72 A Glorious Journey JaCk 03-22-200 03-22-2003 Dungeon Adventure Realm of Eldanor 1 English Dependant on Module No DM Required Single Player Any 02 01 03 Everyone It's my first mod for NWN. I hope you'll like it. 3 3 1 I'm going to borrow Adam's score. What I expected: Not sure really. What I got: The demo was confusing in that I could not find the main plot for quite a while and when I did (after getting rid of annoying wild things in the woods) I felt no empathy or surprise for the folks who just could not tolerate the new neighbors and the bright lights! So I would say add some plot twists or something to wake this up, and if the combat is not interesting, delete it! Then maybe I missed a lot - where is the city for example? Write me please. I will help you improve this if you ask for help. This reminds me of a module I would make. Its got some creativity, moderate quest plots, but without any scripting knowledge, its doomed to be in the "Below-average to the Average" category. Overall, It was ok, don't think I'm discouraging you, its a good start, but to make it even better, learn some scripting knowledge and expand on your dialogues. Final Score: 3/10