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Title  A Dance with Rogues, Part One
Author  Valine
Submitted / Updated  03-10-2006 / 10-16-2010
Category  Epic
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Setting  Medieval.
Gameplay Length  Gameplay length depends on the amount of quests you do. It typically takes me a week finishing parts one and two - mind you, I'm a slow gamer! :-)
Number Players  Single Player only.
Language  English
Level Range  1 (beginning) to around 9 - 11 (depending on how many quests you finish)
Races  Human only.
Tricks & Traps  Heavy
Roleplay  Heavy
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Rogues preferred! Class combinations work fine. Playable with other classes as well, but may be much much harder.
Scope  Epic
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Adult
Alignments  Any.
Gameplay Hours  30
“The armies arrived at the city several weeks ago. Before, the Kingdom of Dhorn had been my Father's closest ally. Well known for its fearsome and disziplined warriors, it was the main reason why my Father’s reign had never been questioned in over fifty years. But now, they were besieging his capital.
I had never seen so many soldiers before. My Father had the city gates closed and his own soldiers defending its walls, but four days ago, the unthinkable happened. The city fell.
My Father ordered his remaining forces to retreat into the castle while the Dhorn soldiers plundered his city. Still, I felt safe. The castle had never been taken in its history of well over three hundred years. The Dhorn would never be able to storm it.
Yet they did. Yesterday, they broke through the main gate, and although the prize was high and the defenders managed to push them back temporarily, it was the beginning of the end. I have been locked up in my room with my maid Shira ever since, praying that the gods would give my Father's soldiers strength. But with every hour passing, the sounds of battle come closer and closer.”

This is the story of a young woman whose world is shattered into pieces on a single, dark night. Formerly Princess of a mighty Kingdom, she barely survives when the enemies of her Lord Father kill her family, her loved ones, her friends. Suddenly alone in a cruel world, hiding from those people who only wish to see her dead, she finds help where she’d least expect it. Sheltered by a group of thugs and thieves, her life now takes a very different line. But her enemies remain the same.

This is for Adults only! Contains graphical and verbal nudity, explicit content and forms of violence.

IMPORTANT! You need my hak pack "ACAG" so all the armor and clothes look as intended. Otherwise, everything will look REALLY messed up.
I originally intended the modules to be played with a pre-defined character ("Lyanna Stormborn" - see the included .bic file). However, as I like toying around with different classes / statistics and the like, I felt it was nicer to allow the player to create her/his own character - stat wise at least, as the module's story will still be about the life of the main character. I aplogize if you do not like a forced background for your character, but otherwise it just does not make sense in the case of this module.

Requirements for the character to play the module with:
- Need to play a female character (the story won't make sense with a male character. Sowwwwy!)
- Level 1 at the beginning
- Charisma needs to be 14+ you want to be a pretty princess, don’t you? ;-)
- Dexterity needs to be 14+ for all those tricks & traps thingies
- Any alignment works. Your alignment will change according to your behaviour. You can play through the module as a good, neutral or evil character.
- Single player only. I have no idea what will happen should you jump into this with a whole party. Probably the game will hang and your computers will explode and… and… well. It will just not work.

The module is playable by many different classes - a lot of it however is about being sneaky, disarming traps and opening locked doors. Rogues preferred! Using magical spells (knock, disarm traps, invisibility) works as well however as choosing class combinations that have access to the appropriate skills. I found it most fun to start out as a rogue and then added cleric levels to my character when she was around level 4 or 5. In general, due to the amount of bonus skill points characters receive at level 1, your life will be easiest if you start as a rogue (then pursue whatever class you fancy at level 2). This is not a necessity, just a recommendation!

You will reach level 2 after the initial cutscene. If you are offended by the opening cutscene, you shouldn't play this!!

Important! You are REQUIRED to have the Pick Pocket skill at level 2! The module will complain if you neglect to learn it, and you WILL get stuck.

A few other hints:
- Do not break conversations using the "ESC"-key. I have no idea what will happen if you do - you may get stuck, see funny results, or your computer may just commit suicide.
- Do not attack friendly creatures. If you wish to start a fight, do so choosing the appropriate options in the conversation trees.
- You get XP for picking locks, disarming traps and pick pocketing stuff. You also get XP for a successful skill check (persuade, bluff, intimidate etc.), so it's a good idea to spend a few points there.
- Most XP is granted for progressing in the story line.
- There's little (really little!) XP for killing things. There's "bonus" XP for killing things if the story requires it - you may however get the same amount of XP - or more! - by being sneaky and finding a way other than using violence...
- Upgrade your equipment! Spend your money! A couple of times it "may" seem like you lose your gear but there's always a chance to get everything back.
- The same applies to your henchmen (there are around ten you could pick up – later in the module). Care for them, feed them, equip them well, and they'll be a big help.
- A lot of "riddles" can be solved in different ways. If a door is too hard to unlock or you just cannot find that one stupid key, try looking for a different way.

***** Update 11-30-07 (V1.20)! *****
* The module now uses the improved version of the hak pack ("acag103"). Lisa kindly gave me permission to use her newer skirt, dress and robe models so a lot of the outfits in the module now look muuuuch prettier.
* I've also rewritten the second half of the "Missing Pia"-quest and the "Golden Chalice"-quest on the Summer Islands.
* Also many many many new dialogue options and some new NPCs. Quite a lot of the existing quests have been polished as well.

A biiig thanks to Frankie and Scott Craig who helped me improving the dialogues in version 1.11! :-)

Another big thanks goes to Francois du Plessis for updating the walkthrough file so it reflects the most recent changes to the module!

The modules (parts one and two) contain over 200.000 words of written dialogue (though most of it is cyber sex :P). It is a fantasy world of the authoress, the result of many many many many (did I say many?) hours of (day-)dreaming.

I refuse to feel responsible for any mental damage playing this may cause :P I however do hope that you have fun playing it. If you don't, simply stop. If you do, that's all the reward I ever wanted...


2007-07-13Hall of Fame & Module of the Year 2006 Interview - ValineThirdpres, Shia Luck & QSW


Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated:
Most recent walkthrough for part one on the A Dance with Rogues Wiki. External Website Beyond Our Control
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated: 07-01-2008
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated: 03-19-2006
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated: 07-01-2008
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated: 03-10-2006
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated:
Overview: Fan Fiction Based on A Dance with Rogues. External Website Beyond Our Control
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated:
Forum: The A Dance With Rogues discussion group (Bioware Site) External Website Beyond Our Control
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated:
The A Dance with Rogues Wiki! External Website Beyond Our Control
Submitted: 03-10-2006 / Last Updated: 10-16-2010

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
ACAGValine2006-03-10--The hak pack required to run the modules "A Dance with Rogues" parts one and two. *** Update 11-3
805 votes
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Comments (6921):

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Posted by Thirdpres at 2012-10-28 10:45:41    Voted 10.00
Deusuum, I've been following Celeritas Eos for a few weeks now. Glad to see other people following new and interesting modules, here is some news for Holloween on that project.


I saw this on the Bioware Social forums for NwN 1 Modules; I figure there are some people that post here that will be interested, so have at it if you like:
With Halloween coming up I thought it would be nice to have a little contest. The contest is pretty much in the title: Design a quest for Celeritas Eos. The quest can be about anything really but it must stay true to the setting so nothing too magical (because the setting is low-magic) and nothing futuristic.

Celeritas Eos is a module aimed at adults and thus the quest itself could be of a mature nature and could handle a variety of subjects such as sexuality, religion, sexism and even racism. Or you could just do something really fun and design a weird and wacky quest involving meeting a crazy old hermit in the woods. Whatever tickles your fancy really.

Zombies and vampires exist in Celeritas Eos so naturally you could do a quest involving one of the two (or one involving both) which would also be suitable what with Halloween coming up. The winner will be decided by the team (or by the BSN community if you decide to vote by saying which quest you like best) and will have their quest implemented into the module and will be credited too.

All you need to do is write a summary for your quest.

Google Search: moddb, mods, celeritas-eos, and or look for the post on celeritas-eos on the Bioware Social forums, for NWN mods.

Posted by 'Vhildr at 2012-10-24 08:28:54    Voted 9.25 on 10/24/12
I enjoyed playing 'A Dance with Rogues'. The story is gripping, visceral and for the most part as realistic as it could get in a fantasy setting. Some situations are pretty cringe-worthy, but I have yet to find a module which is completely devoid of such moments.


What I did not like: the inability to finish one of the quests without having your Princess resort to having sex for information (surely, there are other ways of obtaining it - these other options have been written into the module many times before, why not with this particular quest as well?); the fact that your player character ends up naked for a long part of a major quest (this really *screams* fanservice and is very thinly justified); the minor bugs with the "Bearded Man" quest (and, again, lack of options to confront him sooner than a chance meeting a chapter later).

What I liked: Everything else. The number of ways one can play their character is astounding, the background (though pre-written) allows much freedom and the attention to recreating slightest details of life (like make-up and bathing) is perhaps the reason why this is my second-favourite module on the Vault.

Voting my black heart out.

Posted by Valkener at 2012-10-24 03:40:43    Voted 9.00 on 10/24/12
Why the hell do i have to renew my voting?

Posted by Valkener at 2012-10-24 03:39:27    Voted 9.00 on 10/24/12
Thanks for the infos about Demonheart and Celeritas Eos.

I was about to ban NWN to my backup-drive since it seemed that ADwR and Kunoichi would never been updated. But now it gonna keep its place for the new stuff :)

Posted by Twisted Celt at 2012-10-23 08:44:32    Voted 9.00 on 09/03/12
I had a lok at Toolset and it looks like I missed some things. I wil have to play it again I guess. I take it the Journal entry in toolset that says Hyath relates to an earlier version of game and is no longer part of game? Pity if that is the case? As it sounded intersting and very dark!

Posted by Deusuum at 2012-10-21 06:57:35    Voted 10.00 on 10/21/12
I've found another module that is being developed and looking quite promising. Celeritas Eos is called "a low fantasy-mature-horror-survival-RPG series for Neverwinter Nights" by its creator and also talks a lot about a female protagonist and adult themes. I think it is worth taking a look at, in addition to Demonheart. Google the name of the series or the name of the first chapter, Equilibrium of The Night.

Posted by Twisted Celt at 2012-10-17 06:53:23    Voted 9.00 on 09/03/12
I saw that stuff about Demonheart. Creator is not planning for release till the New Year. It looks promising though.

On IDs! IGN is really effed up. It has been an ongoing problem for months apparently.

Posted by jettajoe1 at 2012-10-13 00:49:51    
Weird. Tried using my "JettaJoe" ID and it wouldn't work. I know it has been awhile since I've logged in. But I know I didn't forget my PW. Especially since I have it automatically logged in on another PC. Oh well. I don't own the Jetta any longer anyway. :P

@Thirdpres: Thanks for the update. Even if it it wasn't the sort of update most of us were looking for. :( Hope Valine still is interested in doing updates to these modules. And obviously I hope she is doing well whatever she is up to these days.

Thanks for the info on that Demonheart mod. Someone else mentioned that to me a couple of days ago as well. Looks like a great mod. And yet another one where we have to patiently(?) wait for it to be completed. But it does appear it's worth waiting for!


Posted by ralebeau at 2012-10-12 10:24:36    Voted 10.00
Activating the books just allows you to read the stories, I have not noted any other uses or awards for them. I delayed moving to WIN XP and WIN 7 for years in fear they would not run the old stuff I love, but they have so far. You are not in WIN 8 already are you? Try giving the install program administrator privledge and run as XP compatable, and if it's worth doing let those here smarter than me know how the install fails.

Posted by gail33 at 2012-10-12 03:42:15    Voted 10.00 on 10/05/12
@ ralebeau
Thanks but I can't work out why the disks won't load and guess it is all down to the new Windows OS. If that is the case, then I'll just have to deal with the various uses of the explosive bottles with a headless princess!

Just checked out Demonheart - looks like it will be very, very good, thanks for the heads-up.

General question
I found two books (Pasiphae and the Minotaurs and The Incubus). I can guess their content but when I used their activate item (again with a headless princess) they didn't seem to have any effect. Anyone know whether they actually do anything? Obviously, I'm familiar with the Pasiphae story in real life but was wondering what effect it had in the game, if any.

Posted by Thirdpres at 2012-10-11 16:13:32    Voted 10.00
I've not heard from Valine, so sorry I've got nothing to say on new ADwR content on the way but I have seen a few NWN module being build. It's called Demonheart. Looks like it will be a very good module. Google it and check it out.

Posted by shuurai at 2012-10-10 18:49:48    Voted 10.00

A lot of people have had problems with the first area in part one for the last couple of versions... the author fixed some of them with this most recent version, but obviously some still exist.

One thing you could try is look in your c:\NeverwinterNights\ folder for a file called nwnplayer.ini - open that in Notepad and look for a line that reads Client CPU Affinity=0 - if this number is anything other than zero, make it zero and save.

Aside from that, take a look in the log files (c:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\logs) after the crash and see what's in there; paste the contents here if you need help interpreting.

Posted by WaterRabbit at 2012-10-10 13:07:05    Voted 10.00
The stone of export is not fully implemented. You should just save your character manually before going to part II.

Posted by DNDWizard at 2012-10-09 12:07:42    
At the end of this mod, after final fight, I used the stone of export, after selecting yes, the screen goes black, and nothing happens. What do I do?
"In the end, it dosn't matter how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away."

Posted by ralebeau at 2012-10-09 08:59:12    Voted 10.00
Sounds like shuurai found most of the problem. The patches and critical rebuild will not work unless the install made WINDOWS registery entries, if you copied game files these won't be made. If you can solve the reason the disks won't install then make the install in a new directory for a test run. IF good then move local and module files over or uninstall and re-install over the copied version which would not solve some extra override file problems or certain file corruptions. ADwR Part 2 has several chests full of explosion bottles to clear paths so...

I knew I had seen this problem with Diamond edition before in the comments, alas there were no solutions mentioned as far back as I looked. Running the critical rebuild, if it even will, is all I can think of to try. Maybe shuurai or Muric have found something I missed, I'm hanging on to my NWN, SoU, & HotU disks forever.

Posted by MarkAntony at 2012-10-09 07:07:11    
*stucks, not "stacks"

Posted by MarkAntony at 2012-10-09 07:05:08    
Well I have a curious bug. So, I've got some NWN Diamond Edition (seems to be patched properly) and run it on Windows 7, and my problem is that Part 1 doesnt load. It's starts loading when I choose 'create new character' but it never makes it to the character creatin screen - it stacks and crashes somewhere in the middle of the loading process.

The funny part is that ADWR Part 2 loads fine without any problems. It doesnt seem to be a corrupted installation file. Perhaps, I must blame Win 7?

I downloaded the override files but it didn't seem to help. Any advise?

Posted by gail33 at 2012-10-08 01:58:32    Voted 10.00 on 10/05/12

Well, thanks for the advice. I found a shed load of stuff in the override folder (including the patches). So, I took everything out apart from the patches and this had two effects: 1) I could now use 'activate item' - hooray, I can blow up those rocks and get the rod! and; 2) The princess lost her head - literally.

So, what I did was take everything apart from the patches out of the override folder, blow up the rocks with my headless princess and then save and put everything back in. Princess now has her head back and I have remoced the pesky rocks.

Not a very neat workaround, but it DID work, so a huge thanks and I'll continue on my way.

Posted by shuurai at 2012-10-07 15:09:23    Voted 10.00

It sounds like your installation is corrupt. You could try looking in the logs (usually in NNW\logs) to see if any needed files are not being found.

Aside from that, if you have anything in your override folder, something there might be causing the problem. Or, if you have nothing in your override folder, that might also be a problem - there are six files that should be there as part of the 1.69 upgrade. If you don't have those, just Google for "nwn 1.69 patch overrides" and one of the first results you find should be a link here at the Vault; download and place those in your override folder.

Posted by gail33 at 2012-10-07 14:05:41    Voted 10.00 on 10/05/12
@ ralebeau

How nice to see that people still checThanks for your suggestions - I have tried a new download but ran into the same problem straight away when I went to get the ashes - they're certainly there but I just don't get the 'activate item' option. I have also searched for this specific problem but it doesn't seem to come up anywhere - perhaps it is just poor me.

Anyway, I then tried your critical rebuild suggestion. I found the files and downloaded the appropriate one, but get a message saying NWN can't be found and that I should reload from the CD ROM. I still have it, but can't get it to load up properly, almost certainly because it isn't set up for Win7.

Oh well, maybe I'll just have to give up. Shame, because I was enjoying going through again and liked the changes that had been made to the earlier version.

Posted by ralebeau at 2012-10-05 07:51:13    Voted 10.00
Lots of us still drop by in hopes of news, but what you are seeing is strange to me. Hak file problems usually mean the bottles are not even there, but those ashes have been around a long time so it is some problem with scripts associated with items. You could try installing a new down load of the mod and hak but if that did fix the problem you would have to restart the game or at least restore back to before the bottle area loaded. It would not take long to check the ashes after a restart. Failing there all I can think of for that is a re-install then the critical rebuild patch fix, have done this for the last few new computers I have transitioned to. Maybe install to a different location with everything Win 7 set to administrator and XP compatability, or look on the web for solutions to the install troubles you are having.

Posted by gail33 at 2012-10-05 03:44:23    Voted 10.00 on 10/05/12
A little help please?!

Not sure whether anyone bothers coming onto this forum anymore, but if anyone does, and can give a girl a hand, I'd be really grateful.

My problem is that I have recently downloaded the updated version of this module, having played it orginally perhaps three years ago. In the meantime, I am now on a totally different computer and the only way I could get NWN working was to copy the whole set of files from my old computer to my new one.

Now, this has, in the main, worked fine but....

There is one problem. For some items, I can't get the 'activate' option. It is only the case for some very specific items. Not a problem for other modules but has proved to be a problem in the case of the updated ADwR. The first instance was with the ash right at the beginning. I worked around this by starting my princess with a lowly 14 charisma. However, I have now come across a showstopper! In the 'Save Pia' quest, I've got to the point where I need to blow up the rocks in order to get through to what I guess is a dragon. Guess what... I can't activate the explosion bottle either.

So, can anyone come up with either a workaround, or a way of allowing me to activate these odd items that won't, for some reason, come up with the activate item option.

Hope that my problem is clear, and that there is someone out there who is able to help me.

Posted by Arveragus at 2012-09-23 04:55:55    Voted 10.00 on 09/23/12
Should have voted a few years ago when I first played the game and then the updated versions. It is now looking as if there will be no further additions unfortunately. Thanks to Valine for her hard work in relation to this mod and then the sequel. The gameplay was immersive, unpredictable and at times challenging. In relation to some posters who have criticised some of the content, the description of the module is very clear. If that is not what you want or find acceptable just do not download and play it. You have a clear choice.

Posted by kaneexodus at 2012-09-16 15:22:27    Voted 10.00 on 09/16/12
One of the best rpg's I've played for a long time. Some of the adult situations were a little... dark but I liked the realism and the setting. I really started to care about the Princess and Pia at least :)

Some really epic scenes and major tension and all round will stick in my mind for a long time which is more than I can say about 75% of the games I have to pay money for, so well done to the author! Go write a book ! :)

Posted by Muric at 2012-09-11 19:50:07    Voted 10.00

strange...perhaps it's a memory related problem. there is an awful lot of activity in Southern Betancuria. Arguably northern and western are more so in places, but still. clearly it's not a corruption or permissions issue, as redownloading would have solved the former, and fixinstall would have fixed the latter. That's assuming there's nothing wrong with the installation itself. If you've at least 2Gb of RAM, perhaps it wouldn't be too out of line to try reinstalling NWN entirely. I know it's a rather long drawn out process on linux, so, let's leave it as a last resort, yes? also if you have it installed some where out of the ordinary, any where that's not "/home/user/nwn", it has been known to cause problems.
jml's list of community addons/overrides, etc. Link

Posted by MjavTheGray at 2012-09-10 04:05:59    
Thank you for anwsering.
Unfortunately neigher fixinstall, nor redownloading didn't help. It still freezes on ADwR while running main campaign rather smoothly.

Mask knows I don't want to use wine, but maybe it would be the solution...

Posted by Muric at 2012-09-09 17:05:58    Voted 10.00
hm...sounds like it could be a corrupted hak/mod file. recommend redownloading, and replacing them. if that's no good, try popping open the terminal in your nwn install folder and running "./fixinstall"
jml's list of community addons/overrides, etc. Link

Posted by MjavTheGray at 2012-09-08 05:15:59    
Ain't working for me. Linux client, 1.69, Fedora 14, acag106.hak. When entering the "south" area, games just freezes at approximately 80% and loops endlessly, eating CPU.

nwclientLog1.txt says:
Failed to load Door model .mdl
Unknown Update sub-message

So... can anybodt help?

Posted by Twisted Celt at 2012-09-03 16:25:06    Voted 9.00 on 09/03/12
Enjoyable Mod. I hope for an update and an update for the second part especially. Expereinced a few issue but nothing I couldnt work around. However dabbling with Mod in the toolset seemed to corrupt Mod and I couldn't introduce any other haks like I like to when playing Mods.

Posted by Muric at 2012-09-01 09:26:21    Voted 10.00

you must have accidentally clicked "exit module" in the dialog instead of clicking Shira, the maid. I just did it and it worked fine. *shrugs* in any case you shouldn't use debug mode unless something actually does go wrong(i.e. an area transition fails to fire, or alfons doesn't move from within the castle walls to the transition point, in "Outside Betancuria") as it can actually accidentally break things. it doesn't happen hardly ever, but better safe then sorry.
jml's list of community addons/overrides, etc. Link

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