974 G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief Patrick Cutter 07-12-200 07-18-2005 Classic PnP Conversion Giant Stronghold 1 can do it, but it is probably more fun with 2-4 English enter as 1st level and get bumped up to 10th (only if 1st level) No DM Required Single Player or Multiplayer 01 01 Teen This is a conversion of the 1st edition PnP module of the same name. A added a town for the adventurers (that does get attacked by giants). I also added more encounters and built upon the encounters within the Giant stronghold. This is a doable but challenging module. There may still be some minor bugs (I think I got most of them). This module is playable all the way through and will be linked to G2 when I finish with that. I intend to do the whole Assault of the Giants series and the following drow series. - Enjoy 8 5.75 1 fms/Download.php?id=1471 G1_Steading_of_The_Hill_Giant_Chief.zip G1_Steading_of_The_Hill_Giant_Chief.zip -- zip This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 4 that made this score of 5.75. Partner and I went through this module in about 2 hours, and it's a mixed bag. The fort itself is a decent adaptation of the original G1 module, loyal for the most part, missing a few giants in the main room, inital giants aren't sleeping, etc.. minor details in otherwords were either overlooked, or tough to implement. The module is definately challanging, I enjoyed the hardcore rule implementation, and thought highly of the outside the fort ambiance, including the town attack. Low points were the half +blocked+ characters in town (many have the same names, poor dialogue) and i'm not sure why a vender is in the fort upon entering, but it detracted from the experience a bit, especially given his wares. Resting shouldn't be allowed in the fort, (anywhere rest should only be available in low level mods, IMO) but that would be a plus, not really considered a flaw. Rooms are a little oversized (yes, its a giant fort, but if you play, you try it, you'll see what I mean) but again might be limits of the aurora builder. THE CRITIC SAYS...If you have to have your "Against the Giants fix" like I did, it's better then nothing, but if there is an alternative available, take it. I have posted a version with the fix. It is G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief V1.01. It will most likely be in tomorrow's listing of modules. Just finished (well sort of) G1 with 2 other people on a LAN. Took us 5 hours to complete it. We all enjoyed it. Thought it was well done. Have a few suggetions and one major and minor bug. Suggestions 1) Get rid of k3wl d00d speak 2) 8th or 9th level is good for the module, i think 10th was a tad too easy 3) Don't have every available magic item under the sun available to buy at the merchant 4) Add some more random encounters 5) Add the Hard Core Rules (i forget the website for it) 6) Start in an area before town.. its not apparent that you need to go back into town Bugs 1) You forgot to put the key to the last door in the game (i checked with the toolset) 2) The leveler guy only worked for the party leader and not the other two people who joined the game Otherwise, good work, was a lot of fun and I look forward to G2 and beyond. Nexuswolf I was glad to see a conversion of this module.This and the rest of the series was my alltime fav of the early AD&D years.I used a paladin who was lvl 7 at the start and soloed it all finishing lvl 12 there was many close calls but only one reload..I liked the way all the giants couldnt get at me if I used doors, furniture etc.I consider using the enviroment against the large giants to be tactics...for a strong party it would be simple but then again, you are supposed to win.I also wasnt really hip on the modern dude talk,but it didnt kill it for me.Only problem I had was I went thru the thing 2 times searching for the key to the room after the Dragon but still have never found it. I enjoyed the module and am looking forward to the rest of the series..Vault of the Drow)))))..will search again for the key,hopefully I am just overlooking something. Well... I was excited to see this posted, as I've been working on it as well and I was curious to see how other people were going to handle it. So... my comments: The Good: The battle outside of town was cool. The growling cats in the stronghold were good. Layout of the Stronghold was pretty true to the map of the module (can never get it perfect with the way the tiles are. The Bad: Big relatively empty dungeon. This is a module that was designed for 6-9 9th level 1st ed AD&D characters. The dungeon needs more encounters, some respawning encounters, and just generally more stuff. It was a bit of a cakewalk for a solo 16th level mage with no summons and no familiar, so I imagine that it would also be too easy for your recommended number of players (more fun??? how so? all the encounters are set in stone... nothing scales to the level of the party and the number of party members so this becomes more of a cakewalk). The inside city tileset is a poor choice for the upper level of the dungeon. Its too cluttered, and the giants CONSTANTLY get stuck on the furnature and other junk lying around so its easy to find a place to sit and just pick them off. Giants need room to move, and although the wood look of the tileset is appropriate for the theme of the module, it just doesn't work well (ran into this problem myself and decided to use the castle or caves tileset). Lastly... no sound effects, no lighting effects, no patrols... just a big static boring map. The Ugly: The dialogue of people in the town is just plain horrible: "DUDE wanna buy some potions and stuff? Yeah dude lay it on me!" "Hey I got lots of crap for you to buy! Yeah lemme see your crap!" Puhlease. And as Trag pointed out, the names of the people in the bar and their dialogue is just plain lame. Summery: Needs LOTS of work, but it is a commendable effort, as this was my favorite campaign from back in the day :) So suggestions... redo the dialogue, put some life into the dungeon, put more encounters (maybe some that even respawn, like the ogre barracks), add waypoints for patrolling hillgiants and ogres to simulate random encounters, use a different tileset for the upper-level of the stronghold, and make some use of the lighting and sound options to make it feel more unique (yeah, I know... with only 7 or whatever tilesets its hard to not have the feeling of "been there before"). Anyways, good luck with the revisions. I'll continue working on my own, and will probably post it when I at least have the entire G series done, and hopefully the D's as well. It looks like a promising conversion, but a few suggestions. Please take out all the *insider* jokes and re-name all the guys with 'dude' at the ends of their names. The bar was full of people named Matt P., Wenchy and things. Maybe make a version for your friends to play with the insider stuff in, and one version for the general public to play and comment on? All the references to 'real' people and the 'your momma's so ugly' type jokes really ruin the feel for what D&D should be. If you want all the guys in the bar to be tanked, make them talk about why they are all drunk out of their minds. Sweet! Another pnp conversion! :) Looking forward to this one.