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Title  Project Odin - Prologue (Beta 1.0)
Author  Purple Puppy & Gulfwulf
Submitted / Updated  11-17-2010 / 11-17-2010
Category  D20 Modern
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Language  English
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  03
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Gameplay Hours  02
Today you turn 14, but there is no time for celebration, the mercenary company Legion begins recruiting next week and you need to prepare.

Project Odin is a sci-fi/fantasy setting about a group of young mercenaries. The prologue follows the protagonist’s origins of how they were recruited and taken from their home planet whilst still a young teenager.

The planned chapter 1 mod will be set 5 years later as the protagonist and his/her classmates prepare for their final exams before graduation.

[Pleases note, despite the protagonist being 14 in the prologue this is a mature title and not for under 15-year-olds].

Rules and script systems:

*Project Odin uses 4 of the standard Neverwinter Nights classes, but with new names, and unlike modules that use the D20 Modern classes, you can create your PC the normal way (except in multiplayer, but it’s not meant to be played in multiplayer regardless).

Also, don’t use a character you’ve created using the D20 Modern base module, or your character will be missing many of their feats and skills.

*It should also be noted that the necklace, boots, belt and cloak slots are unused in this campaign (should this change in the future it will be noted on the module page).

Notes on the Prologue:
*No armor, guns, or proper henchmen will be available in the prologue.
*Save often – this is a beta and there are bound to be issues remaining.

*Script systems:
-HABD (Henchmen Always Bleed to Death, by OldManWhistler and Demetrious):

HABD is a script system that means that instead of dying instantly your character (or henchmen) will bleed instead, allowing time to either self-stabilize or for help to arrive.

-SBR (Supply-Based Rest, by OldManWhistler and Demetrious):

SBR is a script system that restricts your character to either using ‘restable’ placeables or items in order to rest.

Since magic classes are not supported in this mod it will only really have a large impact, but will slightly restrict the Monk and Barbarian classes.

*Character Generation:

This is a human only module; elves, dwarves etc do not exist in this setting.

Starting Attributes:
-It’s best to start your character with a strength score of 12 or more, as strength checks will be made for climbing and jumping.

*Why has my Human PC been turned into a ‘Halfling’ at the start of play!?
During the prologue your PC is a child and so has been made smaller to reflect this.

The change will last for the duration of the prologue, with your PC being changed back to their original form at the end of the prologue and ready for the next mod.

Berserker – (NWN Barbarian) *not yet tested in beta

Warrior – (NWN Fighter)

Martial Artist – (NWN Monk) *not yet tested in beta

Field Tactician – (NWN Rogue) *not working properly in beta version, Rogue proficiency feat not taking effect despite showing under character feats.

Technogeek = NWN Lore
Use Device = NWN Use Magic Device

Herbal Remedies = minor healing items (no powerful potions in this setting)

Stimulants = useable buffing items as an alternative to potions (ie. instead of potions such as ‘Bull’s Strength’ you’d use a stimulant with similar effects)

Health Kits = Standard NWN Healing Kits (and your major source of healing)

Ration Packs = SBR items that you’ll need in order to rest in areas that don’t have restable placeables.

Bandages = this is a special item for HABD that you’ll need to use when your henchmen is down and bleeding and is used to stabilize them.

Required Hakpaks:

*D20 2.0:


*CEP 2.2:


Purple Puppy - Lead Writer/Assistant Programmer

Gulfwulf - Lead Programmer/Assistant Writer

Special thanks to:

Forrestwolf – Help/advice with scripting

Zackal – Stimulants, implants, herbal remedies, and some weapons (item designs)

Jezira – Legion and Pyros Logos (as seen used on placeables in mod)

VanyaMia - Help/advice with file editing (such as tlk editing)


Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
BMU music files that are not used in the prologue, but are for use in the planned future mods. *Optional, but unnecessary for the prologue.
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
Place this in your tlk folder (inside your NWN folder).
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
BMU music files that are used in the prologue.
Place these in your music folder (inside your NWN folder) after you have uncompressed it.

*Optional, but recommended.
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
BMU music files that are not used in the prologue, but are for use in the planned future mods. *Optional, but unnecessary for the prologue.
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
The module. Place this in your modules folder (inside your NWN folder) after you have uncompressed it.
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
Hakpak, place in your hakpak folder (inside your NWN folder) after you have uncompressed it.
Submitted: 11-17-2010 / Last Updated: 11-17-2010
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Comments (4):

Posted by jml at 2011-02-11 08:07:08    
Fine futuristic beta module. Keep going.
Can't vote for a beta though.
PM me for any feedback if you feel like.
Glad to be of any help.
@ +
jml, level 52
"Overgod? Is that like Supergod or something?", from "Citadel"
"M’not shr this ishych u g’dea.", from "Prophet" series

Posted by purple puppy at 2010-11-18 23:02:45    
Thanks for the feedback Halosty, we appreciate it. :)

I'll take a look at the bugs/mistakes you spotted over the weekend - most of them should be fairly straightforward to fix.

The opening cutscene has had angle problems before. I'll have to ask Gulfwulf to take another look at it.

[Country House Interior Tileset] [Cyborg Factory Module]

Posted by Halosty at 2010-11-18 11:41:32    Voted 9.75 on 11/18/10
This was a pretty awesome beta, can't wait to see where this goes. Mostly just minor problems, which is better than some non-betas I've seen. I played through with a martial artist and it went smoothly, for the most part.

Bugs/flaws noticed: (possible spoilers)
Beetles in hunting ground are allied with the rust monster ( attacking rust monster causes guard to attack.

Martial Artists can't wear the school uniform. (I had to cheat to gain a level of warrior to put it on)

"healing crystals" don't work except for the first one (I was full hp and got healed 0).

When going for the green crystal the location of the rope is said to be "next to a camp" in the hunting grounds (but there isn't one that I saw). Perhaps it would be best as "next to the oasis"

The cutscene at the beginning showed from the wrong angle the first time I saw it (but I've had similar problems with other cutscenes, so it may not be a problem on your end)

Gloves/metal knuckles in blacksmith were unaffordable (unless I missed 100 or 750 gold respectively)

This is all I found, just letting you know about them in case you didn't encounter them. As much detail as possible included so you should have an easier time knowing what I mean.

Posted by Skildron at 2010-11-18 02:26:19    
This sounds really promising - I'm going to try it ASAP.

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