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Title  The Aielund Saga Act I - Nature Abhors a Vacuum (v2.01)
Author  Savant
Submitted / Updated  02-15-2003 / 10-15-2011
Category  Various Settings
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  The Kingdom of Aielund
Gameplay Length  10-13 hours
Number Players  Most Encounters scale.
Language  English
Level Range  You'll end up around level 8 by the end of this module.
Races  Any. Special dialog for dwarves underground.
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  Any. Some special dialog for Bards and Rangers
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  06
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Forums  Link
Content Rating  Everyone
Alignments  Any. Includes alignment mods based on dialog reponses.
Gameplay Hours  12
In the Kingdom of Aielund, trouble is brewing. While the King leads an army against enemies in the far west, the poorly-protected realm is under attack from brigands, goblinoids, and barbarians from the east. And rumours of a conspiracy are growing as the remaining military forces do little to stem the tide. Into this vacuum of power steps a small band of daring individuals, who must try to keep the region intact while tracking down the conspirators who seek to divide up the land for themselves. This is a detailed, atmospheric module that has been tested thouroughly to ensure minimal bugs. This new version requires the Aielund hakpack v2.0 to work properly.

Check for news and mod related stuff at


DateReviewerFinal ScoreQuick ProsQuick Cons
2003-03-08Martin Jeppesen7.28Fun for all classes, good atmosphere.some annoying battles.


2005-07-01Hall of Fame Interview with Savant (The Aielund Trilogy)Maximus
2005-09-06Hall of Fame Interview with Savant and Black Diamond (The Aielund Series)Steve Savicki


Submitted: 02-15-2003 / Last Updated: 09-06-2006
Submitted: 02-15-2003 / Last Updated: 07-19-2009

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
Aielund Hakpack (v2.0)Savant2003-06-30--Final version of the Aielund hakpack, updated with better compatibility with the PrC hakpack, and us
CEP v2.1 ( 2.1)CEP Team2008-04-23--DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.1 (.exe / .7z / split files) : Requires NWN 1.69 with HotU & SoU Expansions (
364 votes
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Comments (1306):

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Posted by Tekidek at 2012-09-23 08:24:29    Voted 10.00 on 09/23/12
Finished this module yesterday. One of the best I've ever played.

Nice area designs, excellent dialogues with several choices. Henchmen are good to, they sometimes say their opinions when you are in a conversation. You can ask them personal questions, although there are very few options.

There is equipments for all classes, even Bards and Monks. Battles are challenging but not impossible. There are virtually no puzzles, however (Only the final test on the exiled knight tomb).

Posted by rikki.o at 2012-09-18 01:27:06    
Hello Savant,
I must confess, that have yet to play your Saga and I will start right now. I have downloaded all parts and will rate them individually.

I just purchased your first Novel, that I am looking forward to reading just as soon as I have finished the Steven Erikson book I am currently reading.


Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-09-07 09:32:13    
I am now trying to play this mod for the second time with another PC. Then I found that when a PC has lower Int and his dialogues changes to "dumb" version, Nellise cannot be hired. On conversation she agrees to join me. But after ending the conversation, she is not added to the party. Is this a bug or an intended one?

Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-07-09 16:38:40    
Nevermind. I just found OHS doesn't work for this mod. I guess having a rogue is not that important. (or maybe not?) I'll play it solo anyway.

Posted by Shin_Okada at 2012-07-06 18:27:27    
Hello! I am now considering to play this mod solo. Are henchmen, especially rogues, available in this mod? If not, is it a bad idea to play this mod with OHS Henchman System?

Posted by EFU:M Thomas at 2012-03-31 20:17:57    
Any ideas or suggestions?

Posted by EFU:M Thomas at 2012-03-31 20:17:20    
Ran into an issue with the vault that is not letting me download the game or hakpack, or any of the modules. Everytime I download it, I get,

à9�e¾DI¡,\ò:33� ���The Aielund Saga Act I - Nature Abhors a Vacuum.mod�°7X�" ÈáÀ
Â3¨\¾le$%'H60c e "9¥Í$4!PÜ`J &M´Ø£B¸ ÊÛ+cI@B©
Ww.¯äÜöèÚ\³3w¨K d>B

Posted by Michelini at 2012-03-07 04:50:17    Voted 10.00 on 03/07/12
The best, someone should try to do this for NWN2

Posted by Aebear at 2012-02-16 03:35:07    Voted 10.00 on 02/16/12
More fun, years down the line... and it's been turned into a book!

Superb role-playing ability - all the excellent and rather funny (at times) choices - plus the story kept me glued. It has been quite a few years since I played through it the first time and I forgot most of it, apart from the first town. Interesting and fun combat if you play on Hardcore+, itemisation and gear progression. Looking forward to reading the ebook and hope it comes out on hard/soft cover. Enjoyed the ambient sounds and background music as well. Onto the second module! Did I mention I am so excited that an NWN module series is having a book series written and it's by the module author as well!

[Possible ***SPOILERS***]
I'm not sure if this was ever a part of the plot, but this time through the ending was rather interesting. Mainly the end of the module concerning the two companions, especially Dante. I was playing an evil character, so possibly that's why. It was all rather cryptic, the dialogue. Haha. Maybe it's part of the main plot.
[END possible ***SPOILERS***]

Posted by __doug__ at 2012-01-15 17:23:08    Voted 9.50 on 01/15/12
Well done! A well balanced module with an interesting story. Lots of fun to play.

One issue: I could not get the cleric Henchmen to join me. So I played with the mod with the fighter henchmen (which turned out well).

Posted by miro86 at 2011-12-31 05:29:55    
I have managed to anger Robert Bartlett and now the blacksmith Alan Chaplain can't repair the broken magical armor (from the animated statue in the abandoned mine). How can I repair the armor otherwise?

Posted by Balor_89 at 2011-12-11 12:17:43    Voted 10.00 on 12/11/11
One of the quests that requires you to find harbormaster that was stuffed into the crate...well, I checked the 4 crates near the inn and crates on the ship and I'm pretty sure I checked the entire map but there's no more crates and the quest isn't complete! Is that right or can I have a hint pls :P
***End Spoiler***

Alright, I haven't finished the Act I yet but I feel this is the best module I've ever played, even better than official campaign! I simply love the atmosphere you've given to the towns, especially the house designs in that town that starts with C with fog. My character is 2ftr/3wiz (lawful good, aiming to become AA) at this point and I'm with the cleric companion because I feel we are so right for each other ! The combat so far has been terrific-I had to res her a couple o' times, spending 1.6k for res took me all my savings at one point but I hate reloading heh, aaaaand I had to constantly buy supplies like potions and stuff to stay alive, which was wonderful because I always ended up with little money, which is a good feeling.

Anyway, if there's a CON so far, then it's the fact that I invested in Craft weapon/Armor-I like the fact that at least 1 shop sold 1 bow shaft, but it would be better if I could break things and get wood so I can craft them...I'm not sure if that's a problem on my part or the mod's :? Btw, I've invested in both skills 5 ranks and my INT is 17.

Another solution would be to make it so the fletch shop has more than 1 bow shaft there, but it would be cool at the beginning (before you run north from bracksworth and get like 10 longbows from archers) to be able to craft your own longbow from scratch, along with other gear if you invested in those craft skills ;)

Posted by Darth JoDa at 2011-12-02 01:18:10    Voted 10.00 on 12/02/11
Superb Module, very balanced, good Story!

Posted by Darth JoDa at 2011-12-02 01:17:48    Voted 10.00 on 12/02/11
Superb Module, very balanced, good Story!

Posted by Darth JoDa at 2011-12-02 01:17:26    Voted 10.00 on 12/02/11
Superb Module, very balanced, good Story!

Posted by Savant at 2011-10-09 00:33:26    Voted 10.00
Your quick review was spot on - it is a little linear in places, and certainly I never put in as many dialog options as I would have liked, but I just replayed it myself and it's still really good fun :D

I've written a novel based on this mod too, check out my website for more info ;)

Posted by Berliad at 2011-09-27 18:51:24    Voted 9.50 on 09/27/11
My character: lv 1 dwarf fighter, reached level 8 by the end of the module.

I voted on this module, under a different name (Brandiles), back in April 2005. I just finished playing through a second time, which allowed me to experience all of the new updates to the module. These include the fantastic tilesets that debuted with Darkness over Daggerford, as well as a bunch of new touches and features. It's been long enough that I remembered very little of the module, so I felt like I was able to experience it all again for the first time.

The strengths of this module are numerous. Combat is engaging, challenging, but feasible--especially if you pay attention to your usable items. The story is well delivered, though is a bit railroaded at the beginning before opening up considerably. The ending is more or less on rails too, but the story compels this and it seems natural. The characters, and especially the henchmen, are real delights, with well-defined personalities that add flavor throughout the module. And the module's final chapter really cranks up the intensity, and ends in a dramatic final encounter against a principle enemy that was staged well and was gratifying.

In the end, any critiques I can offer are pretty minor. I wish I somehow had more opportunity to learn about the main villain in this module, because named foes are pretty rare in this module and it seemed as though he was interesting (though I vaguely remember him coming up again later in the series). I also wish there was a bit more choice in the early goings. In particular, it seemed like there should have been an option to circle around the town once you gain access to the exterior. I understand the design reasons for it, but I don't think this was well articulated.

Overall, it's just an excellent module, and is a tremendous kickoff for the series. I'm looking forward to rediscovering the next one!
My NWN Blog
FRW Character Creator

Posted by incognitus at 2011-06-15 13:12:12    Voted 9.50 on 06/15/11
I've been playing this series for some time. Just have never voted on them. So here's my vote.
"Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is."

Posted by Khaos1987 at 2011-05-11 11:49:47    Voted 9.50 on 05/05/11
Nebu, that's a new error for me. Does your main NWN directory have an error.log file? That might give you a hint as to what's wrong. Also be sure to look in the hak folder and make sure there's no haks inside another folder inside the hak folder. The game won't detect hak files inside folders inside the hak folder. (Or any other folder in the main directory, for that matter)

Other than that, you could always spend the time and redownload everything in case it's a corrupt download that's the problem, but I can imagine how that would be a giant pain. Can you open the mod files in the toolset? If so then you know at least the haks are working right.

As a last resort, you could google the phrase "missing conversation table" or whatever error it is and see if someone had the same trouble and see what answers they got.

I must say that this module is worth a little extra trouble. It's well done, and I'd recommend it.

Posted by Nebu_Knight at 2011-05-11 07:53:07    
I'd love to play this module and im positive i got all the required files in the right folders(HotU, SoU, CEP 2.1, EMS, Aielund hakpak). Still i get a message when i try to load the module that says something like; "cant load module, custom conversation table missing"

if anyone have an idea on how to make it work it would mean alot to me =)

looking forward to playing this one!


Posted by Khaos1987 at 2011-05-05 20:29:07    Voted 9.50 on 05/05/11
First time playing the series, just finished this module. Here's my impressions:

I absolutely loved the good/evil/chaotic/lawful choice brackets. There was quite a few of them as well, so I can actually have my character change alignment without mass murder. How many modules can you say that about? Not many.

I enjoyed all the class specific equipment. Now Use Magic Device is useful for more than three or four items in a game. Bravo.

The game kind of started out slow, but that's okay. You're dealing with level 1 characters here, you can't expect anything too mind boggling. Sometimes fetch quests and killing rats is the only safe way for a certain character build to gain XP. Not everyone is a fighter and combat ready from the get-go.

The restriction on resting bothered me a bit. I mean if my character is near death and bleeding out and poisoned, chances are he's tired enough for a nice sit down no matter if he just got done resting an hour earlier or not.

Overall, a good start, and I'm eager to continue the story.

Posted by Eliswathe at 2011-03-15 07:10:40    
Started playing this series in multiplayer, but ran into an annoying glitch: sometimes, only one of us gets quest XP. First mayor quest, only the player talking to him got XP. Killed rats, XP for both players. Dealt with shady vagabond, XP only for the player doing dialogue. What gives? I thought at first that maybe player proximity had something to do with it, but we made sure we stayed very close together when completing the vagabond quest.

Posted by Savant at 2011-02-14 03:25:19    Voted 10.00
Yes, I'm still around :)
Rather amazed people are still playing the series, I might have to give it a good bugfixing soon! I've also replaced the old website with a new one, the link to which should appear up above as soon as it gets updated. Link

Posted by greenriceman at 2011-02-08 07:53:16    Voted 10.00 on 02/08/11
Fight through an army of mercs to get the princess to safety? Quite an epic way to start a series off, don't you think? Nicely done, Savant.

Posted by Kaotiqua at 2011-02-04 11:26:50    Voted 10.00 on 02/04/11
oh yeah... and here's another solid ten, since Aielund's easily worth 100!
"There's no religion but time & motion-
No religion, just tribal scars."

Posted by Kaotiqua at 2011-02-04 11:25:20    Voted 10.00 on 02/04/11
Any sign of the man with the plan? Hey Savant- been a while, and liquid annihilation's gone AWOL too. Hope you're well, and dry, and that you give us a YOP! to know you're out there...
"There's no religion but time & motion-
No religion, just tribal scars."

Posted by XippySkippy at 2011-01-19 23:16:50    Voted 9.00
OK, I stuck with it ... and stuck with it, and stuck with it ... and I have now reached Culdeny (after exploring the abandoned mines) and I am pretty well hooked.

One of the things that "grabbed" me right away was the implementation of so many new items -- some of these from the CEP, some exclusive to the mod? -- I don't know, like I said earlier I haven't been acquainted with NWN for many a year.

I laughed out loud when I saw the "Sword of the Witchking" from the LoTR movies, filling in as one of the "greatsword +1" models. Very nice! Also like the Japanese weaponry. NWN1 has come a loooooonnng way since last I looked at it.

Also, liked the "window dressing" gadgets humming away in the gnomes "exotics" shop in Culdeny. Well done.

Those first couple areas NOT do this justice; first impressions are a compelling thing, but can be misleading.

I'll get around to rating this after I play through it.

Posted by XippySkippy at 2011-01-17 21:40:35    Voted 9.00
Just reloaded NWN after having it off my HD for about six years. Thought I'd give this one a try, been playing for a couple hours.

So far, it seems like it's about killing a lot of poor "hungry wolves" and even their pups, then there's the tiny little halfling woman that I'm forced into "combat" with, needless to say I'm not feeling very heroic, but rather ignominious and just plain mean.

Does this pick up or is this one of those "kill the critters, kill more critters, kill still more critters" types of deals?

Posted by Mac_Biodiesel at 2010-11-10 09:07:44    Voted 9.75 on 11/10/10
Awesome mod! I enjoyed it more than then original NWN campaign.

Posted by passion23 at 2010-10-17 07:02:52    Voted 10.00 on 10/17/10
I love this module it really is a masterpiece and often exceeds the original campaigns in many ways, especially SoU feels weak when compared with the Alieund Saga.

Im am currently playing through the series as a Paladin in multiplayer (we are at act4 pt.1) with my brother who chose to be a Druid. It is the second time I play through these modules and we do have lots of fun. Though at times the modules seem to be to easy in multiplayer, I remembered some scenes were ridiculous hard when I played them solo as a fighter/rogue/assassin while now they are too easy.

But hey I think balancing a module of this scope for multiplayer must be hard and I can live with the fact that my second playthrough is a bit easier than the first one - no harm done.

I'd advice anyone who wants to play it in multiplayer to change difficulty to hardcore and choose one character to do all the talking.

Thank you for these wonderful modules Mr. Savant, they deserve no less than a ten *goes to vote*


I so would have loved to romance Nelisse ;) If you ever plan to do an update please develope Nelisse further and make her romanceable.

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