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Title  A Gate For The Silver Key: Reanimation
Author  Jon Koca and Elminster55
Submitted / Updated  02-25-2005 / 05-01-2013
Category  Humorous/Parody
Expansions  HOTU-1.65
Setting  Set int the world of a certain well known author by the name of H.P. Lovecraft, and Jon Koca's own crazy mind.
Gameplay Length  3-4; Depends on whether you want to see the alternate endings...
Language  English
Level Range  This module is intended to be played by one very advanced character, and even some of those who are already epic might have difficulty. Don't worry, though, there is help all over the place, and more often than not, if you use your head it will be worth m
Races  Any work but Human Males are reccomended.
Tricks & Traps  Light
Roleplay  Heavy
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  This module was intended for Rogue/Fighters. It CAN be played by any class, but you may miss out on some things that only a rogue or fighter will help you out with. Don't worry this mod will end up being just as interesting if you don't follow my advice.
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  40
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  35
Content Rating  Adult
Alignments  Any, though playing might alter your own perceptions.
This is a version of the Gate of the Silver Key made by Jon Koca and myself so that it looks better and runs smoother than ever before. Remember that this module needs to be set for hardcore rules and is most definitely NOT for children. I hope you all enjoy the entertainment this module will offer you. Whatever you do, never exit a conversation while there is still a script being executed; it will ruin everything.


Submitted: 02-25-2005 / Last Updated: 06-22-2005
One of the funniest modules ever...

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
Elminster's Head PackElminster552005-02-14--This is a compendium of the best female and male heads on the Vault. Includes heads for all races an
Fantasy elfMutantNinjaDwarf2003-01-03--Fantasy Elf. I decided to post this after I seen the post made by -=']['igers@n=- Well built woman,I
Xinica's Clothe...k v1.01Xinica2004-01-31--This an Add On Hak to Xinica's Clothing Combo Hak. It includes the following items: Lisa's Drago
Xinica's Clothi...k v2.12Xinica2003-07-06--********************* A lot of stuff!!! For information look at the Read Me File. ********
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Comments (43):

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Posted by Excoriate at 2013-05-02 19:37:18    Voted 8.00 on 05/02/13
Hall of Fame...congrats...not for children.

Posted by werelynx at 2013-05-01 15:24:24    
Update: Added to Hall of Fame!
and approved it.

Posted by Tyrnt at 2006-10-04 15:31:33    Voted 9.00 on 10/04/06
*********** POSSIBLE SPOILER *********************

I am stuck after I went to vaperlla. I got the garlic and went back to BF. He disappears and.. what? What do I do I still cant get into the main house. I got the BF key and sphicter cream. I go back to vaperella (thinking the conversation would say he disappears and give me more info) but she just says "are you still here?"

Please help.



Posted by Halfling-eater ( ) at 2006-06-21 16:52:16    
After posting the question at the original module, i noticed Jon Coca's last log-on is on 01/1/2005, so i'm not too likely to get a responce there. Perhaps here someone can help me?

I'm stuck at the Ladies of Questionable Virtue. Although i spoke to the receptionist and am wearing both the bondage gear and the mask, the trapdoor leading down doesn't seem to work when i click on it. So how do i get to the party?

Posted by Kata d'Mordak at 2006-05-18 17:05:04    
Hey guys!

I started playing this mod and I became a bit stuck. Somehow at the cultists' temple (Horror in the Hilltop) I seem to not be able to grab much less "find" a kid after I unlock the unholy altar...I looked at the walkthrough and it should be a piece of cake doing so! I am stuck!! I tried different sides of the altar (I even tried blessing it to see what would happen) and STILL the damn thing will NOT give Me the kid. Help!!

Other than that, I am really enjoying the mod and hope to find a solution to this problem so that I may be able to finish it!! more thing....Did someone mention the name "Aribeth"?? ;-)
If I had a choice between Chaos and Destruction, I would have to choose Chaos followed by Destrustion!! (Bad Paladin!Sorry Torm...Can't help Myself!) =P

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2006-01-11 17:26:08    
*maybe spoiler*

Okay I just beat the whole bondage party thing with the Fist guy and got the key to go upstairs, but whenever I go into the "Dreamland" portal thing I have nowhere to go. I just slaughter hundreds of guardians over and over. I found a little waypoint but it doesn't do anything. Did I miss something?

Posted by Terishia at 2005-08-14 12:14:45    
Hmm, I ran into a problem with the ladies of negotiable virtue. I can only deliver Shagwynn and the first of the others (zombie or cow), the other guys won't accept any one of the rest...
Any ideas? I use the linux client, so I can't fire up the toolset to look it up :-/

Up to now I like this mod very much, it's fun! But without the other two descriptions I can't go on...

Maybe one minor thing right at the start: I used the XP reindeer for my fighter and it bumped him up to a lvl 42 epic fighter, ist that intended? Other people seem to have difficulties with the fights - can't say that I have ;-) pushovers, really ;-))

I hope someone can point me to some solution, I would really like to finish the mod, great work!

Posted by Mysterious ( ) at 2005-08-03 14:31:14    
to be more pecifice it says i dont have xin addons and xin cloths hack but downloaded the thing 6 times now

Posted by Mysterious ( ) at 2005-08-03 14:27:02    
im having problems downloadign the hacks i put them in directiories but says i still dont have them .................

Posted by Drüsling at 2005-07-19 03:26:23    Voted 8.75 on 07/19/05
I had fun playing it, though some of the riddles seemed to be described too comlicated, but thats not a fault of the module but a lack of my english.
Nice models!

Posted by Pantoletto Primo ( ) at 2005-07-14 01:18:39    
Nice Mod, but the not wrestling wrestlers drove me crazy.
But the solution ist of course already in the commentary.
I also hab my problems with the freezing PC after copulation. So i mustnt end the conversation, huh?

Is the Black-Fist based on a real person?

Posted by Sat0r ( ) at 2005-06-04 15:31:32    
I'd really love to see the walkthrough since I keep running in to stuff I think are bugs and don't know how I should continiue. Awfully funny mod btw! Ty!

Posted by Condor e at 2005-05-25 16:14:50    Voted 5.00 on 05/25/05
Same problem with the Elder getting killed by the StarSpawn. Okay .. so you go and get yourself killed and "respawn" and Yob whatshisname gives you the 3rd key and tells you to go back to the gate. *sigh* The key does NOT work .. I've even got 3 of the keys now and still no go. This is definitely a show stopper. Now I've got to start over from the beginning because I didn't make a new save for every step.

As much as I have enjoyed this module .. there are so many problems that aren't addressed at the beginning of the whole thing .. like you MUST be playing "hardcore" .. did I waste a lot of time before reading through all the messages here and in the other thread for the original module and found that out. Other things like .. don't break out of the dialogue box while shagging or the mud-wrestling or getting Fist to go hostile etc. All of these things should be either corrected or at the very least be in an info/hint/faq/walkthru file.

*sigh* I don't know if I really want to start over for the 4th or 5th time.

Posted by V for Vortex at 2005-05-21 04:14:59    
Why is Reanimation only single player? The old version was for 1-5 players. Can Reanimation be played multiplayer? If not, very sad...

Posted by JackOfClubs at 2005-05-20 17:43:19    
I can confirm the issue with the StarSpawn killing the man who gives you the key to the quarry. Here is how it happens: when you descend from the ramp near the waterfall, a StarSpawn appears about halfway between the ramp and the gate. If, during the course of the battle you move withing sight range of the NPC, he will join the battle and pretty quickly get killed. A work around for players is to lure the StarSpawn up the ramp and fight him near the exit to the bordello. This will avoid having the plot-critical NPC engage in the fighting. (Occassionally the NPCs at the free beer stand will get involved but they are expendable.)

There are a couple of things that can be done to fix this:
1. Make the faction of that NPC lower so that he is not in the Defender category with respect to the PC (about 70 should work).
2. Make sure the faction is also neutral with respect to Hostile creatures and vice versa. (This is usually the case and I haven't checked the toolset on this guy, but it doesn't hurt to be careful.)
3. Check the Plot and Immortal boxes on the NPC's profile (can't remember what they are called exactly.) This would make him unkillable, even if he did engage in fighting.

Also, I think the HP of the StarSpawn and a few of the other monsters should be lowered. They could never damage my PC but the high HP made the battles interminable. That is a separate issue, of course, but one of the reasons the NPC with the key gets killed is that the battles with the StarSpawn rage on so long. The first time this happened, I had gone away from the computer to play with the cat because the battle was taking so long. When I came back the NPC was gone and I had to reload, just to figure out what happened.
Resistance to Tyrants is Service to God.

Posted by desenfrenada ( ) at 2005-05-20 10:13:48    
Problem solved - didn't get the heart of him, but I could finish the module without. Thanks for quite a few good laughs!

Posted by desenfrenada ( ) at 2005-05-19 01:38:15    
Hi, I hope you can help me out: I went to the cult hideout, talked to Layla, was killed by the Hound that guards the boy with the pure heart, respawned, came back and killed the Hound. However, now the boy won't talk to me and is marked as hostile, but I can't attack him, either, becauses of friendly player settings. I used a saved game to return and try to lure the Hound back to the boy (I thought I saw him do something to the boy when I came here the first time, the boy then turned "friendly"), but I did not succeed in that.
I assume the heart is a plot item and I need it; can you help me here?

Posted by Skinwalker ( ) at 2005-05-17 18:07:23    
Good thing I checked back in on this mod.In answer to your reply post to my previous msge.-the extra haks aren't in the rar file when I decompress it.Are you sure they're in there?I'd really like to run this mod.Thanks.

Posted by Skinwalker ( ) at 2005-05-04 18:49:34    
You need to add whatever extra haks are required besides the 4 already on the page.The module won't run otherwise.

Posted by Elminster55 ( ) at 2005-04-06 16:20:00    
A. For the wrestling you have to have the game on the Hardcore setting
B. I've never heard of this problem with the shadows killing the old man and ive tested this game several times.
C. The diamonds Severina gives are NOT meant to help you AT ALL. Just thought you should know.
D. I'm posting the new module up today that has the re-edited shadow settings.

I hope this clears up all the problems.

Posted by Elminster55 ( ) at 2005-04-01 14:34:00    
Dear nameless figure in the ether,

I will look into these issues and update the module immediately; I'm just that frickin' reliable! Woohoo! Spring Break, baby! YEAH!!! *cough* Sorry. I'll get it fixed.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-04-01 06:58:00    

...Some things stretch too far (over the head?)

The shadows are much easier after you pass the silver gate - perhaps the settings are a bit different than the ones first encountered - I would think that this would be the other way around.

A cheat in the inn would be to state that you killed those weirdos again and again for XP and a diamond - which BTW does not earn any favors in the house of ill repute

I can not seem to engage any wrestling though I am told that I shout a bit...stripping all cloths and using the protection provided still dos not work.

The factions are set wrong as the shadows sometimes will kill the guy that would tell you where the key to the quarry village is (I wouldn't think of searching that "nappy" - good laugh though. I have had to save a character and restart the game to go to that point "just in time"

End of spoilers

Thanks for the work guys, though I would have preferred the fist to be locked in a cage with several grey renderers...

Posted by jonkoca at 2005-03-30 04:34:00    
- Okay okay !!! I didn't know about strings when I made this mod..!

Happy gaming. JKBabies... Not just for christmas apparently.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-03-28 04:32:00    
Yes, elminster, that was very helpful -- thank you.

Posted by Elminster55 ( ) at 2005-03-27 08:48:00    
Look, you screwed up the thing because you exited out of the conversation, and that is the issue that keeps you from moving. There is no reason for you to start over however if you export your character. The module works completely on the basis of items you have acquired. Wherever you are in the game is determined by the items you have. Therefore, if you were to start the module with a character you had exported from having played that far and talked to YogSothoth, he would give you a key to a door that would transport you to the place you need to be. If you haven't noticed, this is the same way death works in this module. Hoped this was helpful.

Posted by Elminster55 ( ) at 2005-03-26 09:59:00    
Yes, it can. DON'T END THE CONVERSATION. Ending the conversation effectively makes it so that the executed script repeats over and over and over and over and over again. So just don't exit the conversation and you will be perfectly OK.

Posted by Sir_Rule ( ) at 2005-03-26 03:57:00    
1 new critical problem here mate;

During 50% of time your PC is "getting his jollies off", with various no-name, or big-name females, at the END of the animation, the character is unable to move, talk, or perform any kind of action except stand. I tried to look for a solution myself, but to no avail.

Can it be fixed?

Posted by Elminster55 ( ) at 2005-03-19 15:06:00    
Guess what, guys? It's done. Download it now cuz it's updated. It was as simple as unchecking a box. Thanks to Lord Sabbathiel for telling me that he was invincible or I would not have known what to fix. Enjoy the mod! :)

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-03-19 14:09:00    
Alright guys, I'll be sure to look into it today. It'll be fixed by the end of the day. Promise.

Posted by Lord_Sabbathiel at 2005-03-18 03:05:00    
I have run into the same exact problem as Tiersus Silverglade, every single time I'm there at the whorehouse, and I play on the Hardcore Setting by default.
Even if I start the game on Very Difficult Setting the result is the same. He never turns red, he always remains in the blue no matter what, and is invincible. I have not found any way to kill him or stop him.

I have come to this point repeatedly, no matter how many times I go through it I have found everything I possibly can find but I still cannot get past him.

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