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Title  'Foreboding in Sylvani'
Author  Tseramed
Submitted / Updated  02-14-2003 / 07-18-2005
Category  Dungeon Adventure
Expansions  HOTU-1.64
Setting  Heroic High Fantasy
Gameplay Length  30 hrs
Language  English
Level Range  Spellcasters should be higher levels. Module will be tough for spellcasters who engage in combat!
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Light
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Any class can play, with the right strategy
Scope  Epic
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  15
Max # Players  05
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  07
Content Rating  Everyone
Alignments  Two complete paths for good and evil, with different end-games for each.
New version 0.9e posted! If you got 9d, 9c or 9b, please download this instead! Many bugs fixed!

Venture into the troubled Sylvani Forest. Will you discover a hidden plot and avert war? Or will you become the willing slave to an evil god?

* Henchmen that sneak when you do, and attack only when you want them to.
* Elaborate cut scenes - some you watch, and some you play in, including a haunted attack on an isolated cabin.
* Dual plot paths - purifying good or dark evil.
* Spectacular final scenes: the Ritual of Restoration or the Conquering Armies of Darkness
* Built to use music and sound properly, eliminating some annoying battle music tracks entirely.
* Subtle touches add: inscribe a custom tomb stone, fire elementals that morph from real fire, shadows weakened by proximity to braziers, earth elementals that burst from the ground.
* Ballista usage, ship sailing, gem cutting, magic weapon upgrades, swimming, and more.


2005-07-04Interview with Tseramed (Foreboding in Sylvani)Maximus


Submitted: 02-14-2003 / Last Updated: 12-26-2004
Submitted: 02-14-2003 / Last Updated: 01-27-2005

Required Hakpaks

NameAuthorSubmittedLast UpdatedDescription
Foreboding.hakTseramed2003-03-21--This HAK required for the module Foreboding in Sylvani.mod. :::NOTE::: The download for the module
153 votes
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Comments (344):

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Posted by werelynx2 at 2011-10-16 07:53:54    Voted 7.25 on 10/16/11
Extremely unbalanced for 14th level bard/rdd (solo). Some creatures yielded only 2 XP, while others managed to kill me with little effort(first fight?). In the end I had to give gold instead of receive it to manage to survive. Probably if I started it with 10lvl character, it would scale properly(only 1 super strong creature instead of 5 for example).

- some encounters drop in just before you(shadows and spiders are ok, but the rest?)
- first of 3 sisters does not start fight, dind't know what to do, decided to use heal spell. It worked and nothing was broken.
- "hobbit", halfling would be more proper
- "we, ours etc." - it is assumed you play multi
- fishing just takes too long
- couldn't use the pick - no proficiency
- no bags of holding until gnomes in the maze(and only 4 of lesser types)
- black render has description of a grey one(with the word grey used)
- glow beetle fought my pixie henchie
- respawning encounters while sailing(bugbears)
- door in the tower of hiding wizard closes itself and becomes unopenable, good the familiar teleports you away
- the ancient bear(poulta) does not acknowledge that the first spring's leaf is restored
Thanks Rolo:)

Posted by Bianca at 2011-08-15 23:03:55    Voted 10.00 on 08/15/11
I love it!
Everything you do has a meaning...

Posted by Almaria at 2008-06-30 11:46:17    Voted 9.00 on 06/30/08
I really enjoyed this. I liked using the ship and I liked the ending-- good resolution. A lot of mods are anti-climatic, but this ended the way a mod should.

Posted by MacMorris at 2007-04-27 18:45:24    Voted 9.50 on 04/27/07
Excellent. This module has a cohesive story and challenging quests. I would have liked to have seen a tavern, though--my character likes his ale, wine and spirits. :-)

Posted by Torontaraz at 2006-10-16 13:04:29    Voted 9.00 on 10/16/06
It's a must have module ^^ I had a good time playing it, even if I found the 1st fight really hard on my Druid 8. After some try and some kind of stratégies, I enjoyed myself. The swimming parts were really fun too.
Baka Humanum Est

Posted by Tiak at 2006-08-17 13:00:45    Voted 9.25 on 08/17/06

Looks like the author may have left the building, but anyway a mod enjoyed deserves a vote and while I'm here I may as well toss in a few remarks.

Firstly, this adventure is not for players who want to see their character rise from lowly menial 'fetcher' to an unstoppable force of nature. 1 level up is pretty much your lot, so you'd better make sure it counts! Its not because its very short, and its not because I cut to the chase and skimped all the optionals - its just the way it is here. Decent XP rewards are almost as rare as a good-natured deurgar. It felt very odd to be fulfilling significant tasks like escorting a lost boy in danger back to safety, saving a hermit and his house from obliteration, and curing the entire worker population in a mine of their evil affliction, to net er, *nought* xp for the trouble. No traditional reward for any of these things either. Maybe, just maybe, the author was making some kind of point about why we do things, why we 'help' people. Is it mainly for their benefit...or *ours*? To me it felt curiously satisfying to just do the right thing, and have no payback beyond knowing I'd done it.

Secondly there seems to be a little bit of drama going on about how 'impossible' this mod is. It isn't. Not the easiest out there, but nowhere near approaching the hardest. I did it alone with a Wiz 10/Rog 1 combo and if anything it was slightly too easy overall, and that comes from a player who always plays on 'very difficult'. Not a grizzled vet either - only caught up with NWN in late Spring. Sure there's a lot of ability draining, but that's what undead tend to do. Fork out some of the generous gold given in the intro on a level+abilty drain/poison/disease immunity Amulet of Health from the starter shops, and you'll still have a big wedge left over for other trinkets. I didn't do this and still managed to get by without too much grief by carefully using Lesser Rest. potions, and not far into the game you're given the op to get virtually unlimited (free!) supplies of a custom potion that does the same job. Torches *do* work. They don't put off the the basic shadow fiends etc (perhaps somewhat illogically), but they will largely keep at bay the far nastier 'lord' versions [though its no good whipping out your burning stick at the last minute - nothing but brute force will stop them once they've locked onto you].

There were a few inconsistencies along the way, most notably with the journal which sometimes updated to tell me I'd done something that I hadn't (e.g. dispose of Hagipar), and sometimes didn't update when I *had* done something (e.g knock out the water elemental gate), and one of the 'tasked' Earth elemental somehow managed to loose itself from the chasm walls and start fighting our other enemies, which I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to do. The help was appreciated though! Most of the characters had updated dialogue to deliver after the victory battle, but not the Ancient Dire Bear who was still depressed about the plight of the missing spring leaf, despite my going through some not inconsiderable s*** to rescue it from the clutches of the drow!

I got used to not being able to dump stuff on the henchman I had; after all, a pixie lugging around helmets, bastard swords and whatnot would stretch credibility a tad too far, *but* it was somewhat annoying to not see one single magic bag or even any containers at all - my inventory was a total mess!

On the whole, a good dramatic yarn with a decent mix of battling and thinking, plus novel ideas thrown in such as the swimming/underwater section; commandeering a Drow warship complete with usable ballistas; the patrolling 'glow beetles' that help out with the fights; occupying the body of someone else, and the companion magic globes that boost your top ability/bring you back from the brink of death in a crisis.

Plan reasonably carefully, and you should be able to do it with *any* class under level 14, and have a good amount of entertainment in the process.

Posted by ericdoman at 2006-04-30 09:30:10    Voted 9.00 on 04/30/06
12th lvl charcters are required if solo. Be careful with selection if uber 12th lvl you will find it too easy (+3 wpn very important for some combats). Spellcasters possible but one or two summon spells will be essential as no henchmen. Monks NO as there seems to be no magic eqpt specific to monks. The game should really be specified as multi play.

As a 12thlvl charcter starting from beginning gained 1 lvl +1000-2000xp

Good storyline though

Posted by ericdoman at 2006-04-30 09:26:32    Voted 9.00 on 04/30/06
Finished mod don't know what the prob was before though.

Overall mod is OK but

1) If you are palying solo be careful with what 12th lvl character you take down - I found it pretty easy throughout although a couple of combats were very hard.

2) Easy - Well mycharcter was a 6/3/3 ftr/rg/ass, had grt sword/brawl belts, golden circlet, belt of guiding light, amulet of health and a few good weapons a +3 longsword was essential for damaging some creatures.

3) If you play this solo a +3 wpn is essentail BUT try not to take down an uber character as you will find some VG equipment along the way. Also you too will find it easy. NOT A LOT FOR MONKS THOUGH! If spellcasters summonig creatures will be very important as there are no henchmen available.

Found one major bug which stopped game. If you kill old dwarf in maze and then kill P the game slows down big time some error occurred. If you then try and save and reload it will not work.

Could not complete the evil ending went about it in as evil way as possible but NADA hence only use good character(s)

My 12th lvl charcter starting from beginning of 12th gained 1 level + 1000-2000xp

This leads me onto the fact that this game is really multi-player. 9th lvl charcaters should do ok but some combats will be very tough

Posted by ericdoman at 2006-04-25 19:27:22    Voted 9.00 on 04/30/06
Having a major prob in playing this game. Have downloaded all folders but they appear as Adobe files? Normally they would appear as winrar.

I can enter the game ask is my lvl ok. 12 seems acceptable as a solo player but game crashes when I am teleported to port?

Posted by hannya at 2006-02-14 16:20:34    Voted 8.50 on 02/14/06
Pretty fun. Has some awkward moments but overall it looks like the author fixed all the bugs already.

Posted by herrjeff at 2006-02-01 06:36:52    Voted 8.25 on 02/01/06
Classic story, with repetitive battles and a few enigmas to solve. Undeveloped henchmen didn't create enough interest to team with them across the mod

Posted by Willpower ( ) at 2005-08-22 06:20:19    
I have run into a game-stopper bug.

I got into the tower of the hiding wizard, saved because I had to answer the phone, and can't get out. my save game is inside the bloody room and every time I try to get myself kicked out by back-talking the wiz, the game crashes to windows.

I figure there is probably a console command to get the hell out of hte tower, but I dont' know what that might be.

Posted by philaipe ( ) at 2005-08-09 10:50:03    
Thought Mod was ace.

With regards to comments of it having no hints. You should have read the mod guide at begining, more than one occasion you were offered, as this told you to read the books within which gave all the help you need to comlete.

Also there were numerous restoration items in game like ferns that could be made into potions.

With regards to fishing, i found a book in the town before you leave that explained it.

I can see how this game would be rock if you didnt start in Port Pamour but i started from there so must have been fived.

Posted by Zwarf at 2005-08-08 05:44:47    
Strange little bug I ran into:
With my level 10 d8/m1/s1, polymorphing into Wyrmling form is not possible. The effects are playing, but the wyrmling shape is not acquired. Changing into a bear is working, though. I tried the Wyrmling in some other modules and it was working ok.
I'm running HotU 1.66 and have nothing in my Override folder.

Posted by BloodmoonX at 2005-07-26 16:45:03    Voted 4.00 on 07/26/05
Beautiful design, interesting new concepts (like fishing, swiming, underwater adventure), but seriously flawed by merciless imballances, poor directives and aggresive antagonism without recourse. If the designer re-worked this mod into a more fluid, ballanced act, it would be worth a much higher score in my view. It has all the elements for a great game, but is in dire need of tweaking!

"See how the body contracts,
until the limbs become a rage of madness?"

Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.

Posted by BloodmoonX at 2005-07-24 17:00:46    Voted 4.00 on 07/26/05
I have to agree with Natasha on ALL points. I am totally unamused by, especially, the constant ability draining and lack of any percivable way to restore them (if resting 8 times in a row doesn't help, what will?). The pixie henchman constantly tells me to "use a torch to keep the shadows away", but I find it makes no difference. The shadows (all sorts) are everywhere. After cheating my way, little by little, into the deepest realms of the rift only to find myself totally overwhelmed by "skulls", then "morags" (absolutely no defense worked against these beasts) I quit.

It was many hours of play versus far more hours of game-creation time, but I'd rather have fun playing than creating a game that is so hard to solve that it becomes an endless frustration.

My humble opinion.
"See how the body contracts,
until the limbs become a rage of madness?"

Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-07-11 09:38:45    
I like the fact that even though it is fighter-focused, it still requires that the player put some thought into the battles. Nice environments

Posted by methalda13 ( ) at 2005-07-02 15:29:40    
The first encounter is far too hard. If I hadn't read the comments about the rest of the module I wouldn't have bothered to go any further. With two well equipped 12th level characters (and a ancient dire bear for a henchman) we couldn't touch the enemy to the point where we'd respawned so many times we had no Xp left!
The only thing we can think of is to go use an epic 33 level fighter to try to kill them off. (Notice the word "try"...)

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2005-06-18 09:15:50    Voted 10.00 on 02/15/05
Has anyone still figured out how to do the evil path?
I've gotten to the point of killing Hagipar, but I can't figure out how to take the tribute from the goddess.
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2005-05-19 18:50:39    
A very nice module, with interesting and innovative gameplay elements. Story may not be the most original, but it's well executed and feels suitably dramatic.

I think the mod has one serious balancing flaw, though: the first fight you encounter (the duergar) is by far the toughest in the entire module. (At least, it was for me.)

This detracted from the experience a bit, as my first character got brutally slaughtered by the encounter. So I went and created a fully equipped level 15 spellsword, who managed to beat the first fight, albeit with a lot of effort.

But then, the rest of the foes were a cakewalk. The few things that could have posed a threat to the character were easily countered by the items I found (ring against ability drain, ring against drowning, etc) and none of the bosses managed to inflict anywhere near as much damage as one of the regular warriors from the first encountered did.

I'd suggest you tone the first encounter down, so the module can be enjoyed with a less overpowered character.

Still, all in all I had a great time, staying up far too late completing it.

Posted by Joe Dirt ( ) at 2005-04-29 12:11:00    
Ummm, sorry to say, but this mod is extremely BUGGED. With a lack of instructions on where to go next and what to do next, a bug or 2 which literally crash's yer PC and no walkthru whatsoever (I searched, trust me) you'll be going out of your mind.

I'm actually a hardcore player (which means I don't give up easily on a mod, but this 1 drove me insane). I originally started a new char (level 14 cleric), and (with all protection spells on u can think of and a planar being summoned) got slaughtered on the first battle (i reloaded a few times and still got slaughtered). After this happened i decided to restart & bring in my all powerful level 32 mage (being I was the only 1 playing).

This time around I lost my stone skin and about one 4th health but managed to wipe the floor with them. Moving on I was hit by an endless supply of shadows which kept appearing in the Sylvan Forest, at first I didn't mind it so much, but after awhile it got rather annoying. The spiders got rather annoying too (in every little hallowed out cave).

The swimming wasn't too bad at 1st, but after awhile even that got annoying (having to remove equipment to swim umpteenth times & having to wait around for yer char to swim a to b each time, geez). Btw, trying to destroy the fire elemental gate with a frost wand took all day long, (in the end i just rested and used my own ice magic).

The 3 *ded* officers you find (i only found 2) don't really give any direct (useful) information, (heck they could of just said cast these spells to pass these dog guardians!), the dwarves you find in the mines don't exactly hint that you must heal every last 1 of them b4 they help you out (yet again no real useful info from them). (heck would of been easier to just give so many potions to 1 of them).

In the cave where the altar is (where the flying skulls are being made), if you use magic yer pc will crash when you try to destroy the altar. I found this dark elf nearby there whom gave me some instructions on how to kill and take control of the dark elves (big help that was, no info whatsoever on just where the heck I was supposed to go now, such as WHERE are the dark elves located and how do I get to them???).

I ran into these pixies, (after I had already completed the task of killing the 4 elemental gates), and they quite honestly had no useful info on where to go, so I moved on, found this halfing & a bunch of books, yet again no useful info on what to do next, found a dire bear, (didn't have any animal empathy, I'm assuming thats what you need to talk to it), and nup no help there either. And thats pretty much where i got stuck, went everywhere i could, talked to everyone i could... and was not able to progress any further.

I found the pixie companion (big help she is, not! with no real useful info on where to go.... btw i visited her friends with her and she said nothin, and they said nothing even tho she wanted me to find them and bring her to them, & we were all in the same room!!! all i can say is BUGGED). And oh yes, after wandering around for several hours (after having been to every inch of every place u can think of I gave up).

For any1 who has actually managed to pass this mod (it had to of been a miracle & I have no idea how u did it (with it being so buggy and with so much lack of direction, and believe me i milked every char for as much info as i could and read every book i found, but it wasn't any help in the end). I quite honestly dunno how this mod got into the hall of fame! (sorry to say that but its the truth). Some advice (don't d\l it) =(

Posted by jerryku at 2005-04-18 20:55:37    Voted 8.50 on 04/18/05

Posted by jerryku at 2005-04-18 20:55:00    Voted 8.50 on 04/18/05
very enjoyable mod, great scripts and effects. Played multiplayer so we didn't get to see the cutscenes. We played the good side, and the final battle was over very quickly and easily unfortunately. The mod was quite difficult with the elementals, but got too easy in the final portions.

Posted by Ryuujin at 2005-03-10 06:19:00    
Me and my friends just finished this module playing as a team - turned out quite well although a little stupidity on my friends part made the final battle a respawn fest.

However there was a serious really REALLY bad issue we had that made the last hour of gameplay really harsh going.

The lightning script that you get coming down the pit of corruption wouldn't turn off, and stayed with us for the rest of the module, even at the end of the game and was zapping the elven guards dead. That made it very harsh going since my character was a mage and deafness induces 30% spell failiure, and blindess prevents casting altogether, while my allies were always getting stunned.

Still, bit of mind blank, and elemental resiatance took the edge off it, and we succeeded.

Posted by Hugie ( ) at 2005-03-09 10:18:00 that's why I kept dying when I started off in the Water Elemental Cavern. I was wondering why this module was so tough at the beginning, with no story intro at all... ;)
Thank you WardenWolf for clearing it up on a post a while ago (January 15th post); Now I'll be able to play this, finally!

PS: for you people who had the same starting point problem I did, I'll just say here what WardenWolf said in his post:
Open the toolset, open this module, and place a new starting point in the Port of Palomar area (anywhere in the area is fine). Then save the module, close the toolset and you'll be all set.

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2005-03-02 08:55:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/15/05
Does anyone know how to complete the evil path?
I can't figure out the last step on how to summon the goddess for her aid.

Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by JR at 2005-02-22 20:33:03    Voted 9.75 on 02/22/05
As a straightforward, rescue-mission mod, this is excellent--plenty of mainstream action and plenty of real innovations like sailing, swimming and underwater exploration. It's far better than BioWare's official "premium" mods. Generally well-balanced, well-plotted and well thought through. You can charge through pretty quickly as a hack 'n' slash, or you can explore many different subquests. Decent little movies and a very nice ending segment featuring a feast and gossip about your hero, plus the chance to continue exploring instead of being booted into the credits. It's still pretty buggy, though in ways that are more annoying than game-destroying (sometimes the bugs actually benefit your PC): things like your hench-pixie not following you if you swim somewhere, or not following you back. But a lot of these bugs are clearly because the designer is doing some really different things with the toolset, so it's more than excusable. Incidentally, I played through with a ranger (which turned out to be thematically perfect), starting at 8th level (low for the mod), and I did just fine. The save-the-forest plot is a bit lacking in grandeur or big ideas for the PC to confront, but as a classic action mod it's the equal of any NWN stuff out there.

Posted by yewbow at 2005-02-19 12:35:52    Voted 6.00 on 02/19/05
Way too buggy.

Posted by Gonzo_Jones at 2005-02-16 06:53:01    Voted 10.00 on 02/16/05
Superb adventure!

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2005-02-15 09:50:29    Voted 10.00 on 02/15/05
The evil temple of corpses spawning wererats is the creepiest, most eeriest thing I've ever seen in a mod!
The beetles in the caverns are a NICE underground adventure and the various environments make this a nomination for a movie script!
10 kudos comin' your way!
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


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