292 Avatarship - Ultima 4 Remake (re)Polished Zonker 07-25-200 09-05-2003 Dungeon Adventure SOU-1.31 The World of Britannia I estimate between 30-50 hours of gameplay 1 English 1 and up. Any Medium Light Any No DM Required Single Player Any 01 01 Any Mature Good Link gameogre.com A faithful remake of the classic CRPG Ultima 4. Comments and suggestions are welcome. This latest update includes an in-game library to help players new to the ultima world get their bearings. I've also eliminated the need to use a custom dialog.tlk (something i should've never done) read the included txt for more. You may want to download the ultima music pak from my website (http://www.lyrac.net), look in the downloads section. This is the polished version of the final module. 7 6 3 fms/Image.php?id=477 477.jpg null 1114982557_thumb.jpg fms/Download.php?id=56813 AvatarshipRepolishedv13.rar AvatarshipRepolishedv13.rar -- rar fms/Download.php?id=476 Zonker11Avatarship_Manual.doc Zonker11Avatarship_Manual.doc -- doc Could anyone advise me as to how I install this MOD and get it to run?When I unzip the download,I dont get any .mod file,but a number of other files:AvatarshipRepolishedv13,a file titled_U4R35.hak,and a folder entitled music which contains many other filoes with very similar titles like_mus_u4_castles.bmu. As there is no .mod file to put into the modules folder(which is how I have installed every other mod in the past)and I havnt clue what to do with these AvatarshipRepolishedv13 or U4R35.hak files,I am totally bemused.Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I just havnt got a clue how it works,but the idea of playing Ultima IV again on NMN is still a pleasant and nostalgic notion,so id still love to get the thing up and running if only I could work out how.Please help! _________________________ "That is not dead which can ewternal lie; and with strange aeons,even death may die." r hewrhwer hewjr ewuiriuoewhrui ewruoi hrewiwerh iuwerhwrehuewiurewhriu werh uiewrh re ewr ewr jwerj uwier jhweru wejr uiweri owerhiu ewroi wher oiwer hiuewr oiwer hiuwer ioewr On level 6 with a pure fighter I should get 2 feats, one character and one fighter bonus. Taking said character into any other module and reaching 6th level, this is exactly what happens. But in this module for reasons completely beyond my imagination my pure fighter only gets one feat at 6th level. No way I'm playing a module this screwy. Very faithful to Ultima IV, at least what I played was. I did not finish due to many errors and crashes. Many of the shops would crash the game by just talking to the owner. Also henchman management is very difficult and if they die you loose them from your party and can loose them permanently from the game. There are only 8 in the game!! I loved Ultima and really want to continue to play this mod but I can't put up with the issues anymore. for faithfulness _________________________ Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them. Thanks, Steve Why is this module rated mature? _________________________ Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them. Thanks, Steve No comments yet I hope to see a good remake