268 Assassins' Guild - Factions of Lendor Severun 04-29-200 05-12-2003 Classic PnP Conversion Old Greyhawk 2-8 Solo or Group, PvP or Team vs. Team Good vs. Evil English Lower than 10 can't use a key plot item Heavy Medium Heavy Good or Evil there are opposing quests for both. Part of Series Part of Series Single Player or Multiplayer 20 Any Any 10 Teen Assassins' Guild - Factions of Lendor Release .25 Alpha This module is the long promised Sequel to the module Restenford - Isle of Lendor It's been many years since the Evil Drow Priestess was vanquished from Lendor. When her spell over the Island was broken, it changed Lendor. When she was slain, the entire north end of the island fell into the sea. The island has not only changed geographically, but also the people have changed. The once peacefull town of Garotten has become a place of evil. A villianous hive of treachery and deceipt. The Knights of Restenford have taken up the call to defend all that is good and return Garotten to it's once peacefull state. In Garotten there are plans and hidden agendas, but the prize that is sought is total control of the Island. Lendor is on the edge, the battle has been joined. How will you choose? 10 3.75 1 fms/Download.php?id=438 AssassinFactionsofLendor25.zip AssassinFactionsofLendor25.zip -- zip I gave this module a low rating for a couple of reasons: 1. The module is unfinished so I could not complete 2. Getting pick-pocketed every 2 minutes was unbearable. I can understand every once in a while but not every 2 minutes. This drove me to turn around and whack the next theif. As a result, everyone went hostile on me. Overall, not a very good playing experience. If this module is ever finished, I might try this game again and re-vote. See comments in "Comments" section I have encountered several secret doors that seem to be entry only in the levels under teh castles -- is this intentional? also, I have noticed slight glitch wherein guards from one area (shield golems i believe), if lead out of their area can kill someone i am supposed to assassinate and tehn the quest cannot be completed -- this was at the part where you are to kill the last heir to the throne -- what am I missing here? Hey there again, The brother and I just finished both chapters in this series. We liked many of the concepts and ideas that you had with these mods. The good guys against the bad guys playing independent of each other was really fun. It?s too bad that they?re unfinished. There are so many things that you could do with these mods it?s mind boggling. If you ever decide to finish these mods we?d love to see them. Note: the people respawning mysteriously and leaving tonnes of loot on the grounds and the critters that respawn while you?re still standing there looting the last one?s corpse is not a good idea. Either way, this mod has a lot of potential. Coen _________________________ Coen "I came, I saw, I conquered" Julius Ceasar Why is this a "Classic PnP Conversion"? Is this a faithful conversion of a published module/adventure? Is this a conversion of L2 The Assassin's Knot? If so, why the high level requirement? The original was somewhere around 2-5 I believe. I re-wrote the whole faction interaction deal. Now you can run this in full PvP mode and NPC members of your own guild will only go temporarily agro on you when they take splash damage from that stray fireball spell. Thanks to all on the net who have helped with play testing. Come by and help at Role Play->! Assassins' Guild ! .23 Alpha - Fixed The Angry Assassin Dwarf, not to be confused with the Drukard Dward, and no relation to Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf (among other various bug fixes). .20 Alpha release posted. Player feedback, quest fixes and a little stocking, locking and trapping, couple of new spawns added. Still working on Finale, hope to have it done soon. Come help test on the net at ! Assassins' Guild ! in the Role Playing area, bring your level 10-15's Alllllllrighty then.. I was able to post the .17 release with the wonderfully prompt support of Maximus *tips hat* I will post new releases as appropriate and keep everyone up to date on the progress. I have been spending most of my time working on filling in the bald spots, but have seen groups of people coming to the server and hanging for awhile so they must have found something interesting to do. Anyway, Agro merchant is fixed, other big bug fixes too, check the module description in the module iteself if you are interested in the gory details on bug fixes.