226 An Island in Bondage Ignatz 10-13-200 01-16-2008 Dungeon Adventure Works on all versions Middle Earth Variant. 2-3 Really takes mutiple players to do all quests. They are hard. English Really takes mutiple players to do all quests. They are hard. All races can play the module Medium Medium Medium All classes can play the module. Medium No DM Required Multiplayer 20 07 02 14 Teen For this mod, you would basically want to be a chaotic good type or possible a lawful evil. The knights of the Gron'dagor have gone too far! Their self-righteous reign must end. It is up to you to destroy them! Seventeen quests in all. This is a module designed to be played online with many players. All but the final quest automatically respawns to accomodate new players. -now updated to include respawning henchmen, and other enhancements. 11/17/02, Update includes: Bug fix for module not restarting after completion. Bug fix for ending conversation More experience given for completing final quest. 15 6.92 5 fms/Image.php?id=374 374.jpg null 1114982537_thumb.jpg fms/Download.php?id=373 Ignatz13An_Island_in_Bondage.txt Ignatz13An_Island_in_Bondage.txt -- txt fms/Download.php?id=372 An_Island_in_Bondage.zip An_Island_in_Bondage.zip -- zip Don't run around blindly or you'll die a lot. The boatsman at the end keeps being killed by the guards preventing the module from completing. _________________________ The road to Ravenloft is paved with good intentions. This module is unbalanced. Half the mobs give 2 experience and half the mobs completely rape you. Decent theme but sorry, you need to fix the mob power and balancing. Don't say a module is for a certain level if it isn't. Fun: 8   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 5   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 8    Fun: 8   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 6   Quality Control 9    Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 8    Fun: 1   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 7   Quality Control 7    As one of Sly's compatriots can I add that we had all decided to re-do part of your module (before we knew about the 5 potions)so we could have another crack at Gothmog with refined tactics designed to take him out. Hopefully you will take this as a compliment as I believe a challenge like Gothmog shouldn't be easy (to characters of the specified level for the mod) and should require either luck or several attempts or superb tactics - perhaps a combination of all 3. # SPOILER TO FOLLOW# The good thing about Gothmog is that he is not essential to the plot and can be easily bypassed thus he serves as both a challenge to uber characters and a warning lesson to weaker characters that not all fights are winnable (or necessay). I must say that I don't agree with Sly's statement that Gothmog's self-healing spoiled the challenge (You give up too easily SLY, told you we should have had another go) but I do agree that the 18th level restriction in the Mine felt a bit artificial. Perhaps you should have a locked door guarded by a tough opponent (like Gothmog) who has the key in his treasure when defeated. Perhaps a note too saying "Keep intruders out or I'll have you for breakfast" That way prospective explorers have to prove themselves equal to the challenge of the mine before entering. Still a contrived restriction on entering but one that would feel less "artificial". #END SPOILERS# Anyway thanks for an enjoyable mod - even if I did die a lot. It's not a good module unless I die at least once. Nightsblood. "Oh My God...They've killed the bard" Thanks for playing Sly! Igput just disappears when he dies, unfortunately. I think I could put in a script that will resurrect him and put him back where he started. Also, he gives you the feather, because I imported him from the official campaign and renamed him. Also, Gothmog has about five heal potions, I could reduce the number to one. I guess it seems a bit paternalistic to have the Kimli quest be only for level 18 + because of the danger involved. I'll lower it to 15 and update the mod. Please keep in mind, you can't just run away from the monster. It is truly kill or be killed, just a warning. I hoped you liked the mod, maybe you'll get some more fun from the Kimli side quest. Thanks, Ignatz What happens to IGPUT when he dies? Where does he go? And why does he give you Daelans feather? Well, we completed all the quests last night. The party was a 12th level bard, 15th level cleric and a 10th/5th level Rogue/Ranger. Sir Warwick (Tol'Raam?) was a little easy but all the rest were the correct level of difficulty for us. Even the bad guys at the end were okay. We waited until he stopped talking and the knights joined in the combat. It was good. We tried Gothmog as well last night and managed to get him down to badly injured THREE times and after this we decided to give up on him. I know what you said about the module catering for uber characters, but I must disagree. We felt a huge sense of satisfaction when we got Gothmog badly injured because we worked really hard as a team and our tactics were sound. The fact that Gothmog continually healed himself, effectively made him unbeatable for us and at least for me really spoiled what had been up to then a most enjoyable game. Please reconsider Gothmog - I am not suggesting you make him any easier just don't let him heal himself (more than once). I also ask that you lower the entrance into the mine to level 15 so that we can at least see the big bad guy. We can always run away if need be. That would be much better than simply not letting players in there. We had a huge problem when the game reset itself. Our PCs blue screened and then went completely black and doing control-alt-delete did not solve the problem. Yeah, Gothmog is really tough. One of the reasons I made him like that was in response to the totally uber players that would come on to my server. I had to make something that would be a challenge combat-wise. As far as Kimli's mine goes, the creature in there is much harder than Gothmog, hence the level restriction. You could party up with someone who is 18+ and go down there. There really isn't much to see in Kimli's mine. Just one main monster and really it's a death trap. Have you ventured into the vaults of the Gron'dagor? Hit the enchanted hall? The quest itself has several other dungeons as well. There are four Vaults to get into. Ignatz, Well, played it some more last night. The Hunter was spot on, as are the Forest Drakes. The 'Horror without a name' was just the right difficulty for a 10th/5th level Rogue/Ranger and my buddy a 14th level Cleric. I died but the Cleric finished him off. Splendid. Lots of treasure - maybe script 'mediumtreasure'. I've lost count of the number of times we have attacked GOTHMOG, wow is he heavy stuff. Last night we summoned a Balrog and hit him with everything we had, spells, everything and the best we got was 'barely injured'. Exactly how high is this guys AC, and stuff as he is sure on mean bugger. Any tips on this guys weak spot appreciated. The Adult black dragon is proving easy in comparison to Gothmog. And he is by no means easy. Apart from Gothmog, I think the difficulty level is spot on (so far). :o) Only one real disappointment and that's Kimli's mine. I can't understand why we have to be 18th level before we descend. Any chance of you changing this to 15th level? Just a few more traps on the chests, and maybe a few less chests, again so people get less teasure. Did I suggest increasing the size of the sewer and populating it with few monsters? I'll be playing your module again tonight, but I have one small comment. I haven't tried it a lot but the one thing which 'spoilt' the NWN module was that you could rest absolutely anywhere. IF you can do the same with your module can I suggest players can only rest in specific areas, e.g. Inns, campsites, etc. Thanks for the feedback Sly, it is always appreciated! I think you are right about the items. There are probably too many magical items. The chests are set for random spawn, and I have them on "bosstreasure" I'll probably need to set them to "hightreasure." It would be simple as changing one word in one script since all the chests contain the same script. Just started your module last night and first immpressions are quite good, although I do have a couple of comments. 1. You give way too many magic items. I think you could safely remove 90% of these. 2. For example just give something like a scroll, a potion, a gem or some gold (eg. 57gp). I would remove the chests in the first encounter and just give a few goodies when the monsters die. 3. Mercenaries, again remove all the magic items and replace with something else. 4. I know a treasure house should have lots of treasure but this is way over the top. Remove all chests until the end. Beef up the traps and the monsters in the treasury. Suggest more gems & gold and less magic items at the end. 5. In the Hunters forest - I liked the Forest Drake - don't change him. I went down the trap door and met the dead guy, I couldn't kill (yet) him but took all his treasure instead, suggest you only have a couple of magic items and maybe a gold necklace, a potion, some gems. 6. Also I suggest you increase the power of the orc shamans a little. 7. I'd expand the city a bit more, maybe the sewer could contain some powerful monsters? I'll provide more feedback when I have done more. Well done.