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Title  3rd Edition Adventure Series - The Sunless Citadel
Author  Jeff 'Dueeliz' Weaver
Submitted / Updated  10-30-2002 / 08-26-2003
Category  Classic PnP Conversion
Setting  3rd Edition Adventure Series
Gameplay Length  5
Number Players  Module is designed for a 4 character party.
Language  English
Level Range  Multiple Henchman are enabled to compensate for a lack of players in a party.
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Medium
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  04
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Everyone
Alignments  Evil alignment shift possible
*UPDATED v1.63 - August 26, 2003*
3rd Edition Adventure Series - The Sunless Citadel is designed to challenge 1st-level characters who will follow a path to a mysterious dungeon where evil has taken root and face a dark plot which threatens to spread across the land.

This module uses the Henchman Inventory & AI mod along with Mulitple Henchmen scripts. Please see the text file for additional information.

3rd Edition Adventure Series - The Sunless Citadel.mod and The Forge of Fury.mod (NOTE: The Forge of Fury is a placeholder module), a readme.txt, 3eadvseries1.bik movie, and the 3eadvseries1.hak pack.

The downloadable file was created using the Custom Content Installer. If you want to install the module manually, rename the file extension to a zip file.

This module requires NWN v1.28. All clients in a multiplayer game will require the hak pak. Please see the text file for system recommendations.


Submitted: 10-30-2002 / Last Updated: 08-26-2003
264 votes
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Comments (569):

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Posted by Bianca at 2011-08-27 04:34:18    Voted 8.00 on 08/27/11
Very good but the truth is that I hate big areas!!!!
Everything you do has a meaning...

Posted by Delf at 2010-08-01 17:53:09    Voted 8.75 on 08/01/10
There are definitely a few ways in which this module is showing its age (like the kludgy pre-HOTU multiple henchman system - but since this was state-of-the-art at the time it seems unfair to blame the author for it), but if you are prepared to make a few allowances for its "vintage" character it is a pretty decent PnP Conversion.

Posted by __doug__ at 2010-07-27 18:18:13    Voted 9.25 on 07/27/10
Great classic module. Still lots of fun to play!

Posted by Razide0506 at 2010-04-18 19:03:45    Voted 5.00 on 04/18/10
This may have a great module back when it was first released in the early days of NWN, but it hasn't aged well at all. The setting is very generic, the village is just a collection of shops with one farm, all the townspeople pretty much say the same thing, the henchman system is outdated and*bleep*bersome, and there's a ton of tedious backtracking. After playing for an hour or so, I gave up out of boredom.

Posted by Mirgalen at 2009-10-03 17:06:23    Voted 10.00 on 10/03/09
I have to give this one a straight 10!

If playing nwn is a way to emulate the joy and excitement of playing AD&D back in the days any module builder aiming for that is likely to attract my attention (OK, 6 years later, never mind that).

This module really recreated the atmosphere and realism of the PnP days. First, I got a full crew. They are over fifty PnP conversions on the vault and so far I either found no henchmen or one or two lousy ones. Here I had a full party of four (with the four basic classes). Not all of them survived but that too was one feature of PnP: PnP (D&D and AD&D) was deadly.
The second great feature I found is treasure related. In the majority of modules I have played the creatures did not drop their equipment when they died and the treasures were the same boring gold+gems+magic items. In this module the monsters did drop their equipment and the treasures were made of all type of things and very little magic items exactly as it should be.

Last but not least I found this to be a nicely packed little adventure generic enough in terms of settings to please players like me looking down on the Forgotten Realms (or post 1E stuff).

Posted by edosan at 2009-09-14 14:11:05    Voted 8.50 on 09/14/09
Never played the pen and paper version, but this is a decent starter mod.

Posted by Alcazar_Bauglir_II at 2009-03-23 14:55:53    Voted 8.00 on 03/23/09
I liked this module better than Forge of Fury from the same builder. I have never played the PnP version (if you say 'starter module' I think 'Village of Hommlet') so I don't know which flaws are because of the inevitable differences between computer gaming and roleplaying, and which are because of the builder's choice.

Most Memorable Likes:
the NPC characterizations were good, I especially liked those Kobolds (who are a lot deadlier with their crossbows than they were in AD&D); the look and atmosphere felt right; the traps and such (the hidden area the Kobolds helped with) were interesting; multiple henchmen are useable

Most Memorable Dislikes
- the henchmen inventory system didn't work well. Whether it was because of the earlier version of NWN used by the builder or not, the 'basket' system didn't work well. Often better equipment the henchman could use simpply disappeared without him using it. It also allowed for stealing all of your henchmen's equipment and then dismissing them, which seems a bit odd & unnecessary (why should any equipment of them be droppable?)

- a bit of a treasure problem, though much less pronounced than with Forge of Fury. At least because I played the Kobolds along.

In general: at low-to-mid levels, you have to scrounge for getting enough money to get decent equipment; in single-player mode this is even more important (with only the computer allowing for characterization, treasure etc. becomes more important, especially because NWN gives only 10% of the CR XP one would gain in D&D). So far so good, no complains.
In this module the only items worth anything you'll find till pretty much the very end of the module are (nonmagical) weapons and armor. In traditional RPGing, the DM then says smth like 'okay it takes you three days to reach the nearest town'; in NWN/computer gaming your movement rate is reduced to a crawl while you lug around with your treasure/scrap metal. So if a builder decides to go this route - no easy gems or cash but earning your cash the hard way - IMO he should make sure there are plenty of buyers (which don't have to be particularly good by themselves) to unload the only treasure available.

Luckily, I waited with solving the Kobold quest till the very end. This allowed me to keep trading with them, it turned out they stop doing so if you finish it. Whether it's on purpose (meaning those that follow the usual computer RPG strategy of finishing quests a.s.a.p. get screwed with a disgustingly long trek to town) or a bug I don't know.

- perhaps I missed it but what was the purpose of that Imp? He could very well be in the PnP version but I felt he was a bit out-of-place.

- the main villain is rooted to the spot & killable without any interference. Seems a bit odd.

All in all, I could imagine replaying this module and it certainly isn't bad by any means but I wouldn't call it a real gem by a longshot.

Posted by Kolyana at 2008-12-27 19:41:04    Voted 6.50 on 12/27/08
A little easy with 3 characters starting at 2nd level - not sure it would challenge anyone unless they were soloing.

Encounters did not adjust.

Module was pretty close to the original, but there were bolted on sections that were large, sprawling, lacked cohesiveness and also interest.

XP tables were WAY out of whack and gave too much experience for encounters that were too easy. Encounters should have been more numerous, harder and XP lower.

Not a bad module at all and only 1 or 2 non-game breaking bugs, but needed to be a tad shorter (gameplay was 7hrs), and walking to and from town with loot a little tedious.

Posted by harkker at 2008-04-03 23:08:47    Voted 10.00 on 04/03/08
I never voted back when you would have actually seen it... but awesome work
The World of Karador Rocks!

Posted by Berra at 2008-02-07 16:36:29    Voted 10.00 on 02/07/08
I played this A LONG TIME AGO but I think I didn't vote on it back then. Here it is: a 10.
/Berra - NWN1 modules:
Berra's Module Collection (All of Berra's NWN1 works)
Reviews: Calm before the Storm, A New Journey Begins, Surviving Horror 1, Surviving Horror 2.
Other Downloads: NWN1 - Berra's Modules Favorites, NWN2 - Berra's Module Playlist & Favorites.
Homepages: Berra's NWN Blog & Berra's YouTube Channel (Features original horror movies).

Everyone: your VOTES are highly appriciated. A vote is like gold for an author. No kiddin'. ;)

Posted by cancha at 2007-08-08 10:42:06    Voted 7.75 on 08/08/07
Nice short adventure for a level 1 character. Good for players who dont want to spend months to complete a module (two evenings of play should be enough). Not too many side quests and main quest is simple enough. Realistic loot placement (you dont find loot in every single box that lies around) there's a lot of junk around wich should be the case in a goblin lair! Lacks custom music for ambiance. Some areas are large with lots of running around. I expected more in the ending though, it was kind of "flat".
Notes on game play:
Couldn't get help of my henchman to force stuff open (I played a weak rogue).
Final combat bug... If you just chop down the "tree" before engaging in combat, it make the final engagement a lot more easy. And while you do so, every one stands around doing nothing. I guess they should have attacked to defend the tree but...

Never found the way to open that darn door after all...

Posted by cancha at 2007-07-31 10:27:04    Voted 7.75 on 08/08/07
Hello to all. Has anyone discovered how to unlock the magically barred door in Goblinville? The one with the draconic inscription on the floor thats in a room with a fountain. When you decipher the draconic inscription, it says "channel good, open the path" or something like that. I suspect you have to put some sort of component in the fountain but I haven't figured out what. I'm playing a rogue with Tordek as a henchmen. So the only thing I didn't try is casting a spell. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks...

Posted by jeffabes at 2006-11-24 06:32:53    Voted 8.75 on 11/24/06
The author has put in some nice touches here. Non-playing characters often responded to me based on whether or not I was equipped with a weapon and what my class was, and there were monsters I haven't seen anywhere else. The plot was good, and even allowed for some moral ambiguity (should I work with kobolds or goblins, or not?) There was a seamless transition to the next module in the series.

There were a few problems, though. Some areas were too big, and there was too much walking around to do. A shortcut between the Sunless Citadel and town would have improved this module a lot. Some areas are large even though they only contain one or two battles.

This issue is made worse by having all kinds of junk around for the character to sell, which made for a lot of walking to and from town. Substituting gold for this (or at least something less heavy and bulky, like gems) would allow players to spend more time focusing on the positives of this module.

I'm not sure why this module is listed as "designed for a 4 character party." I did just fine playing solo starting at level 1, and never using any henchmen.

There were a few spelling/grammar errors. (If you're not the author, just skim past these.)

1) README: "loose" should be "lose"
2) Felosial: "your welcome" should be "you're welcome"
3) Pillar with a Rope: "tounge" should be "tongue"
4) to Belak: "prepair" should be "prepare"
5) Top: "spinable" should be "spinnable"

Posted by Kshatriya at 2006-11-07 12:50:03    Voted 8.50 on 11/07/06
Conventional but well put together.

Posted by Malak Darkhunter at 2006-06-05 09:55:03    Voted 9.00 on 06/05/06
Good Story!There was definetly a surprise when you least expect it,it was kindda hard to get started,but that makes it more challenging.It could use a good update,then I would give it a 10.

Posted by warren ( ) at 2006-04-16 18:50:53    
Great. Thanks!

Posted by Twar_Blackshire at 2006-03-23 02:20:48    Voted 9.00 on 03/23/06
Thanks Jeff for putting this conversion on the vault. I just finished it and am looking forward to the Forge part. Cheers.

Posted by Twar_Blackshire at 2006-03-23 02:17:23    Voted 9.00 on 03/23/06
Good conversion. Good scripting. Intelligent. Lack of typical combat was refreshing. Good ending. Good use of treasure. Atmosphere and sounds create a believable mod. Good all around. My only possible knock would be that it felt like it dragged in the Underdark part a bit, and that you kind-of get used to walking a bit more than you would want. Thumbs up!

Posted by B003 ( ) at 2006-03-22 17:52:50    
Good but short.

Posted by Owaen at 2005-12-02 10:48:44    Voted 9.50 on 12/02/05
Excellent! Can't wait for Speaker in Dreams

Posted by XiDragon at 2005-10-04 12:48:12    Voted 4.50 on 10/04/05
Sorry but I have to say that this module is boring. Cant understand why it is rated that high.

We played with a party of 4 Level 1 characters.

First, it was extremely easy, no challenge at all. However, even if you play it alone it will be boring because of the following issues.
Second, only minimalistic story and nearly no roleplay elments.
Third, the locations are not variing enaugh and there are no surprises except of a few traps. Most of the module plays in a dungeon where most rooms looks like the other.
Most extreme the last level. One could think the author has lost its interest and/or motivation.

I gave this module 4.5 out of 10.
I gave it that much points because we did'nt find any bugs and at least all worked like one would expect.

Have Fun
Ever wanted a hotbar for party commands, or a separated Bard bar, or ... ?
xUI - Major NWN2 UI Enhancement

Posted by XiDragon at 2005-10-04 08:17:58    Voted 4.50 on 10/04/05
Sorry but I cant say anything good about this module. Overall this module was boring and no challenge at all.

Most of the game is played in a dungeon that are missing diversification and on the last floor/level where the final showdown is placed it is even worse. One could think the author has lost his interest and motivation when building the last floor. The showdown was a joke.
Also very bad ist the story, that does nearly not exist its just very basic.

I cant understand why this module is rated that good.

Have Fun

Ever wanted a hotbar for party commands, or a separated Bard bar, or ... ?
xUI - Major NWN2 UI Enhancement

Posted by Green Catmoon at 2005-09-26 17:55:39    Voted 9.75 on 09/26/05
Excellent atmosphere and fantastic use of lighting made for a very fun experience indeed.

Posted by zuihitsu at 2005-09-21 03:56:40    Voted 9.00 on 09/21/05
This was a very nice beginning module. I finished it the other day with my wife, and we had a lot of fun. One of the best parts was that FINALLY a dungeon that is DARK. I'm tired of underground rooms which are full of light. Very nice use of lightning and sounds, plus a finely made module altogether. I recommend it for players who enjoy old-school dungeon-crawling. The only problem was that my wife's wizard couldn't use her Pseudodragon familiar, probably because the module is so old. Otherwise everything worked fine.

Posted by enoa4 at 2005-08-14 13:48:10    Voted 9.50 on 08/14/05
I was very impressed. Captured the feel of an old PnP mod exceptionally well. Most fun I've had with NWN in a long time. Playing the sequel now and it does not disappoint.


Posted by enoa4 at 2005-08-12 06:55:47    Voted 9.50 on 08/14/05
I'm just an hour or two into this but it's fantastic. Very well done.


Posted by Galliun at 2005-07-31 14:40:28    Voted 10.00 on 07/31/05
Too bad the AI is crappy... =(
Anyway, the module itself is awesome, the ambientation is just how I imagined it and all. The Mephit was kind of a problem because of the AI, they died too easily, rushed into battle. Nonetheless, worth the 10. Great work!

Posted by darthjaye ( ) at 2005-07-07 02:09:35    
everything I imagined from playing the PnP module. Thanks for the visual gratification and keep em rolling out from this series please.

Posted by Dreor at 2005-05-27 05:14:43    
Was having a great time playing and then Lidda just started doing nothing. When I would enter a room she would run into the corner and stay there, she would no longer open locks or disarm traps. She usually would not follow me and would not engage in any combat. This started about 1-1/1 hrs into game, prior to that everything was fine

Posted by link1020 at 2005-03-12 01:02:20    Voted 8.50 on 03/12/05

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