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Title  Wars
Author  Qlippoth (Original author Deva Winblood)
Submitted / Updated  09-19-2010 / 03-04-2011
Category  Capture The Flag
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  Custom
Language  English
Tricks & Traps  Non-existent
Roleplay  Non-existent
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  Any
Max # Players  Any
Min # Players  Any
Min Character Level  Any
Forums  Link
Content Rating  Everyone
Gameplay Hours  <1
This was a proof of concept work by Deva Winblood, you will see some of these ideas in the Harvest of Souls module. Deva gave me permission to release this little gem, in case somone wanted to use it for ideas or expand upon it.

A simple warfare module. Build your army and capture all of the flags to win the war. Every alignment has an army, you search for Mana stones to power your unit production. You also have resources that your workers will automatically mine or gather.

You choose between unit types and whether they capture flag areas, Patrol the fields of Blood, or guard your base. Stronger specialized units will only perform one of these functions.

Units require a little of some type of resource, with more powerful units requiring more resources to produce.

Anyway, simple. Check it out. Play it with a friend or two, or by yourself. When you start the game, make sure to add AI leaders to each faction you want to fight. Faction leaders start at 4th level, so be ready to defend yourself on the Field of Blood.

Max level is listed as unlimited, but I think the highest level units are 15th.

Feel free to comment here or in the Harvest of Souls discussion forum (See HoS entry: Link

FYI, the only things I changed from the original were some placeables, which were too large to operate, and I labeled all of the exits on the Fields of Blood so you knew who's territory you were entering.

9-20-2010: No new download since the first, I was just clarifying the details of the module.

10-5-2010: NO changes were made, I just realized it was folly to not put the files in one compressed archive, as a couple of people downloaded the module but not the haks (required).


Submitted: 09-19-2010 / Last Updated: 10-05-2010
Wars module and haks in one file.
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Comments (3):

Posted by Qlippoth at 2010-09-22 14:47:42    
Hi Lord_Frederic_DQ,

Firstly, this is a proof of concept module, and as such was a prototype. Some features, such as sub-races and tournament aren't implemented here. This internal (test) module only had a few months of life before being abandoned, and the ideas being tested in it were implemented in the Harvest of Souls module.

I did my best to test and polish a few rough areas, but otherwise it was a side project to test a few game mechanic concepts Deva had rolling around his head.
In other words, Deva gave me permission to release this little test module into the wild, with no expectation that it would ever be fixed or further developed. I think it has some cool aspects, and am using it to playbalance some creatures I plan to use in another project. I'll likely be using some of the scripts as well.
It could be a lot better as games go, but all of the improvements went into Deva's main project, Harvest of Souls. It's fun to root around in for simple scripting examples and game mechanics.

1) I'm not sure Sub-Races was implemented, I'll look into it when I get time.

2) There might be quirks in the Alliances settings, might have a bug there.

3) Workers are created like any other unit. The workers quarters are in your base somewhere. You have to put a Mana Crystal in their placeable to start creating them. Once the worker is created they will wander off into the gathering or mining areas and bring back resources. Smoe of them sleep during the night, while others might work during the day, depending on the army (undead?).
Crafters will take gathered resources and craft random equipment and such for the PCs to use (armor, weapons, traps, potions, etc).

4) I don't think this was ever implemented. I haven't played with it.

5) The settings should work for the basic game, some advances features were never implemented.

I hope you still have fun.
- Qlippoth

Posted by Lord_Frederic_DQ at 2010-09-22 11:18:15    
sorry for double post but the other problems for some reason disappeared

2) Alliances don't work i think. I am able to attack ally troops, and they are hostile toward me, but when i try to attack his flag, the game give me a message that i have some penalty for attacking ally flag!!!.

3) How i can create settlers? I am unable to find them

4) What is the difference in Tournament Mode? . I try to enable it, but i don't find the new options and features. What are they?

5) Finally, in the welcome room, in the sign New player - Read me, the option to see the current games options don't give you some basically options. For example if you have activate tournament mode, subraces mode etc

Posted by Lord_Frederic_DQ at 2010-09-22 11:10:05    
Hello, i like this module a lot but i have found some problems with single player mode

1) Sub-races don't work, even if i have enable them. When i level up, a conversation start but the option to level up as a subraces has

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