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Title  A Passage to the West
Author  Blakavare
Submitted / Updated  06-01-2004 / 06-10-2004
Category  Dramatic
Expansions  Requires All Expansions (SoU & HotU & CEP)
Setting  Forgotten Realms
Gameplay Length  2-3
Language  English
Races  Half Elf
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Light
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Any class except Paladin, Monk or Barbarian
Scope  Medium
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  01
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  Neutral
Five weeks earlier you and your companions awoke in a small damp cave. Not knowing who you were or where you came from and clad in strange armor. Surrounded by strange people with foreign ways. The the next month was a blur of attacks and flight into the wilderness. South always heading south into the mountains. You have arrived at a small trading post at the base of the eastern mountains. Cold, exhausted and starving with the winter snows coming you take a risk and enter the trading post for supplies.


DateReviewerFinal ScoreQuick ProsQuick Cons
2004-06-21PhoenixDreamer6.44Stunning visuals, outstanding sounds, balanced combat, challenging without being impossiblelimited henchmen AI, linear storyline


Submitted: 06-01-2004 / Last Updated: 07-17-2004
Submitted: 06-01-2004 / Last Updated: 06-04-2004
9 votes
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Comments (39):

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Posted by werelynx2 at 2010-08-13 10:14:01    Voted 8.50 on 08/13/10
Thanks Rolo:)

Posted by zethre at 2007-08-29 13:49:44    Voted 10.00 on 08/29/07
This is a really great mod - but now I need to play a sequel ! pretty please make a sequel?
If the human brain was so simple we could understand it, we'd be so simple we couldn't

Posted by zethre at 2007-05-25 09:39:46    Voted 10.00 on 08/29/07
Good plot, very mysterious, interesting characters, pity there wasnt more!
If the human brain was so simple we could understand it, we'd be so simple we couldn't

Posted by Edhelras at 2007-05-04 13:32:16    
Wait, I found out, I'm in the tomb reached from the Barrows, by walking into that black cloud. But I cannot get out, and I can't find any other exits or ways to levels down. I've killed that Sir Sijhel. Help, please?

Posted by Edhelras at 2007-05-03 13:54:39    
Think this is a bug: I was inside one of the tombs, the one with Sir Sihjel. When I tried to exit, I managed to open the door (the one I entered through), but nothing happened when I clicked the exit door sign.

Posted by Infessra at 2006-07-07 12:56:59    Voted 8.00 on 07/07/06
Good Mod

Posted by Blatob at 2006-03-13 01:26:41    Voted 8.00 on 03/13/06
I said everything in the post.

Posted by Blatob at 2006-03-13 01:23:38    Voted 8.00 on 03/13/06
There are some issues with this mod. OK, story is confusing a bit in the beggining. as it should be (you, after all don't remember what happend to you). I didn't like two things.
1. Plot is forced on you. f I click on ladders in the barrows area (final tomb), I will be transported back to village, this time during blizzard, when shop is closed. Same happens after finishing the Green Orc's quest. I had some thing to sell and some things to buy (namely the arrows), but I couldn't. I must say that personaly I dislike this.
2. Henchmen need better AI. I would like if they were able to selectivly use their ranged or melee weapons. there are scripts on the net that shoul help you do this.
This could be a interesting module (or a series if you still intend to make one) if you polished it a bit.

Posted by hmdai at 2005-12-30 02:28:16    Voted 8.25 on 12/30/05
Finish the mod. Start with a whole-team that suffer from memory lost...Nice touch. I have a great time with this mod.

The only problem is there is not much place that allow rest. This pose a problem for low level characters.
Overlooked Module Report February 2009 | Master List | Forum Thread
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Starlight's favorite module list

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2005-04-09 23:22:00    
Posted a update. Some older scripts were having problems with 1.65 and 1.51 I believe. Sorry for the problems they have caused.

Posted by Schrednoek at 2005-04-06 02:22:00    
Hi, just wanted to report something - I started this module, thought it looked nice, talked to folks at the inn and so, really cool. Then, after being in the tradepost, I headed to the open barn door next to the inn, and got locked into the barn...the door closed behind me, it was not possible to open and get out!

Posted by DrFraud at 2005-01-04 13:23:43    Voted 5.75 on 01/04/05
The dialogue was quite good, but marred by a lot of missing punctuation at the ends of sentences. There was a nasty little bug fairly early on, where when I tried to load a game I'd saved right in front of the eastern gate (on the inside) it got partway through the loading bar and then froze. The ending could've been a *little* more definite than it was. With a more clearcut ending and tighter typo policing, I would've given this a 6 and a half.

Posted by lebowski at 2004-07-21 12:51:00    Voted 8.25 on 07/20/04
I will surely put the mod in some of my portfolios. Probably the explorative one and the story one. However please change your mind: cutscenes, if not overused, especially when placed at the beginning of the mods can do wonders to a story based game. They add a whole cinematic level.
It would be a good idea to have an updated version coming out with chapter two. It will get more visibility. Many people do not even bother playing chapter one if a two is not out there.
The hottest new modules you can't miss - player suggested
Contributor to Overlooked Module Reports
An interview with me about NWN mods

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-07-21 08:23:00    
Thanks lebowski, I'm glad you enjoyed the module.
While working on the next in the series I've had the old rusty head gears churning on how to try and break up the linear aspect of Passage West. I like a linear focused module, but have to admit even when I put this up I knew it was a little too focused.
I was toying with the idea of cutscenes, intro movie and some custom music files (Skeleton king really fit in a few places). I decided against it since I'd have to take a extra week or more to learn and implement it, and its a mixed bag for some players.
Thanks again

Posted by lebowski at 2004-07-20 15:30:00    Voted 8.25 on 07/20/04
Good mod. A little too forced in the way you are trasported from an area to another. It can be good to be linear but here it's a little bit over the top. However the henchmen are interesting and the fights are challenging, maybe even too much. In fact at these low level fights againt tough enemies have too much randomness. You had the good idea of giving raise dead scrolls however fights got very difficult near the ending (I was playing a sorcerer...) with gnolls killing some hench with just one hit.
The story is interesting, some beginning cutscenes would do a marvelous work to make the player understand what happened. My vote would have been a whole point higher with that. In fact I took some time to really absorb all the things that happened before the actual beginning of the game. And that's quite weird especially for a first level mod.
Still it's a very good work, you are using CEP in the best possible way and story is getting interesting. Keep up and you'll surely get better.
The hottest new modules you can't miss - player suggested
Contributor to Overlooked Module Reports
An interview with me about NWN mods

Posted by lebowski at 2004-07-20 15:25:23    Voted 8.25 on 07/20/04
Short and very forced linear but original and atmospheric with interesting NPC and henchmen.
The hottest new modules you can't miss - player suggested
Contributor to Overlooked Module Reports
An interview with me about NWN mods

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-07-17 14:22:00    
Fixed some placeables.
Added a few placeables in the end areas.
Tweeked some of the end area loot to scale more towards a survival module.
Thanks again

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-07-17 07:08:00    
Glad you enjoyed the Mod Turold. Since most of the problems players have stated is an annoyance with the three henchmen I'm going to limit them to two or less in the rest of the series.

Unfortunately in a couple of the last areas my original design slowed the framerates down a lot. So I had to limit the placeables. That being said I am going put some in and try to find a better balance between the performance and keeping the mood.
Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the module

Posted by Turold at 2004-07-01 20:38:00    
Interesting use of the CEP and Tilesets. Thought you did a good job developing the personalities of the henchmen. I liked the way they looked. It shows what can be done with the toolset and some time.

I'd recomend fewer Henchme too for the same reasons given above. Also I thought the attention to detail was a little more relaxed in the last couple of areas.

Posted by Fr84 at 2004-06-23 09:29:22    Voted 7.00 on 06/23/04

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-18 15:57:00    
Thanks martymcfly.

It's a old pnp campaign from about 17 years ago I played and dm'd/wrote in part. Drow were the rage then as they are now. I thought about somthing different to use, but drow were to much a part of it.

The sarcophagus was just supposed to be static all the usable placeables should have been easy to get to. Thanks, I'll fix it.
Your right about the half fiend loot. I overcompensated when I realized at the end of the module the players didn't really have much after going through so much. I'll replace it with somthing else.

I'll look again at the henchmen. They should not have any old SOU dialogue or voicesets on them. I am not sure why they have it still.
Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the first part of the module.

Posted by martymcfly at 2004-06-15 05:27:00    


Nice use of tilesets and CEP stuff. The mountains didn't look like the Underdark tileset at all.

Interesting story, though I am so very very tired of Drow...


Some placeables are placed in locations where they are either hard or impossible to reach, like the gold sarcophagus in the gnoll caves. Don't overcrowd the areas.

I had the feeling that this mod was a bit low on loot, being more about survival. The first part was just that, and I liked it. However, when you get to the keep, the half-fiends start dropping some insane loot like an Offhand Axe (enhancement bonus +3, two-weapon fighting feat and more). That's a bit extreme considering I haven't even seen a +1 sword yet.

Your first two henchmen use Dorna and Xanos' dialogue from SoU. Kind of ruins the mood. The rogue even has the same voiceset as Xanos.

Dialogue seems a bit stiff and very rushed towards the end of the mod.

I suggest you keep the number of hencmen down to two. First of all, it's annoying that they bump each other out of the party when they're raised. Secondly, NWN wasn't made for large NPC parties. The AI is too stupid to handle more than a few characters at the same time, and they'll just end up getting in each others' way, especially in small areas. I often had to drag them out of the way by constantly ordering them around so the rogue could pick a lock, because they kept blocking his path.

That being said, I really liked the first part of the mod. It was moody and I could almost feel the cold creeping up on me.

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-12 08:03:00    
Final versian.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
Enjoy the module.

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-09 12:08:00    
Fixed third henchman not adding bug
Added healing potions to Guster's store inventory
Fixed Vil's dialog
Reworked some placeables in the Black Ox to match before and after the blizzard.
Last test before I finalize it

Thanks for the feedback and help with this module. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-08 19:33:00    
I "think" I tracked the bug down and have fixed it.

Posted by Alcarin at 2004-06-08 14:46:00    
I did sell most of my loot to Guster, but he doesn't have any healing potions, either. :) Instead of giving them to the storage master of the caravan, you could just make sure Guster has them. That would make more sense, there.

I'll try running through this again when you get this finalized. :)

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-08 10:14:00    
Thanks for the feedback Alcarin. I'm sorry about Eowung, I know what a annoyance that is. I found that taking them out to the southern mountains leaving one and getting the third out there you can add all three again. Just a temp workaround till I get the bug locked down.

I had been selling the barrow's loot to Guster the Innkeeper, but I can open the Deepwell trading post or have the orc storage master store have more gold.

I will load more potions and healing kits in the storage master's inventory. I can also load more into the caravan chest.
I had been thinking it isn't logical for the caravan to have much after being raided; but when logic and gameplay collide, gameplay should win.
Thanks again for the feedback, its much appreciated.

Posted by Alcarin at 2004-06-08 08:13:00    
I found another area where a henchman won't rejoin the party without bumping someone and that's in the gnoll caves. Eowung died and I couldn't get her to rejoin without bumping one of the other two and after that point, I couldn't have three henchmen again.

But, other than that, it seems to be a good story. Would have loved to sell off some of the loot from the barrows and buy some more healing potions before heading off into the mountains, though. :) I don't remember if the orc stores master sells potions or not, but it might be a good idea to have him do so.

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-06 19:10:00    
Accidently broke the Green Mountain quest. It's fixed now.

Posted by Blakavare ( ) at 2004-06-06 13:31:00    
Edited henchmen interaction conv
Added a few descriptions that I missed
Fixed Targ reward so he won't keep giving it to you
Fixed placeables in Ancient Barrows Second Level
Tweeked lighting in Ancient Barrows Second Level
Replaced animal den back chamber to different spawn (It was bit to strong before)

Played through with a bard, who did very well. Cleric is still the strongest class.

Two areas where the third henchman would not add without bumping one of the other two is Ancient Barrows second level and animal den. Animal den was easy I took them outside and they added again. Still hunting this bug down. Inconsistant bug sometimes they add sometimes they dont. Not sure why it happens in these areas.

I suggest you save often in these areas while you have all three with you.

Thank you for playing and hope you enjoy the module.

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