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Title  A Veil of Darkness - Prologue
Author  Daniel 'The Mufflon' Sundell
Submitted / Updated  08-16-2004 / 08-22-2004
Category  Dungeon Adventure
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Setting  Forgotten Realms
Gameplay Length  0,5-1
Number Players  This module has not been multiplayer tested
Language  English
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Light
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Any, though rogues and bards might get a rough time
Scope  Part of Series
DMNeeded  Part of Series
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  The story makes more sense with a good or neutral player
Something is stirring in the world. An Aincent power is awakening and Toril will never be the same. But the story takes it's start in Daggerdale. In the small hamlet Hillsridge, one of the few communitys untouched by the zentharim occupation. A orc warlord has risen and threatens the whole area. That is why you are there. A Veil of Darkness - Prologue: Cheif Hugg'Rack Oggar is the first module in the series and is made for a 1st level character. This module has been updated to version 1.12


DateReviewerFinal ScoreQuick ProsQuick Cons
2005-02-02Stravinsky6.5Well designed areas, challenging combatMinimal story and roleplaying, some minor bugs


Submitted: 08-16-2004 / Last Updated: 08-22-2004
Submitted: 08-16-2004 / Last Updated: 08-22-2004
3 votes
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Comments (7):

Posted by The Mufflon ( ) at 2004-08-26 07:52:00    
The Module has now been updated, but I can't get the links to the hackpacks working (it keeps saying the I don't have accses) soo please use Thudsons links. (see at the far bottom)

Posted by The Mufflon ( ) at 2004-08-20 09:01:00    
Thank you for all your helpfull coments, I will make sure to have them in mind while creating Part I.

Though about there being no explanation about why the wizards cannot get the flowers himself, there is one.
Right before you get the quest you will get the dialogue options: "I will return with the flowers shortly" and "I just like to ask some questions first" (or somthing like that) if you say the second option you will have an explanation.

Posted by Alcarin at 2004-08-20 08:17:16    Voted 7.00 on 08/20/04

Posted by Alcarin at 2004-08-20 08:14:00    Voted 7.00 on 08/20/04
I also had to either keep walking all the way back or re-loading, though admittedly, the re-spawn allowed me to get back to town and get healing potions, mostly.

Other minor spoilers and questions:

1) Why don't the priests sell healing potions? :)
2) You can repeatedly talk to Toman after rescuing his father and get multiple rings (which you can sell for 500 gp) and 100 XP.
3) It would have been nice to be able to get back into the stores at the end to sell and ID the loot I picked up, and possibly go back and explore areas I might have missed (and given thudson's remarks, I seemed to have missed at least one area. :)

But, overall a nice effort and I may play again if you update things. :)

Posted by thudson at 2004-08-19 07:29:00    Voted 5.00 on 08/19/04
Seems to me to be competent but uninspiring. Suffers from the typical problem of modules with orcs - they can kill a first-level character in one or two hits unless you play on easy. The author doesn't recommend playing on easy, but there are more than a dozen orcs, in groups of two or three, between the start and 2nd level. This makes survival a matter of dumb luck.


Minor bugs and questions:

* The forgotten evil isn't listed as a resting place in the walkthrough, but it is.
* Toman doesn't try to talk to me, I have to talk to him. Again, not what the walkthrough leads me to expect.
* I can't get my lore high enough to identify most of the items I find, which would require backtracking to town - but I can't afford to ID the items, anyway. I usually prefer low-loot gaming, but this is perhaps a bit much.
* There's no explanation of why the obelisk is indestructable at the beginning but vulnerable later.
* There's no explanation of why the wizard can't get the flowers. Because the priests don't like him?
* Contrastingly, "Lost in the Forest" was well written, well scripted, and appropriately funny. The "overheard orcs" bit didn't happen until after I came out of the cabin, though, possibly because I was still in combat mode on my way in.

Posted by thudson at 2004-08-19 07:21:59    Voted 5.00 on 08/19/04

Posted by The_Mufflon at 2004-08-19 04:04:27    Voted 10.00 on 08/19/04
Simply the best! Better that all the rest...

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