations in this mod to make it more polished.

hopefully this weekend and i'll repost.


Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-10-09 09:26:00    

1. make sure you have the hakpak in your hak directory....

2. make sure you have SOU 1.32....

3. the first level has a long load time...around 20-30 sec on a 1.2GHZ....sorry...i was over zealous on the first level.


Posted by Lindalas ( ) at 2003-10-08 22:40:00    
hmm... I can't get past the first location (I try to enter the cave but it wont load). Also, when I tried another character I ran into problems with the Stone Giant in that first location... I could see his name but he was invisible. Finally, neither of those two giants make any move to attack me.


Posted by Dr. Eszterhazy ( ) at 2003-10-04 18:04:00    
The module is much easier than I expected. I've completed the first level solo with no difficultly with a 7/5 wizard/fighter (armed with mithral splint mail, boots of speed, bastard sword +3, and a mirror shield--all purchased with the starting gold from a leveling module).

The giants that cast missile weapons (like the king) continue to do so after you close in and engage in melee combat, allowing you to get repeated attacks of opportunity on them.

Every container, including the crates that you are using for barricades, has random stuff in it. Barrels in the kitchen store room are full of gold and gems. Perhaps you can eliminate the random stuff from containers and put things like ale and foodstuffs in the containers in the kitchen and storerooms.

Perhaps you could have some trigger spots in the entry hall that send a hail of bolts from the ettin-manned ballistas at you.

There was a cot in one of the barracks that was suspended in the air.

Posted by imcndbl ( ) at 2003-10-01 13:42:00    
Kevin, please read the original module before you make comments about plot...the conversion i did has more plot in it that the original mod. If you want to pick up the ball then go for it...I would love to see it finish (see module description)


Posted by Kevin D. ( ) at 2003-10-01 00:12:00    
Well i think it is an okay module. I think it needs more work and more of a plot, and stuff. the monsters are good, but could be better. maybe differnt treauser on the monsters instead of the same on some of them or none on them.

I rate this module a 5 out of 10.

Posted by MAP ( ) at 2003-09-30 13:39:00    

Posted by lyksyr ( ) at 2003-09-29 14:37:00    

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