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Title  Darkness over Daggerford
Author  Ossian Studios® Inc.
Submitted / Updated  08-15-2006 / 05-15-2009
Category  Roleplay
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Setting  The Forgotten Realms, along the Sword Coast, in and around the town of Daggerford.
Gameplay Length  The critical path is approximately 8-10 hours, and the sidequests are an additional 15-20 hours.
Number Players  1
Language  English
Level Range  All players begin at level 8.
Races  All Races
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Heavy
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  All Classes
Scope  Epic
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  Any
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  08
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  All Alignments
Gameplay Hours  25
Ossian Studios® Presents:

“Darkness over Daggerford”
(A Former BioWare Premium Module)

Developed by Ossian Studios® Inc.

To many, the town of Daggerford is of little consequence. To others, however, it is of immeasurable value. The nearby great cities of Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate would do well to look over their shoulders at what is brewing in this once sleepy town. Prepare to delve into the dark mysteries surrounding Daggerford...

- A 25-30 hour classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing adventure with a strong Baldur’s Gate feel and almost 200,000 words of dialogue!

- Produced by former BioWare Producer, Alan Miranda, who was the Producer on Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

- A brand new world map system, never before seen in Neverwinter Nights, enabling the player to better explore a large world, complete with random encounters.

- A player stronghold to enable more challenging stronghold quests, and featuring cool player customization features.

- Three new TNO tilesets created by DLA and released to Ossian Studios through an exclusive agreement with BioWare, including a completely new exterior tileset with rolling hills, sea cliffs, and castles.

Check out our "Critical Path Walkthrough Part 1: Leaving Daggerford" for hints on the critical path at the start of the game inside the town of Daggerford.

** Updates **

1) Check out both our "Critical Path Walkthrough, Part 1: Leaving Daggerford" and "Critical Path Walkthrough, Part 2: Saving Daggerford" for hints and spoilers on the entire critical path of the game.

2) Version 1.2 of the game has been released. Please refer to the v1.2 Readme file for a list of fixes and known issues.

- If you have never downloaded the game installer before, then you just need to download the new installer version (v1.2). There is no need to download and run the updater since that contains duplicate v1.2 files.

- If you have already downloaded the game and installed it, then all you need to do is download the updater, which will update your mod file (as well as one of the haks) to v1.2. There is also a new baseitems.2da file included to add wearable PC cloaks (see “1.68 Cloak Instructions.txt” for manual installation instructions). Note that this does NOT update your save game. To play v1.2 that contains the latest fixes, you must start the game again (as is the case for all NWN mods).

For Mac and Linux users, we have elaborated on our instructions for how to manually extract the files from the installer exe. Please refer to the v1.2 Readme file for details.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Also from Ossian Studios:

** Mysteries of Westgate Available Now! **

The latest Dungeons & Dragons RPG has been released and is now available for download! Mysteries of Westgate is the first Adventure Pack for Neverwinter Nights 2, developed by Ossian Studios, creator of the popular Darkness over Daggerford mod for Neverwinter Nights. This single-player game comes with over 15 hours of non-linear gameplay, an epic story of horror and intrigue with multiple paths and endings, new creatures and tileset, as well as brand new music and voice-over. Players will explore the bustling districts of the city of Westgate, the most infamous and corrupt port city in the Forgotten Realms, and encounter the rulers of Westgate’s underworld, the deadly Night Masks!

To play Mysteries of Westgate visit Link


DateReviewerFinal Score


2006-08-29Darkness over Daggerford WalkthroughOssian


2006-08-16Cancelled Premium Module Interview - Alan Miranda (Darkness over Daggerford)Maximus
2006-08-25Cancelled Premium Module Team Interview - (Darkness over Daggerford)Maximus
2006-08-19Darkness over Daggerford World Map System - Alan Miranda/Brian WatsonMaximus
2006-09-24Hall of Fame Interview - Luspr (Torslunda)Steve Savicki


Submitted: 08-15-2006 / Last Updated: 10-11-2006
Submitted: 08-15-2006 / Last Updated: 08-25-2006
Submitted: 08-15-2006 / Last Updated: 10-11-2006
Submitted: 08-15-2006 / Last Updated: 10-11-2006
Submitted: 08-15-2006 / Last Updated: 10-11-2006
453 votes
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Beach fight

Welcome to Daggerford!

Eastern Farmlands

Carry on citizen

Swamp Village

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Comments (1924):

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Posted by Azzuhthawth at 2012-09-21 16:09:28    Voted 9.50 on 09/21/12
Oops, forgot to rate.

Posted by Azzuhthawth at 2012-09-21 16:08:22    Voted 9.50 on 09/21/12
Really incredible mod, guys! I didn't play it when it was released, but have been meaning to ever since that time. I finally started it up about a week ago and immediately got hooked. There's a lot of a attention to detail, but it remains consistent throughout. I really enjoyed the sense of freedom, which you rarely get in NWN. This definitely gives the main campaign and expansions a run for their money, if not just outright surpassing them (it's been awhile since I last played them). It's a massive shame that this wasn't able to become premium content, because you developers definitely deserved to make money on it. My only gripe is that it was just way too easy with my Paladin character. Perhaps I should've gone with a spellcaster... Anyways, I really enjoyed this mod, and would recommend it to anyone who still plays NWN.

Posted by TimG at 2012-08-31 05:37:30    Voted 9.75 on 08/31/12
I had a great time with this module. In particular I missed the Maxmillian werewolves til very late in the game and I really enjoyed turning the tables on them and ending their evil. I played as a druid and didn't really hit any major bugs. A few little hiccups but nothing that mattered. This would make a fantastic multi-playered module if it could be re-worked but that ship sailed long ago. In any event, really fun module, different enough to be a breath of fresh air. Thanks for releasing it

Posted by LordoftheZodiac at 2012-06-10 12:22:39    Voted 8.50 on 06/10/12
Just finished Darkness over Daggerford. A few comments:

First of all, the authors should be applauded for the sheer amount of effort and care that went into the mod, especially given all the politics behind the cancellation of its premium mod status. Not to mention the fact that some of them are still answering questions on this message board, almost 6 years after the mod's initial release!

What I like about this mod (SPOILERS ahead):

- the visuals are simply beautiful. It is evident that the authors have invested many many hours (and lots of meticulous effort) to build this world.

- the cut scenes are very cool - especially when the camera sometimes pans over the horizon, and fills half the screen with a stunning moonlit night sky! I played a melee fighter, and wasn't affected by the issue where range characters sometimes get thrusted to melee range after cut scenes.

- the world map is very innovative, and is one-of-a-kind among NWN mods.

- some of the side quests are awesome. My favorite is the one with the werewolf birthday present: the concept of a timed chase is creative and unique, and is engaging from a gameplay point of view. Not to mention the sheer brilliance of duping the PC into opening slow- and stun-trapped chests, when time is of the essence!

On the other hand, a few detractions:

- the main plot is unfortunately a bit weak. I feel like the primary storyline as well as the main NPCs could be further fleshed out, possibly via some of the side quests (many of which are now independent and not plot-related). I didn't quite understand the need to stage this elaborate and costly faux-invasion, when the Zhents have already installed their puppet (Bugo) as the new ruler of Daggerford - they are already in control, with or without the invasion!

- there are some pathfinding issues and random bugs (mostly harmless conversation inconsistencies that are not plot-breaking), which other reviewers have already covered in depth.

- not a big fan of the 36-hour rest requirement. This doesn't exactly add realism: mundane things like sleep, food, etc are skimmed over in RPGs for good reasons, just like how they are skimmed over in novels, movies and tv shows. At the same time, it makes the game operationally*bleep*bersome - the rest-stops are too frequent from a gameplay point of view, since 36 hrs of game time goes by very quickly in real time (especially for those who take their time reading and digesting the text and dialogues). In addition, every medium-distance trip on the world map has to be followed by a rest, which breaks the momentum at a time when all that a player wanted to do is to dive into a new area.

- combat was ridiculously easy throughout most of the game; the only time I felt challenged (and the life of my PC remotely threatened) was during the fight with the lich Umgatlik. That was pretty much the only time I needed to use healing potions. All other fights are complete pushovers, including the final battle - my PC squatted the orc "army" (more like platoon) like flies, and brought Gorgomorz to badly wounded before I could even blink.

Posted by Alan Miranda at 2012-05-21 14:08:51    
Hi surethings,

That bug is caused by some faulty scripting on a cursed necklace that you would have picked up from doing the zombie/bricket quest. The item is called "Elven Keepsake Necklace". Try going into your inventory and dropping it on the ground, and see if you're still getting the messages you were seeing (you may need to save, quit, and reload).
- Alan

Posted by surethings at 2012-05-16 02:27:08    
Don't know if anyone still playing this can help me. My version of the game seems to have a bug. It occurs when I transition between areas on the map. Upon arrival at my destination the following words come out of the top of my avatar's head: 'a vision of an elf maiden appears in your mind's eye'. I also get dazed and can't fight. The frequency with which this occurs has increased as I've played to the point where it massively interferes with the game. Is there a fix for this?

Posted by Alan Miranda at 2012-04-20 02:17:12    
@fredamora – It’s been many years since we released DoD and we have not been keeping track of other NWN community content releases. So I can’t say if there are compatibility issues with the packs you mentioned. All I can suggest is that you try it out to see.

@Neilium – I’m glad you had a fun time playing! That’s the most important thing. Thanks for letting us know!

Posted by Neilium at 2012-04-18 09:59:12    Voted 10.00 on 04/18/12
Hi folks!

I started to play this mod many years ago but was unable to finish it for some long-forgotten reason. I'm so glad I found it again all these years later! I really enjoyed it and took my time playing this time around.

It wasn't perfect as many have posted before me, (I didn't like the tower riddles for example) but I had a great time overall and especially enjoyed the many cut-scenes. Thanks to all involved, GREAT JOB! :)

Posted by fredamora at 2012-04-18 03:08:10    Voted 10.00 on 04/18/12
I went back from Dragon Age, to NWN-2, and now to NWN-1 just for this mod. Looks exceptionally promising, esp on the claim that it has a BG-2 feeling on it. But is PRC compatible with this mod? I also added KotOR heads hakpak by the way, I don't think there won't be conflicts with that. I'm doubtful with PRC 3.5 though. Please tell me they work well together.

Posted by bertrc at 2012-03-17 18:15:06    Voted 7.00 on 03/17/12
This was an expansive and fun mod, but I'm afraid I have to give it only a 7. There were various bugs (quests that wouldn't end, such as the fellow who looked for the chest, the bride of the vampire who never woke up and the girl looking for her dog) missed areas for character development (such as double crossing the loan shark and the demi lich that you released upon the world) and pointless highlightable items (such as the silver pedestal in the mines and the crack in the wall of your fortress) Also, the path finding was often unmanageable. Lastly, the forced sleep was just irritating. I can understand limitting how often you may sleep, for both role playing and difficulty, but forcing sleep was just annoying. Lastly, the fighting was rather easy. I was playing a sorceror. Once I got a +3/soak 10 cloak, I stopped using spells, and just waded in with a bastard sword.

Posted by Khaos1987 at 2011-12-02 06:49:03    Voted 9.50 on 12/02/11
An excellent module that surpasses the vast majority of it's peers. The world map system really made the adventure something unique, although I would have liked to see more side areas that the main plot doesn't take you to. The random encounters system had potential, but I was disappointed that there was not any special or unique encounters, just monster fights.

Having played through with a barbarian, I believe the module was built more for an arcane spellcaster character more than anything else. There seem to be a few more perks for being part arcane or having spellcraft. However, the module is doable by any class.

I liked the story and characters in it, lots of twists and plenty of room to play your alignment. Interesting people to meet and work with as well. That being said, I would have liked to see more from the henchmen. You don't really have a choice since there are only two, so I would have expected them to be more fleshed out. Their stories ended rather suddenly as well, with no personal sidequests or impact on their abilities.

Posted by ra0313 at 2011-09-06 04:42:55    Voted 10.00 on 09/06/11
Most Excellent Module, one of the best on the vault. Very well done. Engaging story line with lots of nice plot twists. Lots of side quests, some of them integrated cleverly into the story. Really enjoyed playing this module.

Posted by Surlydwarf at 2011-04-27 06:47:29    Voted 9.00 on 04/27/11
As someone who is jaded to NWN Mods, I am happy to say that DoD exceeded my expectations. It is an inspired mod. I tend to play a lot of RP PW so my standards for story are quite high and DoD delivered nicely. I also think it drew some from the very first FR pen and paper(pnp)mod Under Illefarn. I was excited to see how the Devs would deal with the legendary dwarven realm of Illefarn and was impressed, the quests therein being the foam on my ale.

The sidequests rarely feel like 'fetch and carry' types and my only criticism is that I was unable to finish a couple due to what I think is a lack of animal empathy. It did not spoil the mod for me though and just gives me a reason to try it again. I don't often play mods and think about replaying them with a different build/alignment almost immediately afterwards but DoD has me doing that.

I do have to admit that there were times I felt like none of the responses I gave would have made a difference in dialogue trees. All games suffer from that though so I cannot fault the designers too much.

The new map is INSPIRED and I cannot understand why more mods don't make use of this feature, especially as most of us recall BG 1 and 2.

Well done!

Posted by earp at 2011-02-11 15:55:50    Voted 7.75 on 02/11/11
Nice work with the BG style resting and map system.
Excellent graphics for a game about to celebrate its 9th birthday.
Lame henchmen. No, really; worst. ever. They start a story that continues for about 3 or 4 levels, then just dies? They have no response to actions in direct contradiction to their alignment? wtf...
Monsters and other such baddies are too weak!! Boooring fights... Every hostile needs bumped at least 4 difficulty levels in the toolset. I beefed mine up about 7 to 10 and will try again sometime.
Story and subplots were very good. I liked the vampire wannabe one in particular; it was fun to teach her a lesson(stupid Twilight fan) :-)
The hold was nice, but not very necessary; never really used...
Faction issues as mentioned by others.
Gets a 7.75

Posted by Also Copy at 2011-01-23 16:38:35    Voted 9.50 on 01/23/11
Years actually passed between where I left off and when I finished this mod. Still, Darkness over Daggerford is a great mod with a good deal of roleplaying potential.

Posted by werelynx2 at 2011-01-07 13:12:45    Voted 9.00 on 01/07/11
Overall the mod was superb and deserves full 10, but:

-0.25 pt : lula(the vampire wannabe) won't spawn again during the night after solving the vampire quest. Can't rly tell if it is caused by the end of quest or that her spawning is one-shot only. The game told that the encounter was not found.
-0.25 pt : on the other hand some NPCs stayed longer than they should:
* the fake girl(imp) after I've gone to the island and fought his minions, still telling me how bad I am not to rescue his/her dog.
* Astriel in château elite inn after I met her in my keep
-0.25 pt : birthday present quest - after I entered the house the cutscene started and ended in 2 seconds and immediately after that the son went outside so I couldn't finish the first conversation with father. Few reloads seem to have solve the issue(or was it unemploying henchman for a while?). First I smelled the trap so killed werewolves, but I couldn't get in to the maze so reloaded and tried different approach. Wife being a good were could tell me to free the girl in the maze and I think I should be able to advise her to seek selune even if I haven't been drugged. Not rly a bug but it would be sensible:). Also I kicked my henchie before the maze being inspired by comment on this very page saying the thief might go missing after it. Never checked that rly.

here start the faction issues or at least that ones in which I suspect factions to be the problem:

-0.25 pt : my henchie(reagen) doesn't like 2 boars in daggerford pen. To me they are still neutral - she kills them, then ox then entire daggerford population. Leaving Daggerford and/or savin'n'reloadin seem to solve the problem.
-0.25 pt : ginny tollerson - I only caught a glimpse of her and suspect she was killed by a boar as I couldn't find her any more.
-0.25 pt : in the docks several NPCs including seagulls were fighting each other.. Connected to the boars? maybe..

I use the 1.69 patch if it helps you.
Because I'm bad at maths I'll give you 9:)
Thanks Rolo:)

Posted by gadflybite at 2010-12-05 19:38:18    Voted 10.00 on 12/05/10
What a great mod! Recommended to anyone who hasn't played it yet (yes, even after all these years). Loved the plot, and its twists, and that some of the smaller quests took more than a couple minutes to complete. Loved the 'rest is disturbed' encounters. Didn't like the map at first until I realised that it does let you travel over multiple areas quickly once you have explored them.

My only criticism is that you don't really get to know your friend Talarenne before you have to rescue her. But then getting to know her more might've been a bit tedious to play and hard to write in.

Top mod guys. I just wish you had've been able to to spend just a little more time on it to give it just a little more polish. All good though. Still easily a 10.

Thanks to all involved for putting this one together!


Posted by Alan Miranda at 2010-11-24 00:04:47    
Hi Squiredan,

Glad to hear you like the game!

Your problems are independent of CEP, so you don’t have to worry about that. There are 2 things that could be causing the issues you described, both of which are likely related to 2da conflicts:

1) You have other files within your override folder that are conflicting with the hak file for DoD. You should remove all files from your override and try running DoD again.

2) You may be experiencing a compatibility problem with the 1.69 patch (DoD was tested to work with the 1.67 and 1.68 patches, and the 1.69 patch was released much later). Try reverting back to the 1.68 patch and run DoD again.

Hope that helps!
- Alan

Posted by Squiredan at 2010-11-22 09:56:23    
Hi Everyone,
i have a strange problem.
But first of all i want to thankyou Ossian studios because I like that module a lot. For me it is fun to play.
Recently i installed NWN Diamond Edition wich I got from GOG (installed Version 1.69). Well I wanted to start one module without using CEP and for me it seemed that this module fullfilled that requirement. So I got the version 1.2 from Darkness over Daggerford. Now the game is working fine, But i have two strange problems:

1) Some Portraits are not working fine. For example the portrait of the the very first halbling in the prelude. It is all in white.

2) The same problems i have with ALL cloaks. Every cloak is all in White, there is no real picture.

Can you halp me that problems?
Do i hva to install CEP, or is this another problem?

i hope you can help me.

Best Regards

Posted by stdbuk at 2010-11-14 18:29:35    Voted 10.00 on 11/14/10
Just got done playing this. Yes, I'm the "fashion laggard of gaming". Hands down this work is a 10! (and I voted such). My favorites are the side quests, newer landscapes and custom gear. I wish you had more support and time to polish this up. There were only a few bugs and exploits. The first part of the game before you meet with the real harpers is well done. The ending was funny at parts, but left me going "Eh...*shrug*". Secretly, I had hoped I could put my friend's soul in the construct angel's body or become a vampire even if I disintegrated after a night's rest outside, but oh well. All of these are little details and take nothing away from the solid entertainment this module provides. Thank You!

Posted by The Amethyst Dragon at 2010-10-30 16:28:46    Voted 10.00 on 10/30/10
The module and included custom content are very, very nice. Enjoyable and well-made.
World of Aenea (Hall of Fame PW and the origin of all my works)
Vault Entries: The Complete List (50+ entries, including 17 Hall of Fame awards)

Self-Promotional Honesty: If you have opinions on stuff I've made, or if you use any of it (as a player or builder), I like comments/votes/ do other content makers and builders. Keep us motivated. :)

---------------------------- Neverwinter Nights Community Site: The Unofficial Homepage for NWN ----------------------------

Posted by grunman at 2010-09-24 16:11:26    Voted 10.00 on 09/24/10
This Mod. is the best I've played to date. I'm stuck in Edalseye's library.
Thank you,

Posted by zyraxes at 2010-09-11 12:32:04    
Thank you Alan for taking time to answer. I'll restart with a brand new.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I have a lot of enemies. So where the fock are those friends?!

Posted by Alan Miranda at 2010-09-06 17:13:03    
@AegisDivine – The game starts you at level 8 and finishes somewhere in the mid-teens (~level 15) depending on your class.

Posted by Qlippoth at 2010-09-05 18:54:24    Voted 9.00 on 09/05/10
Don't think I ever voted! (until now)

- Qlippoth

Posted by AegisDivine at 2010-09-03 04:02:34    
Whats the level range here? 8-40?

Posted by Alan Miranda at 2010-08-28 19:13:43    
Hi zyraxes,

Skills like charisma, wisdom, intelligence, and persuade definitely do count in conversations, and allow you to accomplish plenty of things that can’t be done through a typical fight.

The game will start you at a level 8 character, however, you can bring in a level 1 character and the game will allow you to level up. Don’t bring in a high level character or it will ruin the gameplay experience (the game may actually prevent you from doing so anyhow).
- Alan

Posted by zyraxes at 2010-08-26 05:58:10    
Hi there. Before I start playing this module, i have few questions.
- how important are charisma, wisdom, intelligence, persuade taunt etc. in conversations? do they count? i have read "readme" but there was no hint on that
- do you recomend a brand new character? it would be too much if i get a highly skilled, well armed, rich character?

Thank you
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I have a lot of enemies. So where the fock are those friends?!

Posted by TM5000 at 2010-08-14 09:28:20    Voted 10.00 on 08/14/10
This has got to be the best NWN mod I have ever played. It is just as good if not better than HotU and blows the OC away completely.

Cheers to the developer(s) on this one.

Posted by Jereniva at 2010-08-07 09:38:46    Voted 9.75 on 08/07/10
Very fun, kept me very entertained for the 20+ hours I played.

The quests were very fun, and the non-plot ones meshed perfectly with the story, never getting in the way, but always allowing exploration and discovery.
The story unfolded well, always leaving me at a point where I wanted to know more, and keep going.
I liked the junk dealers (Vlad and the other man, can't remember), I enjoyed the halfling cheese makers story, puzzling through how to get passed that doorman at Mariners guild instead of killing him, and so on.
Of course the overland map was great.

Couple complaints and/or bugs, but nothing that stopped me from finishing or having fun. Some pretty overpowered loot dropped, by game's end I had over 400k, I do not think I've ever had that much gold in a NWN game before, lol.
Cutscenes were all well done, some good laughs, like the orcs at the end fight who realize they don't really want to fight you.
Never too frustrating to figure out things, I wish the journal entries were a little clearer sometimes.
Fighting was pretty hard at first, but eventually was awfully easy. Only cheated once, lol, I wanted to rest and people kept interrupting me... I just spared myself the fight and did DebugMode and "y"-keyed them...

I was wondering if anything was supposed to happen with the goth girl wandering around near the dwarven blacksmith in Daggerford? I never did figure out if it was a quest or not.

Thank you to all the people who made the game, it was very fun!

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