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Title  The Aielund Saga Act II - Defender of the Crown(v2.0)
Author  Savant
Submitted / Updated  01-05-2004 / 10-09-2011
Category  Dungeon Adventure
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  The Kingdom of Aielund
Gameplay Length  15-20 hours
Number Players  1-6
Language  English
Level Range  PC's should end up around level 15-16 by the end of the mod.
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  Any
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  09
Max # Players  06
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  07
Forums  Link
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  Any (Good and neutral work best)
Hakpak  Link
Gameplay Hours  18
'Fairloch - the majestic capital of Aielund, which has stood for over two hundred years, through war and strife. But all is not well in the City of Justice. With the King away and only Princess Criosa to represent the royal family, shadowy conspirators are seeking to kill her and take the throne of Fairloch for themselves. You and your companions must delve into the heart of the city, brave assassination attempts and evil from beyond the grave while you investigate the real reason behind the war in the west, and discover an enemy far more sinister than the petty villains who seek to seize power...' This is the second act in a four-act story, and represents the culmination of over a year's work. I've added a remarkable level of detail, and breathed life into the city. This new version requires the Aielund hakpack v2.0 to work properly.

Check for news and mod related stuff at

Be sure to get the Aielund Music pack as well here: Link


DateReviewerFinal ScoreQuick ProsQuick Cons
2004-10-06Stravinsky8.3Great story, well-balanced combatLight roleplaying, fairly linear


2005-07-01Hall of Fame Interview with Savant (The Aielund Trilogy)Maximus
2005-09-06Hall of Fame Interview with Savant and Black Diamond (The Aielund Series)Steve Savicki


Submitted: 01-05-2004 / Last Updated: 07-06-2009
Submitted: 01-05-2004 / Last Updated: 09-06-2006

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
112 Placeable paintingsLupin-III, Chanteur, Mr.X2002-10-05--This is a pack of 112 paintings for Chanteur and Mr.X 's placeable paintings. ERF included to impor
Aielund Hakpack (v2.0)Savant2003-06-30--Final version of the Aielund hakpack, updated with better compatibility with the PrC hakpack, and us
CEP v2.1 ( 2.1)CEP Team2008-04-23--DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.1 (.exe / .7z / split files) : Requires NWN 1.69 with HotU & SoU Expansions (
Ship InteriorNexorcist & Gutboy2004-04-19--Ship Interiors for when the inn tiles just dont look the part...UPDATE: New Textures and New Wider T
289 votes
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Comments (862):

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Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-08-03 00:51:09    
I could ride on horses. My fool! I did not realize that stable was not the appropriate place to ride:)

Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-07-12 09:42:13    
Hmm. How can I ride on a horse? In the stable I have tried to use Assign Mount and Individual Mount actions but the dialogue simply says it is not allowed in that area.

Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-07-12 03:01:37    
A minor bug report here. I have tried to let Desmond upgrade weapons. I had 3 henchmen who were holding bows. I chose henchmen A's name and let Desmond upgrade the attack bonus of A's bow. Then, instead of A's bow, henchman B's bow was upgraded. And it seems that in this way the attack bonus may go beyond the expected maximum of +3.

Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-07-11 04:33:18    
I am not the author of this mod but the problems your boyfriend met sound familiar to me. Check if he is installing appropriate version of CEP for this mod (in this case, 2.1). Such problems tend to happen when one is not installing CEP at all or when one's CEP's version is older.

Posted by Kaotiqua at 2012-06-09 14:59:17    Voted 10.00 on 06/09/12
Since I hadn't voted on this chapter yet, and it looks like it's had a dusting off since my last DL, I said it before, I'll say it again. Best. Damned. Module. EVER.
"There's no religion but time & motion-
No religion, just tribal scars."

Posted by Tanarian at 2012-04-08 15:00:04    
My boyfriend is having an issue with this mod, when he tries to leave the Redoubtable after picking up Ronan's things his computer crashes. I have never encountered this issue myself but it seems to have broken the game for the moment. Also he has a substantial issue with NPC heads being absent. If anyone could help with these problems it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Michelini at 2012-03-07 04:52:34    Voted 10.00 on 03/07/12
The Best!

Posted by draekun at 2012-03-03 05:04:31    Voted 9.50 on 03/03/12
the whole series is awesome, and the second one is my favourite, the plot and the fights are both fantastic

Posted by Aebear at 2012-02-19 16:30:25    Voted 10.00 on 02/19/12
Substantial storytelling and lovable characters/henchmen.

Posted by miro86 at 2012-01-02 04:46:46    
=== SPOILERS ===
Defeated the green dragon (Deathmist), but I couldn't find his head, there was nowhere to click on his corpse.

Anyone know of the spawnitem-command that drops this particular dragon head?

Posted by Darth JoDa at 2011-12-02 01:29:34    Voted 9.75 on 12/02/11
Very good module, but one annoying downside, it was just impossible to guard against fear, which made some fights extremely tedious!

Posted by Khaos1987 at 2011-05-11 12:01:40    Voted 9.50 on 05/11/11

I really enjoyed myself here. It was really nice to have my character get knighted or lorded or whatever you call it at the end. I mean, he just ran around solving problems, uncovering a traitor, and saving the princess' life multiple times. Most modules would have the people in charge give you some gold, a "Thanks a lot", and then a swift boot to the rear end. Here, you get made into a lord and NPCs treat you with respect for your hard work. I love that, and I think other people do too. I'm hoping my character is placed in charge of an army of his own soon, or at least does something like the gate defense in HotU by giving orders to squads of soldiers.

The story twist at the end I kinda saw coming, but I had exactly "who" completely wrong and was pleasantly surprised.

If I could add anything to this mod so far, it would probably be even more NPC quips. It's nice hearing the halfling chime into conversations, or the barbarian lady making comments about how weak men should be stoned to death. I liked what was there for the quips, but I wanted to hear more to develop the party members even further.

But really, that's nitpicking. Solid module, would play again.

Posted by Savant at 2011-03-21 04:03:53    Voted 10.00
Erm, the Aielund finale is for the end of act 4 part 3. What you want is act 3, which will overwrite the placeholder and allow you to continue.

Posted by burdebc at 2011-02-23 00:46:35    
I am having the same issue as Tyfecta. I downloaded the aielund_finale hak file to get Act 2 working and then it just goes to the placeholder. Is there an updated finale or something. I have even copied the regular hakpack and renamed aielund_finale, but that didn't work.

Posted by Savant at 2011-02-14 03:30:40    Voted 10.00
It's hard to please everyone ;)
Just putting in an appearance to say that I'm still around, I have a new website up (no forums yet, but it's in the pipeline) and since people are still playing this, I'll probably be bugfixing it soon :)

Posted by greenriceman at 2011-02-08 08:12:27    Voted 9.25 on 02/08/11
Sorry for the double post, but I thought I was reviewing Part III, anyway, to the review.

No offense, Savant, but this is my least-favorite mod of the series. Why? Because I went from fighting an epic battle with mercs to fighting assassins on a smaller scale. But, a minor issue to a great mod.

Posted by greenriceman at 2011-02-08 08:03:54    Voted 9.25 on 02/08/11
Oh, cool!!! The Ironlord's a Minogon. Wait.... what's that he's holding. !!!!! A light lightsaber greatsword!? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! First boss battle that made wonder if I'm really going to die. Finally got the girl at the end. It made me so happy!!! ;P

Posted by XippySkippy at 2011-01-29 00:04:11    Voted 10.00
This is a pretty impressive, fleshed-out module, I must say. Oh, there are shortcomings and annoyances -- the "homing missile" boulders thrown by the Frost Giants, as I mentioned below -- and there are a few areas where it's "kill the critters, kill the bears, kill the wolves, kill the badgers" -- an RPG phenomenon that, in large part, was mercifully curtailed after BG1 and Gothic 1; but as of '''late in the second act''' I must say I am duly impressed with this module so far. Even the storyline/plot isn't too shabby, and we'll forgive the typos and so forth as another critic mentioned, because the story arc ain't bad, not bad at all, and most of the conversations are nice and zippy.

Also, kudos to some of the modelers whose work is showcased in modules like this (I imagine much of it is implemented through the CEP) -- there are some new suits of armor and pieces of weaponry that are beautifully done.

Thanks for all the work, I sometimes bitch alot but I hope some of it is taken as constructive criticism where something is worth the bother.

Posted by XippySkippy at 2011-01-28 15:34:44    Voted 10.00
What -- I say WHAT is with the frost giants all throwing "homing boulders" that never miss, in fact curve through space to follow me around and do massive HP damage? They also only throw them at the PC, completely ignoring your companions. I came out into the Frost Giant City area and the first group started hurling three or four at a time, so you got all these boulders coming at the PC like heat-seeking missiles.

Posted by Megins at 2011-01-26 16:31:18    
The Aielund Saga is one of my favorite modules to play, and I've loved it in the past. I started to replay it this past week, and I keep hitting weird bugs. The one that finally stopped me cold was that the gold dragon in the ethereal plane just wasn't there when the wizard and I went to talk to him to get the Ironlord backstory. The scene couldn't advance because the dragon wasn't present to initiate the conversation, and I couldn't leave the scene because the wizard won't initiate the teleport back to the academy until after the conversation. Arrggghhhh!

So I decided to export my character and jump to Act III (when Robert Black shows back up--my favorite part!). But that chapter starts off with a cut scene of Criosa's father talking to the gold dragon and then showing the Ironlord escaping. However, again, the gold dragon was missing from the scene. The King just stood there and nothing advanced.

Any idea what's going on and how to fix it?

Posted by Shin Okada at 2011-01-23 02:38:25    
Hi! I am planning to play this mod but have one question regarding the required Hakpaks. There are two versions of "Ship Interior" hak. DDS Version and TGA version. Which one shall I use?

Posted by SirDoom06 at 2010-11-19 06:28:38    Voted 10.00 on 11/19/10
I'm having a problem with swapping party members, at the beginning of the module i took ronan,vallenia and the old paladin( can't remember his name) but after i played through the asassins guild part i decided to exchange the paladin for maggie. But even though I kicked the paladin out of the party when i go to maggie she tells me i have a full party already.Can anyone help me please? Otherwise this has been a great module!

Posted by Mac_Biodiesel at 2010-11-10 09:06:05    Voted 10.00 on 11/10/10
Awesome mod! I enjoyed it more than then original NWN campaign.

Posted by Tyfecta at 2010-06-26 13:58:09    
Hey guys, need some help here if anyone can figure out what is going wrong. For some reason, when I start up Act 2, all that loads is place holder module. The module description says there is no description available, and for some reason, I had to download the aielund_final.hak to even get the module to run.

I have tried replacing the module numerous times and have re-downloaded everything, but to no avail. Any help is really appreciated.

Posted by ericdoman at 2010-06-01 16:54:24    Voted 9.50
Thanks for reply. Itried to enter crack by possessing the pixie, ah well doesn't work then so have to find a polymorph scroll or be high enogh level to choose that spell ie polymorph self.

Frost Giants. I had read the comment made by Avo below January 2010 so nor ooms then.

Wondering if there is a new upated walkthrough. Found an old one. Can not remeber the player's name but 530+ pages. Wow that is incredible.

Posted by Magical Master at 2010-05-31 17:49:47    Voted 10.00
The PC needs to fit the requirement, not the familiar. You could shapeshift into a pixie and it should work, but a familiar won't. And I never saw anything about rooms for the frost giants.

Posted by ericdoman at 2010-05-31 07:16:33    Voted 9.50
Playing through again as I really wanted to try and rescue the trapped halfling in stoneguard. So usin a 1 wiz/15 lvl monk. I chose the pixie familiar specifically for this and I still can not pass through the crack in the wall. Also I have read that there are rooms within Frost Giants territory. I have the new tilesets for Stoneguard but just a wide open cavern for the final frost giant battle.

Posted by kowasu at 2010-03-29 07:13:58    Voted 9.25 on 03/29/10
I loved this act! Maggie and Val FTW!

Posted by Magical Master at 2010-01-30 10:53:30    Voted 10.00
Did running that script not work?

Posted by FrogMastr at 2010-01-27 15:46:17    Voted 10.00
This Module is superb, it has been almost a year we do our weekly MP game in this module. We are now at the "we need to talk to kipper bob" part but he does not want to do more than thanks us.... If we speak to the Duke tells us to speak to Godfrey ... but is not here anomre ,, we are kind of stuck is there a Debug mode to initiate the Kipper bob dialog so we can leave for the isle of Dead?

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