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Title  Beograd v1.4e
Author  Flaevius
Submitted / Updated  12-24-2002 / 09-01-2010
Category  Classic PnP Conversion
Expansions  Works on all versions
Setting  The setting for Beograd is a mountain border town in winter, based on my AD&D world.
Gameplay Length  8 to 12 hours
Language  English
Level Range  Recommend beginning w/ 1st lvl PC
Races  Any (recommend at least 1 non-human)
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  Any (at least 1 rogue recommended)
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  08
Max # Players  04
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  Good (Note: chaotic alignments will be tough as it is generally city/law oriented)
The Ward of Beograd, Tadeus Obushan, has allowed one member of each serf family to leave their farms and join with a trades guild or to take up legal conscription. This was necessary because the roads between Beograd and the Vorgal plains have been set upon lately by goblins, and trade has been choked off. With no tradesman skills to speak of, your choice is clear. You set off to Beograd and camp outside of the city gates to await dawn. You hope that the early October flurries aren't a bitter indication of what is to come... Just before dawn you are startled by the sound of boots on stone. You stir from your rest outside the city gate to see twenty or so men march south, back the way you came. Beograd is the first of a series, and is designed for solo or group play (non-PvP). There is lots of hack & slash, with numerous quests. NO HAK FILES REQUIRED. Check the help file for tips & extras.


Submitted: 12-24-2002 / Last Updated: 03-22-2003
Submitted: 12-24-2002 / Last Updated: 03-22-2003
35 votes
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Comments (127):

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Posted by FrozenSoul at 2012-09-11 09:26:48    
Flaevius jel imas mozda FB ili skype da razmenimo koju mudrost :) Ja sam inace iz Valjeva gotivim ove rpg igrice sad ne znam dal ti jos uvek igras ili pratis ovo obzirom da si izbacio ovaj modul pre 2 god .. Planiram oko nove god ili posle nove god da pravim server za skyrim ili za ovaj novi NWN sto treba da se pojavi pa ono ako si zainteresovan mozemo to zajedno probati da radimo inace da ti odmah nagovestim nisam programer ali brzo kontam stvari ja sam amater ali sa velikim idejama .. Ako budes hteo mozes da me dodas za prijatelja pa cemo vise pricati o tome to mi je email a ujedno i FB adresa a skype andrej.jovanovic85

Posted by Mirgalen at 2011-08-10 04:44:38    Voted 3.50 on 08/10/11
Another good idea perhaps poorly implemented.

As werelynx2 and before that ericdoman mentioned this is certainly not doable with a lvl 1 or even lvl 2 character. You need to fight at least four groups of goblins (16 monsters) just to complete the first "go save the scout" quest. You cannot rest can you? You cannot look around for healing potion or healing kit. My char got killed on the way out of the house. And then you stay dead since you do not have the item given by the priest (yet). O crap...

3-4: It is clear the author tried to make something interesting, but still fell short. With more work it might be worth the download.

Posted by werelynx2 at 2011-01-08 10:28:59    Voted 4.50 on 01/08/11
I have to say I only played like 1/4 of the mod because I couldn't force myself to continue playing.

+ Lich-looking dude with a bow
+ some interesting area design

- again area design: too big farms area, lots of backtracking.
- little too many goblins, they respawned and respawned like mad - city should have fallen to them long time ago only for the added weight of 'em..
- magical resting tent(resting is limited in the mod) only worked once for me and after that, the wand(tent-porter) didn't teleport me.
- single player(like me): don't play it alone, the mod assumes u are in a group.
- one floating desk in "vywern's perch"(placeable in the air)
- animal cruelty : dog fight the obushan guards - sholdn't they be the same side technically?
- farmer run from foothills area being chased by a goblin(it's random bug I think) and doesn't appear on the other side of the transition(the same goes for his dog that is following you or the guard found wounded later on, except they both should follow you...)
- dele boy quest is broken: the boy runs to the stream(and gets killed from icy water) before I have a chance to talk to him, and my journal assumes I ordered him to go home?
- thou shall abide law: o rly? why rogues(chaotic of course) get lesser rewards from quests? Besides you never know where you can steal and where you can't. Besides you can steal gold with absolutely no consequences. Oh and one human corpse is triggering that I shouldn't steal from house, sth is not quite right...
- rogue is reccomended... well yeah if you or someone in the party isn't a rogue u won't complete quests and all traps(respawning), doors(non hackable) and blah blah.
- and last but not least: the difficulty! If you are single player you shouldn't go 1lvl. Well you shouldn't go any way(not that the mod mentions it, but..). If you are a rogue make a suicide roll DC100. Critters are always too many and too powerful for you.

Oh and remember that I have not played the entire mod..
Thanks Rolo:)

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2010-09-04 16:58:58    Voted 9.50 on 09/04/10
-.25: no resting until you get that tent wand.

-.25: no recall stone - areas too large to walk back to

Other than that, an excellent mod!
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2010-09-03 20:17:05    Voted 9.50 on 09/04/10
So what is the main quest?
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by ericdoman at 2007-08-23 11:12:35    Voted 8.50 on 08/23/07
See comments below (check out dates)

Posted by ericdoman at 2007-08-23 11:11:40    Voted 8.50 on 08/23/07
Where to start. Well if a good mod builder was able to check this mod out and revamp it, it would defnitely be HOF material.

That's it if you wish to play this mod then be warned it has a number of probs. Not game stopping but irritating. Do not try this with a 1st lvl player (multiplayers ie 4 all should be 2nd or 3rd). Solo players 3rd or 4th and then being able to summon creatures is vital ( I used a clr/ftr combo) with summoned creatures for about 80% of time started 2/1 finished 2/6 ftr/clr.

As soon as you begin you are given a quest to do if you do not do the quest you will gain 2 evil points and fail quest. I had the money and decided to go to the market DO NOT. Have good eqpt early on.

There are plenty of respawns so if you feel you have cleared a place out and you have a chance to rest do so. Especially spellcasters.

Started at 3000xp finished on 32000xp (at the ned there is a glich where you can pick up 2000xp constantly). Magical items are limited, half plate armour is the best available until much later on.

Good idea to read read me.

Anyway any mod builders out there looking for a challenge well this is it.

Posted by jimp at 2007-07-03 08:01:30    
the whole alignment shift when you grab stuff from crates, then lose all your xp and return to first level when your alignment changes killed this mod for me. Im deleting it.

Posted by Jando at 2006-05-26 15:07:25    Voted 7.50 on 05/26/06
Rather Ok mod, perhaps not a top mod but certainly better than the average. Heavy on combat and a bit light on roleplaying and atmosphere I thought but still enjoyable.

Re the last poster: the mod is very playable with a single level 1 character (as usual solo spellcasters need to be very careful), one can easily avoid combat with the brown bear that killed you.

Posted by DLB at 2006-04-08 17:03:53    Voted 2.00 on 04/08/06
Don't play this single player level 1, unless you like death.


Posted by DLB at 2006-04-08 16:32:09    Voted 2.00 on 04/08/06
Thisa mod is worthless. he mod maker is good enough to lead you along for 2 hours then kills you with a suprise attack by (+11 attack 10-26 damage) brown bear -vs- your 2nd lvl character.

Posted by SaraJT at 2005-02-25 11:54:38    Voted 8.25 on 02/25/05
Big, but I just couldn't get into the story.

Posted by El_hombre at 2005-02-02 12:39:34    Voted 8.25 on 02/02/05
Good mod

Posted by penny at 2004-04-09 17:23:28    Voted 6.00 on 04/09/04

Posted by ZzPzora at 2004-02-28 21:32:40    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 8   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 10   

Posted by 5625 at 2004-02-28 20:53:58    Voted 10.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by Btully at 2004-02-28 20:53:58    Voted 10.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9   

Posted by rilo at 2004-02-28 20:53:57    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9   

Posted by lareal at 2004-02-28 20:53:56    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 8   

Posted by VPeric at 2004-02-28 20:53:54    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 8   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9   

Posted by Vidamus at 2004-02-28 20:46:58    Voted 6.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 1   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 1   

Posted by Xeram at 2004-02-28 20:46:58    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 8   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 9   

Posted by Smithtak at 2004-02-28 20:46:00    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9   

Posted by stormgrim at 2004-02-28 20:45:43    Voted 10.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by SleepingDog at 2004-02-28 20:45:43    Voted 7.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 3   Layout / Design: 8   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 7   Quality Control 10   

Posted by SFX at 2004-02-28 20:45:42    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 10   

Posted by tseramed at 2004-02-28 20:45:41    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 9   

Posted by node at 2004-02-28 20:42:20    Voted 8.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 6   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 9   

Posted by pallen at 2004-02-28 20:42:14    Voted 4.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 4   Layout / Design: 5   Dialogue 4   Originality / Creativity 4   Quality Control 4   

Posted by Obivatelj at 2004-02-28 20:42:14    Voted 10.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10   

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