85 A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 1 - V.4.0 Markus 'Wayne' Schlegel 08-22-200 08-17-2006 Dungeon Adventure Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU) You are in the Underdark about 3 days off Menzoberranzan 2-3 1 English Single Player should be at least level 4. Character editor is included. ELF subrace DROW Heavy Medium Medium Sorcerers and Wizards may have a hard time. No DM Required Single Player 07 01 01 05 Mature Link Choose Alignments from Neutral to Evil <1 Did you ever want to play the dark side? How about being one of the most evil, dreaded, despised creatures of Faerun? How about being a drow? Find out in this roleplaying module. 339 8.77 151 fms/Image.php?id=150 150.jpg null 1114982487_thumb.jpg fms/Download.php?id=54571 ahtd140.zip ahtd140.zip -- zip fms/Download.php?id=54572 ahtdhak140.zip ahtdhak140.zip Required Hakpack for ahtd140 zip Simple little mod, nothing too look at really. I suppose it?s all right for 2002 or maybe not. You can be a good Drow! _________________________ Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them. Thanks, Steve I want more, and I think NWN1 is a better game than NWN2 for such a purpose :) OK, there was a few odd things here and there that would justify a point or two penalty, but I choose 10 just because the length and quality of the module series, and the theme is just excellent. A late, but well deserved "Thank you" from me. Wow! Heavy on traps is right. For me, being non-rogue, it was too heavy,but if I was rogue, i have a feeling battles would be too hard, but it was great fun to get to play evil. Look forward to playing the rest. Wow! Heavy on traps is right. For me, being non-rogue, it was too heavy,but if I was rogue, i have a feeling battles would be too hard, but it was great fun to get to play evil. Look forward to playing the rest. Collecting loot off of dead enemies and then finding out is marked stolen is not fun. Downloading now to try,, hope it is better then the other evil type games,, blackguard pretty much says'your a psycho killer go at it',,i beat NWN main and HOTU as a LE fighter/blackguard,, not as a psycho killer,, but as a brash, f...you, im in it for me and me type PC,, argued with many of the NPC's,, betrayed a few for a better deal,,,maxed out evil points with out killing anyone i didnt think needed it,,(so i sold out a drow encampment,,, i then turned right around and killed that other drow witch,...only good drows a dead on right)..so i look forward to playing this and will comment when done Interesting playing a drow. Really enjoyed the module. thanks, cappie Played this series over a year ago, and despite the fact that I've got a big list of new modules waiting to be played, I went back and played through the whole series again, because it's so much fun. The first time around I started with a 5th lvl warrior, whereas this time I went with a Wiz 3/Rog 3. Found it challenging but not overly difficult, and just as much fun. My complaints are relatively minor: I found it weird that I could loot all the drow supplies at the camp and then immediately sell them to the drow wizard, yet most of the gnomish gear - and the gear carried by the drow soliders - was "stolen" and thus unsaleable. Minor issues aside, this is the best series for evil characters I've ever played - not that there are that many out there - and this was a great start. Beautiful; I really love what you did with the story. Oh ya and as for the rust monster awesome. Though back in the old school days we use to use their tales as whips(Knights in shining armour any one) as I was hoping to find a whip of some sort upon killing it. Challenging for my bard, who started at level 6. While the story has the makings of a compelling tale, the dialog just didn't do it for me. One of the best series in the vault. Better than the BG series IMO. My thanks to the Author for his great work I really liked this storyline. I was originally not going to try it because I don't like playing evil characters but I took the jump. I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed the storyline. I found my inner evil rising to the surface as I continued through the modules. :) Just loved it. Though it would have been nice if female drow had different textes (even if they aren't priestesses). _________________________ "If it had been the Captain doing it, the cat would be lost, the tree burned down, and the old lady would be traveling with us now." - S.J. I have played a male drow char Rogue 3 / Warrior 2 / Assassin 1, (Hide 16, Move Silently 22) but still I can't sneak past anything... My henchman doesn't level up with me. The major problem I had, however, was with the Aranea lair as the web seems to slow down my character *permanently*! In fact even after I left the lair, I was still moving at incredibly slow speed (no, I was not carrying too much weight; no, I was not moving silently). Nothing seemed to work (Speed potion, Restore scroll, save and reload...). I had to load an older save, create a Ring of Freedom via console, and enter the lair equiping it, in order not to be affected by the web slowing effect. why is this series rated mature, is it because you are evil and do evil things or is it the plot subject please explain, thanks Well, the override method didn't work, I guess I don't understand that entirely...must be something to do with savegames. Looks like I'm starting over again. Heh, good thing its a short module. :) Bah, and the trigger script is trigger_piwie1, the trigger tag is piwiewien_t_3. Er, that should be piwiewien_c1, not piwiewien_t1 in that parenthetical. A couple of bugs in v4.0. The intro movie is not set to play (the file is not in place in the Advanced properties of the module). When I returned from chasing after the Goblin scout party, Piwiewien is spawned with the wrong dialog, piwiewien_c3, which I can't access because I don't meet any of the conditional variable requirements (I looked in the module to see what the problem was, because she told me to come speak with her and then her convo didn't fire). I'm editing the trigger script piwiewien_t3 to get her to start the correct conversation (piwiewien_t1) and dropping it in my override to continue with the module. *crosses fingers* Its been fun so far if not a little simple. Seems, my series got a little bit attention lately. I am still alive and attending this page from time to time. Let me give a few comments: @2R-Duke: Hmmm, strange thing. Experienced such crashes during testing from tiem to time and most of the were not related on anything I did but on strange combinations of custom content, bad saving by nwn and coincidence sometimes. Loading an earlier savedgame sometimes helps. Or just leaving the area and coming back. Hope this helps you out. @Kiralyn: The difficulty setting is balanced for experienced players. You can beat those gnomes easily with a wizard/sorcerer but you will need some tactics and cleverness to do so. Stumblign blindly into those invisible groups is deadly. Take them by surprise, render yourself invisible, too, use those guards at the camp, try to seperate them, run a way and turn on your pursuers, just be clever and you'll beat them. You are drow, not a dumb barbarian from the surface! _________________________ Lolthanchwi (2009) A Hunt through the Dark Remastered (2008) Pool of Radiance Remastered (2007) A Hunt through the Dark series (2004-2006) i beat this way back when it originally was released and enjoyed the entire series, i recently noticed that there was a sixth chapter, for some reason i thought you had stopped at five. that said i decided to start this up again in order to play through the entire series again. Upon getting to the goblin caves, specificly the area with all the shafts of light and goblins behind cage doors. NWN crashes and thats it, every time. i tried even editing it in the toolset and it crashes it as well. Anychance you'll be revisiting this module at some point to get it working? _________________________ Lawful Evil Builder/DM Ok, so I was able to finish part 1.... thru the use of utterly blatant cheating. First with massive use of dm_heal (up to 3 times per melee round... gotta love taking 60+ damage a round when you only have 40), and then by setting my strength to 70. The fights against the gnomes are completely unbalanced. Magic armor, invisibility, and Barkskin all around makes them nigh-unhittable. Meanwhile, every $@#$ one of them is Sneak-attacking. In groups of 3-6. With +4 anti-elf weapons. And don't get me started on the leader, with his -Str attack. I had a hard enough time hitting him with a +8 attack.... but when he knocked me down to 5 strength (+3 total attack, d6-2 total damage) it became completely absurd. (I also love how almost every piece of equipment I pulled off the gnomes is "stolen", so the stupid mage-merchant won't buy it. Bah. Talk about a completely imbalanced mod....) I wonder at the notes "Hack & Slash: Medium" and "Sorcerors and Wizards may have a hard time". I'm playing a rogue, and I can't *imagine* how hard it would be as a caster. As it is, I can't sneak past anything (Hide 18, MS 23) and fighting anymore than 1 or 2 enemies (I'm just going after the Gnomes now) is a death sentence. Heck, even the 1 on 1 fights demand healing potions. Ouch. Any ideas on how to make the combats remotely possible? Loved this mod and am looking forward to Pt.2! I have a hard time understanding some of the lower ratings this Mod recieved, but everyone has different tastes...all I can say is that it is certainly worth a try to see if you like it. BTW: Thanks for including the auto-loader, saved me bunches of time! It should be noted that, although the PC is drow, it is also possible to make good choices in the whole series. This makes the mods very enjoyable and adds much role-playing value. All 6 chapters are great. It should be noted that, although the PC is drow, it is also possible to make good choices in the whole series. This makes the mods very enjoyable and adds much role-playing value. All 6 chapters are great. This module was quite dissappointing. There wasn't much of a story revealed, character interactions where somewhat shallow, blunt and to the point. The areas were pretty good but could have been much better. And worst of all were the numerious (for a module of this size) bugs and glitches. Disregard my last post. After 6 restarts and reloads, an earth elemental showed up. That is, I assume what it was waiting for. Loved the first one and have started the second. Never thought playing an evil character was so much fun. Damn the consequences, full speed ahead!!!! The Holy One Got a problem that hopefully someone can solve. I come back from killing the goblin scouts and try to talk to the head drow (I can't remember what her name is) She says she needs to talk to me, but I can't get the conversation started. Is there a code I can put in to force the conversation to begin? The Holy One