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Title  The Nexus Haunt V1.1
Author  Roy McNelly
Submitted / Updated  06-27-2004 / 07-25-2004
Category  Puzzles
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Setting  Gregorian Hallow
Gameplay Length  10 - 20
Language  English
Level Range  Please start new character.
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Heavy
Classes  Any
Scope  Medium
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  Any
Hakpak  Hak Pack Included
A little instruction. Download module, Unzip, double click on Nexus Installer, read the readme, play. That was easy, wasn't it. Ok, to business. You are a young adventurer going on vacation. As you near the docks, someone wants you to check out some trouble in Gregorian Hallow. You ship will dock there, so you agree to see into the problem. Your nightmare begins. You will be able to play any class, any alignment or any sex. There are different endings that depend on how you play. Some classes will have some advantages over other classes. Hint: 'And I don't mean the fighter.' The undead in The Nexus Haunt will all have special powers. So I have hidden some powers for the player character. You will have to find them. There are two henchman for your perusal. They will have interjections and banter. I hope you will find them amusing. Have fun and save often. I have updated the readme and cleared up some more spelling errors.


Submitted: 06-27-2004 / Last Updated: 07-25-2004
Submitted: 06-27-2004 / Last Updated: 07-25-2004
4 votes
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Comments (21):

Posted by Mirgalen at 2011-07-26 18:39:43    Voted 2.00 on 07/26/11
The Nexus Haunt is a vintage module posted back in 2004 with about 800 downloads, 21 comments and only 4 votes (including mine). I assume that no more than two players liked or finished it including the author. IMHO this time the crowd is right, this module should be avoided.
Despite all this I gave ericdoman vote some credits and played this module again all the way to the lower nexus. The best I could do would be to give it a score of 3-4 (3-4: It is clear the author tried to make something interesting…) but an unplayable module is not even worth that regardless of the efforts IMHO.
They were a few good things (but really too few to save the day):
- an original setting an story
- a very low magic world
- a touch of PnP feel (-1 CON if you die like in 1E)
I have to agree with Hagaar 50-50-90 rule. I indeed had so many problems that I had to give up. I played Goldo the tomb raider a hobbit rogue/cleric of Tymora (with sun and trickery domains).
Among the many weaknesses of this module I noted:
- wrong description (not a puzzle module, certainly not any class)
- in "Departure" I got the ring quest backward (the journal said I decided to keep the ring before I got the quest)
- Gregorian Hallow/Nexus: Areas are too big, visuals are average at most, the monks must be evil given the look and architecture of the nexus. I found no way to activate the waterfall/boulder passage (no conversation, no area transition, no trigger, no trapdoor, no portal). I tried both boulder and "T". I guess one would need to use DebugMode to access the area and get the precious items (I did not).
- Poor if any realism. The author tried to make a linear module but to do so placed things that will unlock after certain conversations (e.g. chest in Sudo's cave, graveyard door) or worse the dragon statue vanishing once you get the proper quest. Also the rest areas and potions left to be found around gave the all adventure a feel of hardcore console gaming more than a real NWN heroic fantasy adventure. I mean it was more about knowing what type of undead were ahead (or behind), where was the nearest resting area if any and where was the next potion supply hidden.
- In Sudo's cave we find the two henchmen, a sorcerer and a rogue. The best henchmen are often (from best to worst) fighter, a rogue and a cleric. Spell casters often burn their spells very quickly and are sitting ducks after that. Add to this the resting limitations (as sorcerer and cleric may have to rest after every 2-3 fights) and/or backtracking and you get a recipe for disaster. If I assume that the sorcerer was linked with the story, I believe Goldo could have done well with a skull sorcerer and a goblin fighter (although nobody in our group can use tower shield). In the case of ericdoman's character, a goblin rogue/fighter could have helped. In fact if going around with the goblin the best choice of PC may well be paladin or cleric/paladin. The author could have helped avoid a lot of frustration by simply creating more suitable henchmen or telling us more about the character(s) he used to test this adventure.
- More about the henchmen: I did not mind them stopping talking if it it not important for the plot but the goblin stopped fighting after a while. I found no way to fix that (neither level up or death would reset him). Once you are inside Nexus, the skull and Goldo (who can shoot bolts, use turn undead or divine spells once and a while) are no match for the "vampire warriors" or the "doom knights" waiting to ambush us.
- stone Burrow: Both trips are tedious the first with the spectres (we are level 4) and the other one with the packs of frost zombies since we have no item to protect us and the sorcerer is rather unreliable when it comes to spell casting. I even had to retry the evil artifact task a few times without summoning 50 undead in the process (bug or feature?).
- nexus secret area? We searched but could not find it (search skill in the 10-15 range). A button to create a flame portal? Why would that be there in the first place?
In short, the module is bugged, tedious and boring and would most likely require metagaming, cheating and a lot of backtracking to complete.
1-2: The module author did not take the time to fully test or check the module.

Posted by ericdoman at 2007-10-08 11:40:29    Voted 10.00 on 10/08/07
Have nearly completed the mod and the reason I have given this a 10 is because the ratings from others should be higher.

Started as a rgr and now at present a 1/8/1 rgr/clr/ftr. A rgr (with fave NME undead) because author specifies that spot and search are very important.

Firstly you will gain a level before you leave ship which helps so cleric with endure elemnets came in handy especially having read the read me. You will have possibly picked up 2 permanent str points (mod only). Combats were hard at beginning not a lot to worry about but still a little hard until my character started gaining more spells.

Have not used either henchmen based on what has been written below (I play hardcore or very difficult). Shame that goblin hench was not a ftr rather tha\n a rogue because 99% of NMe you will face are immune to sneak attack (elementals and undead).

I made a slight error so be wary of this. My str without buffing was 20 and when I complete the elder water elementals task, you are given the option to increase an ability all options are available. Anyway clicked on str but no str symbol appeared top right so clicked again, nope nothing, asked for wisdom increase and wisdom symbol appeared. Later on I had noticed my str had increased by 4. Basically tou could ask the elemental to increase your abilities to max?

Where I have stopped the game is due to the constant wandering around trying to find devices or keys to unlock doors, if you miss something a possibility then you have to retrace your step, at least 2/3 of the time is running around.

What could make this game more interesting is if it was run by a DM or a walkthrough with maps, only showing where levers are and what rooms they will open. Better still no levers or keys.

Finally combats are now very easy hence very difficult mode I,ve evn gone back to dual wielding although my ac is 29. As a ranger author mentions in chatbox that you have spotted something, or alerted to a noise which is a Vg tough for such an old mod. Also there is one cut scene where there is a room with gushing blood. Approx 3 years on Savant in Aielund Saga Part VI has a room.

Roy has got huge potential and it is such a shame that somebody didn't help him a bit more at the beginning becasue based on this first mod and the huge effort Roy IMHO would be amongst the Savants, Baldecarans etc of today.

Thank You

Posted by Mirgalen at 2005-06-17 20:57:42    Voted 2.00 on 07/26/11
I started over with a new character and played for about 5 hours before giving up.

Things went well perhaps even too well untill we got the mission to find some missing people my character was just level 5 that time.

* Spoilers *

Went to the castle but the whole team got wiped out during the very first combat. Again, the skull got lost in the process. My guess is that some encounters are more or less random and you might face tough guys twice in a row make it almost impossible to complete the mod without using respawn or reload once and a while. Too bad (I don't), otherwise this is a fairly good module.

Posted by Mirgalen at 2005-06-16 20:54:23    Voted 2.00 on 07/26/11
I have played this module a few hours already (with a barbarian now level 6) and shall restart with a monk.

I think this is a good module although I had a few problems here and there.

Before going into the spoilers I think it would have been great if this was multiplayer. The whole story reminded an old module called "Shipwrecked! -- Dark Heart of Moonshae Book 1 (v1.36)".

I do like the story although it is not that original, the atmosphere, the sense of urgency early in the module, the music, the special effects like lightning and the henchmen to name a few.

Now for the problems and ***** SPOILERS *****

Never found the ring (before boarding the boat) although I guess where it might be. Never got to open one door in the boat.

Not sure if the poison should still work indoors e.g. in places where you can rest or was it some bug script error. At one point I received the quest to go fetch the stone, during the conversation my character was dying (acid), by the time I ask to be healed the character was down. A bit silly. I did not want to break the conversation/plot just to rest.

I did spend ages looking for the stone. Somehow some script or something did not work. I had to quit the game and come back and went to check the readme. Only when I came back I could see/access the secret areas. I wasted so much time with this (going everywhere 2-3 times) that I almost gave up the module at that point.

The encounters are fine most of the time but at one time I had two old spectres or whatever these nasty things are while trying to return or may be get the stone back. They took two of us down (perhaps they drain 2 levels at a time so if you are level 4 good luck.

I lost one my skull friend in battle and could not find him anymore.

Also had problem after using the binding stone could not teleport back using the scroll not only it makes the whole thing more challenging (fair enough) but it also makes it more tedious since you need to go back and forth to Nexus a few times.

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-31 19:33:00    
I am truely sorry for your experiance, Lebowski. The acid burns are intergal to the plot of the module. As you leave the ship and fight the four skeletons, look for a fire next to the battle. Your salvation is there. I made the module to be tough. Some people, like me, like tough modules; but not impossible ones. I have played through this module with all possible characters. It was tough for some, but far from impossible. Jusy try to give it a chance. Thanks Roy.

Posted by Chuey at 2004-07-26 12:13:02    Voted 7.00 on 07/26/04
Quite enjoyable mod.
Pro: Great custom items. Liked how everything was re-priced.
Con: Quite a lot of walking. Story was good but could have been better with some improved dialogue. Didnt get any reward for completing the final part.
Dont Panic!!

Posted by lebowski at 2004-07-25 09:43:00    
I tried the mod and didn't like it. The beginning scene and dialogue and lost ring are pretty uninteresting. Also the acid burn is a big pain. The named corpse didn't open any inventory. Meybe they had something to protect me from acid, however I could not find it. The idea that the chest will open only after talking to the druid is absurd. I won't vote. A spoiler section in the readme will help players like me to completely hate the mod because of acid burns and other stuff. However, even if corrected, it's not my cup of tea for what I've seen so I won't play it again.
However I won't vote it. Seen too few things.
Sorry to be harsh. I hope it helps.
The hottest new modules you can't miss - player suggested
Contributor to Overlooked Module Reports
An interview with me about NWN mods

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-24 19:05:00    
First I would like to thank everyone for the all the fine comments that everyone has made about my module. I plan on another update this Sunday to correct some of my terrible spelling ang grammar. You know that spell check can only fix misspelled words and not wrong usage. I am getting mixed feelings though. Several people have told me that I have done a good job, but the only vote that I have gotten is a 4.25. I am not sure what that this is telling me. Maybe someone else could give me a clue. I am not trying to pressure anyone, but I hate to be in limbo thinking that my module was a poor effort. Anyway thanks all. Roy McNelly.

Posted by Chuey at 2004-07-24 13:33:00    Voted 7.00 on 07/26/04
Scratch that. Restarted the mod and found something to help :)
Dont Panic!!

Posted by Chuey at 2004-07-24 06:37:00    Voted 7.00 on 07/26/04
Good mod so far, some nice custom equipment but one minor problem


Died in one of the buildings in the first area. In purgatory I'm still getting acid burns. I die before reaching the master cause cant heal myself while following that tin can. I can respawn then run back but the last door locks behind him.
Dont Panic!!

Posted by A714s at 2004-07-21 08:33:45    Voted 4.25 on 07/21/04

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-17 17:41:00    
I have now updated The Nexus Haunt to version 1.0 as of Saturday July 17. The improvments are listed in the included readme. I will still make any repairs that need to be done. Please post or email me. Thanks, Roy McNelly.

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-12 03:49:00    
Thanks for the critique Armin. I started on your sugesstions last night. The henchman are using the same scripts as HOU henchman. The not talking part is due to when they finish their banter tree, they will no longer talk. I ran into this before and thought that I had fixed it. I will try to add another line to their banter and not put down a trigger for it to see if that will help. I cut the top of the Control Center off and removed all placeables in that area and put counters on the levers. I will go through and spell and grammar check again. If anyone has any sugesstion for the henchman AI problem, I will certainly try to implement it. I also added a couple more ramps to speed things up in Gregorian Hallow. I appreciate your interest in The Nexus Haunt. Roy McNelly

Posted by Armin at 2004-07-11 06:41:00    

this is already a very interesting mod, with a good story and interesting henchmen. Atmosphere and design is already very good, however, i'd like to add 3 suggestions on how to improve on it and make it a really outstanding one:


1. Try to diminish downtime and general amount of tedium.
You already have some shortcuts and quick travel items in place, however, many levels would really *beg* for some more of the like. The amount of walking back and forth can become incredible frustrating at times. Just a few examples:

Gregorian Hallow: The ramps up the hill to the druids cave and the "buff shrine" are on opposite sides. As this becomes a "routine path" during that part of the module (and you have to visit the graveyard at least 4 times as well!) it's a minute of walking back and forth each time.

Outside of Nexus Castle: it's an incredibly loooooong way around, and no way to shorten the trip. The front doors don't open from outside, and once inside and able to click them (AFTER smashing the tables) it's "these doors are blocked by tables" Huh?

Nexus Crypts/Control Rooms: was on the verge of giving up here, the amount of having to walk back and forth the *entire* gauntlet (and it's HUGE, too! ;-) with no clue about what the levers where doing and if I'm actually getting anywhere is extremely tiresome. That random appearing mosters tend to suddenly kill the henchmen (see #2) doesn't help either

2. Please look into the henchmen scripts.
I really liked their banter and comments, however, eapecially Scorban's AI seems pretty much broken. Both henchmen would not talk to me after a while (no reaction at all to clicking them) and they behave pretty random at times. Scorban has an annoying tendency to enter melee even if he should still have a LOT of spells left AND has darts equipped, he often won't cast spells at all or interrupt the casting routine for no apparent reason. Also, his spell selection makes playing on hardcore difficulty pretty impossible (he fries the party constantly). As your mod requires SOTU and HOTU, maybe the default HOTU scripts would work better?

3. Go over the spelling :-)
Now this would usually be the last thing to come to my attention, as English isn't even my first language, but It's really a bit extreme at times. I mean, "Chrasima cloak" and "Chrisma cloak" in the same item, "rouge" instead of "rogue" repeatedly and tons of other stuff. Can be a real mood killer...

With some polish and some of the things already suggested by other posters, I think this could become a really excellent module.

Little technical sidenote: some areas slow down to a crawl on older systems (I have an old crate connected in a LAN that runs NWN reasonably well, but gives up in this mod ;)

With magic, you can turn a frog into a prince.
With science, you can turn a frog into a PhD...
And still keep the frog you started with.
With magic, you can turn a frog into a prince...
With science, you can turn a frog into a Ph.D....
... and still keep the frog you started with.

Posted by Hagaar at 2004-07-10 16:24:00    
One email one its way!!The 50-50-90 Rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability that you'll get it wrong!!
We are all born ignorant, but one must work to remain ignorant.

Benjamin Franklin

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-10 14:45:00    
Thanks for the comments Hagaar. I will repair the direction and update it next weekend with several changes suggested by Andiri. I will also bow to your request to tone down the early encounters. Some of the corpses had nothing on them. There are a couple of ways to get extra money. One envolves the gnomish combiner. I am not sure what you mean by the goblin henchman having spells. He is after all a rouge. I will place more gold around to find, for the ones that cannot find the extra placed oportunities. I realise that I cannot please everyone, but I do love to hear your comments and will try to correct what I can. Thank you very much Hagaar. If you get a chance, perhaps you could explain a little more about the henchman.

Posted by Mac at 2004-07-10 14:45:00    
Thanks for the comments Hagaar. I will repair the direction and update it next weekend with several changes suggested by Andiri. I will also bow to your request to tone down the early encounters. Some of the corpses had nothing on them. There are a couple of ways to get extra money. One envolves the gnomish combiner. I am not sure what you mean by the goblin henchman having spells. He is after all a rouge. I will place more gold around to find, for the ones that cannot find the extra placed oportunities. I realise that I cannot please everyone, but I do love to hear your comments and will try to correct what I can. Thank you very much Hagaar. If you get a chance, perhaps you could explain a little more about the henchman.

Posted by Hagaar at 2004-07-10 11:27:00    
Just a couple of comments Roy,

1. The direction you have the rogue on the docks for the "hidden" button". You give as North of that spot, when in fact it is EAST and directly at that.

2. Many of the "named" corpses are almost impossible to interact with. It took me 3 or 4 clicks before I got into their inventories.

3. I must, unfortunately agree with Andiri about the difficulty of th module. For a character at 1st or 2nd levels as you have required is next impossible. I think that you should either tone down the encounters or bump up the level requirements to at least 5th.

4. Gear etc. Rethink this. The spells or whatever you gave the goblin henchman even he cannot use! As for gold, this too should change since some of the gear that can be purchased by the various merchants is just too much in cost. So either up the gold or lower the costs. Better yet up the amount that the items are worth.

Thus far I've enjoyed the module and will play through and once done most certainly vote favorably!The 50-50-90 Rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability that you'll get it wrong!!
We are all born ignorant, but one must work to remain ignorant.

Benjamin Franklin

Posted by Roy McNelly ( ) at 2004-07-05 03:52:00    
Thanks for the fine comments Andiri. It is nice to realize that you have accomplished something worthwhile. You had some valid points, and I have already started to correct them. There are already inplace some equalizers for sorc, bards and wizards. I changed the journal entries and improved the evil ending. I have also added more evil items and a new evil alter area. The module was originally designed for good and was converted to add evil characters. I really appreciate the comments and will update the module after a few more comments. Thanks Roy McNelly.

Posted by Andiri at 2004-07-04 13:22:00    
Good module! Nice plot with some interesting twists, good interplay with the henchmen, and generally good balance of puzzles and combat.

Kudos: Loved the magicked undead. Liked the efforts to even up the classes a bit, such as the class-specific items favoring rogues and arcane spellcasters. Some very interesting puzzles.

Problems: No bugs that I noticed. Some balance issues: too hard at first level, and I suspect some classes would be almost unplayable. I feel sorry for a 1st level bard or a sorc without _endure elements_. My evil cleric had enough trouble.

Maybe it's just me, but I would have prefered a little more explanation for just what the "bad guy" was trying to accomplish.

The "purgatory" scene was really nicely done except that it didn't quite make sense for an evil character. In fact, the blurb may say that any alignment can play, but the game is slanted towards good characters. There are good-only items, and the shrine doesn't work for evil characters, but there is nothing that helps evil characters to compensate. The journal entries often make no sense for an evil character. And it seems evil characters feel "at peace" near good shrines, for some reason.

The plot is very linear, which some people hate although I didn't mind it. I prefer a good story, even if linear, to an open-ended but uninteresting world.

The Nexus Control level was really *way* too heavy on puzzles for me, especially puzzles requiring you to run back-and-forth across the level.

The evil ending really seemed anticlimactic. I reran the character playing the non-evil ending, and it was much more interesting.

Posted by Roy McNelly ( ) at 2004-07-01 13:57:00    
Thanks to all you kind people that have downloaded my module. I worked on "The Nexus Haunt" for over a year, and I have delayed making the module final until I get some feed back. If anyone has any problems, please post here or email me and I will see to the repair. Bless you all, including the players who like to play evil; which you can in the module. Roy McNelly.

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