59 A Cry of the Runner Tim P 09-06-200 03-09-2004 City Adventure SOU-1.31 Land of my own creation Dependent on Module (2 - 3) Designed for one player... English Play with a 1 - 2 level character... You Choose Heavy Medium Dependant on Module Any Medium No DM Required Single Player 03 01 01 01 Teen Any You are awakened from what seemed a deep sleep. You could see but not an inch in front of you, but the fire had reached beyond a simple inch was easily, and disturbingly visible, while revealing masses of dead bodies, and blood shed to your eyes. Your thoughts hadn't made much sense at this point, but you think to yourself that maybe a horrid battle took place here...and what lies beyond becomes one magnificent adventure awaiting someone as bold as your self to take on its challenges. 18 8.13 8 fms/Download.php?id=101 A_Cry_of_the_Runnerupdated6.zip A_Cry_of_the_Runnerupdated6.zip -- zip A decent little hack-and-slash. Could've used a little more dialogue in my opinion, but not a bad way of spending an hour or so. "Hack & Slash : Dependant on Module" what's that supposed to mean? Fun: 9 Layout / Design: 9 Dialogue 9 Originality / Creativity 10 Quality Control 10 I really enjoyed this design. I thought the storyline was really interesting. This is a short adventure. I would like to see something longer from the author. I found this module interesting as well. I also enjoyed the descriptive texts. A couple of issues however. Some traps were way overpowered (one electrical notably did 112 damage to me.) Most of the merchants had Bioware stock stores. While this isn't necessarialy a bad thing, it seemed odd that they were selling maps of the areas in Neverwinter. Also, I didn't understand why some of the merchants even existed. Why zombies, goblins and kobolds? Seemed like a strange mix in the same area. Also, were the zombies supposed to continually respawn? They did for me. All in all a good story, well put together. In fact I liked that it ended when it did. --kevinodie An short and interesting mod. The pop up description for the environment is a nice touch. _________________________ Overlooked Module Report February 2009 | Master List | Forum Thread Academy of Modding Excellence Romance Module List Horror Module Collection Starlight's favorite module list Thanks for the entertainment. a nice and short, but very entertaining mod for a dull sunday morning. Nice mood as well. I actually loved the ending, but hey I'm crazy. Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 8   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 6   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9    Hi! I'm Tim. It seem we use the same name. Unfortunately NWVault mix our modules together. If you would be kind enough to change your vault name - that would be great. Otherwise we may have to coexist, perhaps as The Two Tims :) Sincerely, Tim Ripsaw, I still miss your point. Just hit the esc key at the end of the mod, export your char and you'll find him alive and well without any xp or gold loss in another mod :-) I dont think kicking it at the end is a spoiler---- It is a crock(and this is a warning). People take time to make a character and then you DIE. There was no warning that I saw. And there was nothing in the game that indicated that I was mortally wounded and was going to die. Maybe you have fantasys of dying but I do not. I want to survie. And dropping dead at full health for no reason(with out being able to save my character that I spent a while making and then playing) SUCKS. However, the mod was excellent and well done, and the story was good until death. I see it has been updated so maybe this has changed. I recommend the mod to be played. It was a very well done mod. 9.5 is a pretty high rating!!!! Hi Rispaw! *** Heavy spoilers ahead *** Please give us a spoiler warning in future, when you want to discuss the maín plot. I can't understand your annoyment fully, since you can still save your player char at the end of the mod. Even more important: Tim dropped hints about your pc's status in almost every corner of each area. Even if you never heard of Ambrose Bierce (refer too Google) and his Civil War short stories: Tim's hints should have hit your attendance like a Hills Giant +5 Club: The messenger is almost dead, he gets delirious visions and is only kept together by his will to deliver his message to the council. She / he knows for sure the next hedge cleric ahead could save his life - but this failure would cost the certain death of thousands. I liked the mod a lot until the end when for some reason I just DIE!!!! What is up with that? I do the wwhole adventure and make it to the man with full health and I drop dead for no reason whatsoever. The ending ruined the whole module. Also it would be nice if some of the kolbolds that keep trying to kill me would drop a weapon or anything when I killed them. This is a really interesting and fun mod, except for the things I mentioned. I hope you do more with this and extend the story(instead of the whole unknown death thing) perhaps a scout party attacks, maybe we could fight some of the early arriving troops, stop what ever evil that was hinted at. I see you said you are working on expanding the mod, let me know when you do because it was really cool till the end. Maybe you could just stop the game at that point until you come out with part2. It was a real bummer to see my newly designed and named and molded character die. I might have well just picked a pregenerated character to play. It is just wrong to make someone get all into the game and think he is doing pretty good(survived some tough fights using good gaming skills) and then achhhhh, your dead(at full health I might add). Ok. OK. I'm over the shock now. i would have rated this mod at a 9.5(due to the fact that no one drops their weapons and the bodys are not searchable) but the ending makes the games greatness drop to a two or so. Please please fix the end and continue the story, the mod is too good to end like that. Great work. Great story line. Very fun. Definately worth the play- dont go to the councilmans office though then you wont die- just imagine you saved the town. Hello to all, I hope that anyone who downloads this mod enjoys it, I plan on adding new areas each week, so if you liked the mod, come back in a month or so, and see how the game changes. Tim Short but nice and mysterious . Good job so i found that mod desreve to be voted. Try my mod "Warlords" by the way Short but nice and mysterious . Good job so i found that mod desreve to be voted. Try my mod "Warlords" by the way