8 'A Mobster's Quest' LoRdOfMaDnEs 02-17-200 02-17-2003 Dungeon Adventure Mr Pimp's Evil Castle at the moment 1.5 hours English Wizards will need a fighter around Any Light Light Heavy Any Medium Occasional DM Needed Single Player or Multiplayer 20 05 01 17 Teen Any Inspired by 'A Pimp's Quest' Mr Mobster has to go save his kidnapped doggie. I really advice you to play Pimp's Quest first, and the mod isn't finished yet there are still more levels to come ... 4 6 1 fms/Download.php?id=11 A_Mobsters_Quest.zip A_Mobsters_Quest.zip -- zip I don't suppose it's every going to be finished now. I am like a game informer any ways demos suck so I gived a 3 Sounds kinda stupid...just like me! I look forward to the FINAL version. I don't waste my time with DEMOs. next update will provide - a new area - a recall portal - much more npc's in the city