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Title  B1 In Search of the Unknown v1
Author  Jason Parise
Submitted / Updated  08-24-2002 / 08-27-2002
Category  Classic PnP Conversion
Setting  Abandoned Mountain Hold
Gameplay Length  2-3
Number Players  4-6
Language  English
Level Range  Maximum 8 players.
Scope  Small
DMNeeded  Occasional DM Needed
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  03
Max # Players  06
Min # Players  04
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Everyone
This is a conversion of the original adventure: B1 In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr. It was published in the late 70s and I think everyone who has played D&D may have run into this adventure classic at some point. I have tried to reproduce it as exactly as possible with as little 3rd edition D&D rule tweaks as possible. There may be small errors as this is just an early version, but it is for the most part complete. In the future look for better scripting and more background before the dungeon. Thanks for playing. Questions comments:


Submitted: 08-24-2002 / Last Updated: 08-27-2002
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Comments (13):

Posted by Clowns ( ) at 2005-08-27 23:31:12    
I'm sure the map is faithful to the original game and this module overwall was great, it felt like playing an old d&d dungeon crawl game.. even the monsters reminded me of old d&d games.

One point though, is seriously.. who on earth builds a house / keep / anything like that.. corridors that open onto tiny rooms that open onto corridors that have several pointless doors in the middle of them that open onto yet more corridors that twist back and forth like a maze.. I just mean it would suck to live there, so why build it so crazily.. though it did make it feel like an old d&d game.

Posted by Paul MacGillivray ( ) at 2002-09-19 22:25:00    
Good idea, but I have a few criticisms of the unfinished
version. Theres an awful lot of running through empty
hallways and rooms. The dungeon is faithful to the
original module, but I wonder if its not a bit too big.
Cant wait to see the finished version as the PnP modules
are definitely worth converting to NWN. The original,
though, was very open to interpretation by the DM.
Necessarily so as the bare bones provided in the PnP
version made the module sort of a big empty world which,
Im sorry, dragged on a bit. I think a faithful
recreationist should try to take this into account and
spice things up in the way any good DM should. I hope this
is not too harsh. The module is a great idea and I look
forward to the finished version.


Posted by Jason ( ) at 2002-09-12 18:05:00    
I have posted an updated version 2 as of 9/12/02. It
includes more creatures and some added items and effects.
Still have to work on scripts and pre-game buildup.

Posted by Frank ( ) at 2002-08-28 06:57:00    
I've been playing D&D for more than 20 years now and this
was one of the first modules I ever played (I think it was
one of two that were around then). I don't have NWN yet
but now that I know that I can download this module I'll
buy it in the next few days.

Thanks alot.

Posted by Jason ( ) at 2002-08-27 22:56:00    
Fixed by Maximus. Thanks!

Posted by Yo IGN! ( ) at 2002-08-27 14:17:00    
Getting a 404 trying to download...

Posted by Jason Parise ( ) at 2002-08-27 11:59:00    
Thanks for your comments guys, I need them to know how to
improve as this is my first module. I agree 100% that the
dungeon is kinda empty, but as this is only version 1 I
plan on adding a lot more filler. Also I agree, I made the
main dungeon level too big. I had no idea this would be so
going into it, but I have a few ideas which should reduce
that by a good amount. In the coming weeks I hope the game
will evolve into something even better!

Posted by Wargfn ( ) at 2002-08-27 10:09:00    
Arken77, I have experienced the same loading delays. I
think the main issue is the sheer size and detail of the
main area. IT is HUGE.

I would like to add that it is a lot of fun to play some
of these old modules from the original D&D days. I dont
mean to slight the author of the module in anyway, it just
seems that without the Random monster encounters and some
other orginal D&D items, the module seems a bit empty and
leads only to a universal hackfest.

Good job on the translation of the module into NWN but,
its a slightly thin storyline and rather large empty
module. I can see adding some of these areas to a PW and
then having the DM populate it was the situation warrents

Posted by Arken77 ( ) at 2002-08-27 02:07:00    
Iíve followed Chusí advice and renamed the module and now
it seems to load fine. However, Iíve heard of a bug that
will corrupt save games if the name of the module file is
not the same as the name in properties of the module in
Toolset. Will the name change generate this bug? Havenít
run into it yet myself but, it would be an annoyance if
you were half way trough the module and wasnít able to

And another thing, I was only able to test the module very
quickly, but as soon as I entered the abandoned hold the
speed of the game decreased dramatically. The game play
feels as if Iíve played on a server with very bad ping,
but of course I was playing in single player. My comp is
not so new (a PIII 500mhz but with 650 Mb RAM and a
Gefoce2 as graphic card) but no other modules have been
that slow on it before. Anyway, that may be just my comp
acting strangely this morning. :) I will test it again
later in the evening.

Posted by Jason Parise ( ) at 2002-08-26 22:14:00    
Hey Arken thanks for the suggestion. I have changed to v1!
I too was having problems loading my game and was wondering
if I had too many custom made items in the first level..heh.

Posted by Chus K ( ) at 2002-08-26 17:08:00    

Go into your Mods folder and change the name of this
module. You have to take the extra "." out (where it says
v1.0, it should NOT have that . in there - take it out).

I ran into this same problem w/ another mod.

Posted by Arken77 ( ) at 2002-08-26 15:26:00    

Iíve run in to some strange problems while trying to play
your module. Every time I try to start it, directly after
I choose if I want to use am existing character or create
a new one, an error message pops up saying ďThere was
insufficient hard disk space to perform this operationĒ
and after I press OK button, Iím returned to main game

Just before Iíve first tried run your module Iíve updated
to 1.23 version of Neverwinter Nights, so Iím not sure if
the error have anything to do with it, but other modules I
tested after the update work fine.

I hope this bug, if itís what it is, will be sorted out
soon, because Iíve been seeing forward to playing your

Posted by Lucky Day ( ) at 2002-08-24 23:14:00    
The only way I can convince my older brother to play this
is to let him be a demigod. That was 20 years ago.
I guess I'll make him a first level demigod. He won't
know the difference.

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