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Title  DeJa Vu:Green (BETA v .8.91.something)
Author  drexasaurus
Submitted / Updated  09-24-2002 / 09-26-2002
Category  Dungeon Adventure
Setting  Custom (Haleburg and environs)
Gameplay Length  3 to a lot?
Number Players  1-6
Language  English
Level Range  MP should all start on level one.
Races  If you play a half-orc, you may be treated differently
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Medium
Scope  Large
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  03
Max # Players  06
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Mature
Alignments  Some evil stuff to do, but main quest's motive would have ot be money or fame.
This Module is a satire on the over saturation of fantasy literature and other stuff that seems to be made to factory specifications. Hopfully it has an interesting plot too. Note: This mod has Gore, some language, and vague sexuality. INTRO: You happen into the town of Haleburg on your journeys. You have heard of their famous orc problem and hope to cash in on their plight. Seems like a straightfoward plan until the most curious thing happens...


Submitted: 09-24-2002 / Last Updated: 09-26-2002
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Comments (13):

Posted by B003 at 2006-11-22 20:44:17    
Ok a reload fixed it but I can't deliver an answer to old lady question.

Posted by B003 at 2006-11-22 19:57:57    
What's the answer to the light show?
I was doing the roy g biv thing and the lights are stuck. Or I just don't get it.

Posted by Ub3r ( ) at 2003-08-23 21:22:00    
B E S T MOD E V E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was most defiently the best module ive ever played. MAKE MORE JUST LIKE THIS!! :D

Posted by CTripps265 ( ) at 2002-11-16 19:41:00    
For multiplayer, if I click on the transition my game-mate
travels, I stay put. We can't get back togetether again
because we need to be in the same area to transit.

Try using simple one-way trigger to waypoint transitions
for the encounters.

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-10-05 14:17:00    
Okay. I tested it, and the multi-player scripts for long-
distance transitions and Zaphween encounters are not
working... I am working on a fix for these scripts. The
new version will also have some new content. I want
version 0.9 to be completely playable. Send me good vibes,
everyone... :P

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-26 14:08:00    
Okay, that was simple enough. The first post i searched
for on the BBoards told me hopw to fix it. The save
function will now work. Sorry to ANYONE who has come
accress this problem.

FIXES in .8.91 (latest version, will show when updated)
*Save bug fixed
* Random Encounter bug fixed. It counted the HitDice of
the frist PC twice, making SP gamers get about twice the
amount of monsters spawn on them. (Run!)
*Jello Quest fixed
*Temp fix to skin quest, Linu was giving you double reward
for one skin.
* The troll sequence will now appear less funky when you
come back from the other direction.
* Less exagerated prizes in Fygan, removed on item from
adventurer camp.
* The buggy jump of henchman and familiars in Gurrilan's
lobby fixed now.

Let me know how I screwed up and I'll fix those too! Honest
(Now working again on the +blocked+ hunting scripts. Pain in
the butt. If anyone can help me, you will certainly get
praise, credit, supermodels, anything you want! (:P)

Sorry Tjim, I was taking you seriously, didn't know the
prob. was mod wide... THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS TO MY
ATTENTION (instead of becoming bitter and not bothering to
tell me).

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-26 13:49:00    
Holy monkeys! You're right! Um... gee. I uploaded a new
version with all kinds of imporved fixes... but it doesn't
seem to matter any more... *snif*. I wonder what happened.
It must have happened in version 8.89 (I don't know what
happened, it's possible the save I tested was actually
8.88, in which case, I don't think I havce a copy anymore

I am going to try to fix this... 8.90 has a whole lot of
game play fixes, but no saving fix. This project may go
belly-up if I can't fix the saving issue.

Posted by tjm ( ) at 2002-09-26 11:40:00    
It's a problem throughout the module. First noticed it in
the goblin caves (since that was the first time I saved),
and it occurs consistently.

I tried restarting the module, and saving immediately -
again, no save file. I even tried the critical rebuild
patch, in case it was a problem with my game, still no
change. I can save fine in all other modules, though.

Very odd. I can think of things that might conceivably
cause it (like illegal characters in the module name), but
they would make it happen to everyone...

(Oh, according to the readme, I'm playing BETA
version .8.89778.23456.42215.34 1st 1/2 build, in case that
makes a difference....)

- Thomas

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-26 11:32:00    
How odd...

No. It's not on purpose. Just to double check I loaded one
of my saved games... (from the latest version too).

When did you save it? Was it after you came across
a "resting" zone? I should double-check that...

Sorry anyway.

Posted by tjm ( ) at 2002-09-26 10:38:00    
Well, I'm having one of the oddest bugs I've ever come

I'm completely unable to save games in this module (and
only this module). Trying to save the game produces a "Game
Saved Successfully" message, but no save file is created.

If this is deliberate, it should really be in the
documentation... and if it's accidental, I imagine there
will be a lot of module designers very interested in how it
happened. ^_^

(Or am I the only person experiencing this?)

- Thomas

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-25 22:22:00    
*Blush* Um... Am I an idiot or what. Fardigan's first
quest is based on bad scientific logic. I will have that
fixed on the next and determined for the next update.
Mixed up light and printer's primary colors... (of course
the shafts of light objects aren't *really* light, so this
may prove to be a problem that will probably require a
more complicated script. (Either that or reword the
question like a lazy bum.))

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-25 12:28:00    
"-I hate the Henchman goes psycho bug after"
shoulda read HAD (although I hate it too). I'd like to
know if anyone else has this problem. The henchman died
during the quest and when I went to where he ported, he
attacked me. Hmmm...

Posted by drexasaurus ( ) at 2002-09-25 12:26:00    
Allright. My beta version 8.89 is up and playab.e If
anyone actually got to an earlier version (there was a lot
of confusion last night), I'm sorry.

Here's the known bugs in this version that will be fixed
as soon as I write and English paper:

-During one of the towers, your henchman (and probably
familiars too) will make a quick jump a few feet ahead.
Doesn't affect much, but it's kinda weird, dont'ya think?
-I hate the Henchman goes psycho bug after I defeated the
last boss thingy. Henchmen were added last (great mive,
huh?) so he's not tested out as much. I read many posts on
this subject in the past, but if anyone has an idea on how
to fix, let me know!
-Gurrilan's lobby seems empty. I know noone likes him, but
this is just a bad design issue.

I want things squeeky clean for the final version, so let
me know about all the times you wanted to kill me. Thanks.
(No actual death threats, please :D)

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