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Title  A Twist of Fate
Author  Mykhal
Submitted / Updated  11-19-2005 / 07-18-2006
Category  Various Settings
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  Hamlet, forest, seaside town, forest, mountains, temple, Faerun.
Gameplay Length  Very involved hack and slash, and some very unique puzzles incorporated.
Number Players  1 -- Latest update embeds OldMan'sBeard Henchemen System version 1.5, so any player can activate any appropriate class of henchman to assist in the module (or more, as desired).
Language  English
Level Range  25 - 40 with Uber Gear
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Light
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  I recommend monk / rogue combo, or cleric / fighter, fighter / rogue or Weapon Master. Some mage / sorcerer uber items recently included (thanks to Thaddia for assisting with the mage feedback)
Scope  Large
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  40
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  25
Content Rating  Mature
Alignments  Neutral to Good, probably -- no evil plot line.
Gameplay Hours  24
A module following HotU for upper level characters. Contains MATURE CONTENT (sex, bordello, so forth). Basically, you're going to save the world again -- what else does an adventurer really need to know (the story line unfolds the history as the player progresses).


Submitted: 11-19-2005 / Last Updated: 07-18-2006
Version 2.0 of A Twist of Fate. Incorporates (embeds) OldMan'sBeard Henchmen System, more sidequests, heavy on the hack and slash.
Submitted: 11-19-2005 / Last Updated: 11-19-2005
This file contains two third party hak paks required to play A Twist of Fate
Submitted: 11-19-2005 / Last Updated: 07-30-2006
A Twist of Fate 2 is a zip file containing ALL of the necessary files for this module. Heaven requested a zip file for MAC users, so I put all of the files into one to serve this user group that can't open *.ace files. So, thank Heaven Mykhal
15 votes
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Comments (122):

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Posted by eggerfry at 2011-05-06 19:50:46    Voted 1.75 on 05/06/11
'A Twist of Fate' is without a doubt one of the most ridiculously inane modules I've ever played. It's obvious the module creator has never heard of the term 'balanced play'. This module was as balanced as a drunk on a Saturday night.

One of the first key opponents has an AC of 66. It's obvious the builder can't be too adept at maths, otherwise he would've realized it's impossible for even a 25th-level fighter fully buffed with maximum STR to hit AC66 with anything less than a +10 weapon, and then only on a 20. On the other hand, this same opponent had absolutely no trouble at all hitting my character – fully buffed and using some +10 armor found in the module – at AC60. The same was true for most of the other boss or non-incidental NPC's.

As OTT as most of the boss opponents were, most of the incidental opponents required no special tactics at all to take out, and were for the most part very easily dealt with.

I thought I was being treated by monty haul when an inconsequential retrieval quest garnered me 5,000xp. Little did I know what awaited next : another simple retrieval quest resulted in a completion bonus of 100,000xp (yes, you read it right : one hundred thousand). That's FOUR LEVELS. For a single side-quest?!

Tons and tons of über weapons and items abound and are free for the taking. 'What's this under this pile of rocks? Oh! A leech+8! Well I'll just toss it over here with the other one I just found in that guy's armoire.' Most weapons and armor awarded for even inconsequential foes are +10. The builder even gave out the cheating stick as a drop.

And WTF is this 'pune the linkboy' character doing in my adventure, and why can't I get rid of him?! Just stupid.

When I ran into a weaponmaster with dev crit hitting at +65 with a critical range of 15-20 on a longsword I knew this wasn't the mod for me.

The module left me feeling like it had been created by a clever 12-year-old. Or somebody with no sense at all. Avoid at all costs. You have been warned...

Posted by Dalethfc at 2008-11-04 02:11:49    Voted 9.00 on 11/04/08
Enjoyed this mod,, had No problems/issues,, hoping for More :p If you have planned more that is :)

Posted by Silenfoot at 2008-08-28 15:38:55    Voted 9.75 on 08/28/08
Took a look at the module and found that she should have been in the sea cave. I figure I must have gone a little trigger-happy on the hellcows and killed her unintentionally. I tried giving her the immortal and no-permanent-death properties, but that didn't work. What do I do?

Posted by Silenfoot at 2008-08-28 14:07:27    Voted 9.75 on 08/28/08

Like the mod, it's got a really good story and well-thought-out characters, the only reason I didn't give it a full ten is because I think some of the encounters are somewhat unbalanced one way or the other, but that is a issue easily circumvented.

The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to find Mikee's sister. I've explored ever nook and cranny (I think) of the Northern Cliffs and the Cave, but the only friendly NPCs I've found are the Wemics. Where is she?

Posted by Bulrat at 2007-09-29 19:49:25    
I can't load the module, I get a message-Missing custom .tlk file-
What file is this?? It's not in the download. what .tlk file do I need?

Posted by stesichorus at 2007-05-31 21:11:28    Voted 8.50 on 05/31/07
Not bad. Best use of the OHS I've seen. Not sure I'd have been able to beat Ishtaro without them.

Posted by icklemonkey at 2007-02-18 23:26:10    Voted 7.50 on 02/18/07
very interesting game, had alot of fun.. but i need help with the riddle at the temple.. i get the screaming pillar but thats about it..

Posted by Vindicis at 2006-10-20 17:07:24    
Sorry about the trouble you're having. If you'd like, I could update it for you(if you tell me how since I have no idea whatsoever on how to do that) or mail you a copy of the cep on a disc, or both ;P

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-10-19 20:54:27    
Take over this module if you like. Put your name on it, I don't care. You need to (a) update NWN to the latest version; (b) update CEP to the latest version; (c) update OldMan'sBeard Henchmen System to the latest version and follow his intructions to embed his system in the module. Once you've done that, the module will work again, and you can diddle with it as you desire. It's all yours.
Thanks to everyone, and be well. As of November 1st, I will be deleting this module from the vault. So, if you want it, download it, own it, update it, and support it.
See ya,

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-10-19 20:49:41    
Anyone who wishes may take

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-10-19 20:48:49    
This is my final comment. CEP 2.0 has their zip format download in two files, part a and part b. I'm done with CEP as a result, given that my hard drive crashed and I need the whole package.
As of November 1st, this module will be deleted. Unless there is someone who wishes to take it over.

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-10-17 06:22:42    
If someone cares to download the files, open the toolbox, and update to the latest NWN, CPE, and Online Henchman System (Oldman'sbeard) I believe the bugs would be sorted out -- My connection requires a 26 hour download for the CPE 2.0 (since the hard drive crashed, I can't just update it). As a result, I'm unlikely to get to this until this coming weekend. I will address it then, however.
Be blessed and be a blessing,

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-09-26 04:46:22    
Sorry folks, but my hard drive crashed and I lost the NWN core programs. Attempts to reinstall fail at disk 3 (Platinum). As of now, I can no longer support this module, so it is what it is -- my apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused you.
Be well,

Posted by Mantorras at 2006-09-19 14:53:56    
I'm trying to play the Module but the same errror message keeps showing up:
"Missing required custom talk table"
I'm have the full game (both expansions) on version 1.68 and CEP 152 installed.
Some help, please
Thank You

Posted by TormentedOne at 2006-09-08 12:50:15    
I have downloaded all the files listed and still get an error saying I need a hak file that isnt there. Any idea whats up?

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-09-02 07:14:20    
Monkplayer -- thanks for the feedback and the vote. I greatly appreciate it. I enjoyed writing the mod, and yes, it was meant to put my superheros through their paces (I just can't bring myself to delete a part of the past (even the shadowy sides ).

Carcaroth77 -- thanks for trying to debug from your end -- I'd not received any similar problems so yes, it's likely the HotU 1.67 issue you're reporting. Let me know if you need me to try anything on this end.
Be well,

Posted by monkplayer at 2006-09-01 19:33:36    Voted 9.50 on 09/01/06
I'm not one who likes to search for hidden entrances; otherwise I really liked the module-interesting trek and great for getting experience and loot. I liked the alternative story on the OC aftermath, and Captain Blood is a demanding test for an uber character.

Posted by carcaroth77 at 2006-08-27 03:19:54    
Hi Mykhal
Thank you for your answer, but I have neverwinter diamond (so with SOU and HoTU) update to 1.67 and CEP 1.53. I cannot install the module with CEP 152, but only with 153. Maybe I miss to take or do something else in the cave?
I'll go to do another download and another installation to try.Thanks

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-08-26 15:58:40    
Sounds like you may not have the CEP module installed (Community Expansion Pack). The module requires all expansions, SOU, HoTU, and CEP, and this is noted in the information on this page. My apologies for your inconvenience, and let me know if there is something else going on so I can take a look at it.

Posted by carcaroth77 at 2006-08-23 00:35:13    
Hi. I start to play this module and I have a problem in professor's quest. I fetch professor's experiment but is represented with a red x in my inventory and when I go back to the professor with it in the dialogue my only answer at the question about the quest is *not yet...* I miss something? Thanks

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-07-29 04:53:12    
A Zip format file containing ALL of the files necessary to play this module has now been added for the benefit of our MAC using friends.
Thank Heaven for the feedback .

Posted by Mykhal at 2006-07-24 16:13:15    
My apologies, Heaven. I will look into zipping or rar'ing a file for you. I didn't realize the MAC platform would not support ace. Thanks for the feedback.

Posted by Heaven at 2006-07-22 06:47:47    
Any chance of compressing your module as a .zip or .rar as well as .ace?

No expander exists for .ace on the Macintosh.

Posted by Mykhal ( ) at 2006-06-18 02:56:57    
Thanks for playing, and for the kudos. I learned a lot from writing the mod (my first one). Mostly, I learned how much I owe to folk who are truly gifted in this area and have contributed mods to the community just for the joy of it.

Pax Neverwinter,

Posted by Coen at 2006-06-15 05:03:13    Voted 9.75 on 06/15/06
Hey Mykhal,
Just finished you module this morning, I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. It was a little bit too “hack and slash” for my tastes, I usually prefer a lot of story and role play in the modules that I play but the puzzles and the difficulty of the opponents kept things interesting.
Though some of the areas are a little sparse visually and at times too busy, causing a bit of lag on my system, all in all it was a good play experience.
Good luck in your future endeavours.
I’ll rate this at a 9.75.

"I came, I saw, I conquered" Julius Ceasar

Posted by Coen at 2006-06-14 08:15:34    Voted 9.75 on 06/15/06
Hey Mykhal,
I've got the old man's beard pack… but I left Link boy back at the first inn...Didn't think that I needed him and every once in a while he causes faction problems even with the new updated version. So I tend to leave the little guy behind. I'll try it alone and see what happens... if I somehow get turned into a lump of entrails I'll go back and get him. Too bad Deekin was wearing all my good magic user gear. I’ll just pretend that Ishtaro must have hit him so hard it knocked his duds right off. Oh well... you win some you loose some.
Thanks for your help.
"I came, I saw, I conquered" Julius Ceasar

Posted by Mykhal ( ) at 2006-06-12 11:12:23    
No, Captain Blood is plot incidental, so you don't need to kill him to continue. Wow, I didn't know the varmint was that tough. You're right, he shouldn't be.

As for Deekin. No, you can go it alone if you're up for it. Alternatively, you can pick up Oldman'sbeard Henchman System, which plugs into just about any module, and which allows you to import characters you have created, equipped, and played as henchmen. So, if you really need a henchman, OldmansBeard's system is a great one.

I don't know why the town is going hostile on you. This isn't a bug reported by anybody else. Fortunately, you don't need to fulfill the lad's quest to finish the main quest. I think the priestess / cleric in the temple can give you some clues as to how to proceed. However, if she's gone hostile too, you'll just have to head out of town and on to the next stage (finding Mykhal).

Thanks for playing the mod, and thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy it despite your present difficulties.


Posted by Coen at 2006-06-11 08:53:37    Voted 9.75 on 06/15/06
Hey there Mykhal,
I'm playing your mod for the first time, and I’m enjoying it so far, but I thought that I'd point out two slightly annoying bugs that I've run into. Unfortunately I don't think that you can fix one of them. WARNING>>> POSSIBLE SPOILERS

The one that I don't think that you can fix involves Ishtaro. He has the Devastating Critical feat and sorta killed Deekin 5 times in a row while we were fighting... I managed to heal the poor bugger a few times but eventually Ishtaro hit him one time too many and I was too busy healing myself and fighting to look after him... Deekin fell and didn't get up. He wasn't dead because he has the immortal and permanent death flags turned on. So... he eventually left my party and wouldn't talk to me any more. He just lay there on the ground. I've seen this bug happen several times in other mods, so I think that I'll just have to go it alone through the rest of the mod.

The other little thing involves Captain Blood. I'm using a Level 35 Fighter/Weapon Master that has Devastating Critical with the Canix Bastard Sword from Hordes. I don't seem to hit the fella very often and when I do I only damage him a tiny bit, which he regenerates in a few seconds. I checked out his gear and abilities in the toolset and he didn’t seem to have anything that would prevent me from turning him into a pile of steaming goo, Deekin fried him a few times with the magic missile spell a few times and we even managed to get him down to badly wounded a few times, but we ended up just giving up and we left for greener pastures after an hour of fighting (I actually left the game running and went to the store and back and they were still at it).
My character and I have run into a few bad dudes in our long history together and we've run into critters that were like Captain Blood in other mods. I think that Captain Blood might be a little too strong, but I can’t see why. All of his stats, feats, gear, and abilities shouldn’t pose much of a problem. I managed to kill Ishtaro in a few minutes of combat and he’s a lvl 50 Weapons Master.

So… I guess, after all that, I have two questions… is it necessary to kill Captain Blood for the plot, and is Deekin needed for the rest of the story? If not then I’ll just keep going on my own.


"I came, I saw, I conquered" Julius Ceasar

Posted by Ekstrashouse at 2006-06-09 18:09:00    
I'm having a bit of a problem that I can't figure out. After I'm transported to town by the hermit, a kid runs out and give me a job to do. At the end of that converstation everyone goes hostile on me. I went back to a saved game and tried not taking the job and that didn't help. Any idea what's going on?

Posted by Ekstrashouse at 2006-06-09 18:03:27    
I'm having a bit of a problem that I can't figure out. After I'm transported to town by the hermit, a kid runs out and give me a job to do. At the end of that converstation everyone goes hostile on me. I went back to a saved game and tried not taking the job and that didn't help. Any idea what's going on?

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