701 Descent Into Darkness Paul Wagner 07-27-200 07-18-2005 City Adventure Forgotten Realms 1-4 English 1-7 No DM Required Single Player or Multiplayer 04 01 Everyone The hamlet of Harrow is in trouble! Of course, helping out the villagers just gets you drawn deeper and deeper into the murk. This is the first of three modules, designed for first through seventh level. 4 7.67 2 fms/Download.php?id=1083 DescentintoDarkness.rar.rar DescentintoDarkness.rar.rar -- rar I found a bug with the quests. I finished the quests for the 2 mages (knucklebones). I then was sent to find his missing apprentice. I went to the north and came back and he acted like I hadn't solved the knucklebone quest. Also, I saved a bunch of men in the north but I have no idea what I saved them from. Couldn't seem to figure out what to do at that point. This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 3 that made this score of 9.33. Thank you very much for this module, itīs the best iīve played so far. Especially the atmosphere in scardale is fantastic (nps walking around, each with a NAME, orc accent, little girl playing ...). I hope this will not be your last module! Just want to say what a great module! Playing it with a group of my friends, and we've already spent an entire session running through this one. Tons of side quests, a few of which are kind of involved. There's also a TON of henchmen in this one! We've gotten five so far, and we haven't even explored the whole map yet. Very fun, very enjoyable. This is one of the few player made maps I've downloaded that hasn't been full of typos, grammar errors and broken quests. There's only two bits of constructive criticism I'd like to give. While the henchmen all level up and have there own sound sets, the dialogue is kind of generic. I wish they were more memorable. Sure the halfling fighter seems psychotic, but I wish he'd drool or something! Also, you need to have a type of recall stone. The world is huge (30 some areas?!) and we spent a bit of time running back and forth. Still, all in all, a very fun module! I give it 8 out of 10. Way