219 Amulet of Zeran v2.2 Mark 'BloodKnight' Iradian 09-29-200 07-20-2005 Dungeon Adventure Works on all versions None 20+ 3-4 English All characters *must* start at level 1. You will be given a random number of gold Heavy Dependant on Module Heavy A variety of classes should be used before venturing into the dungeons. Epic No DM Required Multiplayer 01 04 03 01 Teen Alignment only affects certain magical items you can wear. The purpose of this module is to be a tribute to all the old school hack-n-slash RPGs such as Dungeon Hack, Bard's Tale, Wizardry, Might and magic, Nethack, and Demise. The basic concept is a party goes inside the dungeon, kills stuff, goes back out and buys things. What makes this module unique is how teamplay is required, not an optional trait, and how each dungeon level is different from each other (e.g. underground forest). If you want to play a module that you will remember, that is a challenge, that is long, and want to relive the days of co-op gameplay with your (drinking) buddies, then you have found the perfect module. This dungeon crawler has 21 dungeon levels with new creatures, traps, treasure, and puzzles. 208 7.98 91 fms/Image.php?id=360 360.jpg null 1114982532_thumb.jpg fms/Download.php?id=358 Amulet_of_Zeran_v22.zip Amulet_of_Zeran_v22.zip -- zip fms/Download.php?id=359 Mark_BloodKnight_Iradian19AoZ_Readme.txt Mark_BloodKnight_Iradian19AoZ_Readme.txt -- txt One of few CO-op modules i've found that worked well combat wise. Not much RP here, but a great mod to fire up with a couple buddies online and tear up some baddies. _________________________ Just another gamer looking for a cheap place to happen Pretty fun module overall. The difficulty at the beginning was pretty difficult if you play with yourself + 3 henchmen with OHS; however, near the end, the cash is rolling in so quickly, I don't know what to do with it ^^ (3 million at the end) Um...yeah. Role-playing zealots... gotta love 'em. Maybe you should build a module and show us how RP is *really* done Bronze. Or maybe just shut your piehole... :) The purpose of this module is to be a tribute to all the old school hack-n-slash RPGs Old School? ROTFL! Old school my friend were the golden days when RPGs were actully RPGs. The games such as Diablo, Everquest, Might and Magic or anything where combat is the one and only focus should fall under the: "Action game with an rpg level up and combat system" genre. Do you know what the RP in RPG stands for? ROLE PLAY! Not loot and kill and get 1337 stuff and 8 million gold. The true old school, my friend, are the pen and paper games. Where you developed as a character, not a super duper axe swinging killing machene. Your character that YOU created (Not watching some character's story unfold without any say in it "Cough... Final Fantasy...cough") You played out the adventures and life of the character and your choices defined his or her fate. Now that all the blasted Console Freaks who were weened on Final Fantasy (not the first RPG FF1 came out 1990. Pen and paper came out in the 70's) chewing up and spitting out true rpg's because their market spawns like locusts. The TRUE developers like Bioware and Bethesda can't make rpg's like they used too because too many kids are playing games now. We get crap like Jade Empire (what was Bioware thinking?) EDIT: Just finished it last night. The riddle golems made the module a little inconvenient, but it added variety to the game. Different environments and maze patterns from the narrow to the chunky chamber type raises my vote to a 10. _________________________ Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them. Thanks, Steve I liked what I saw. With each dungeon level rated as "level #", it reminded me of the 1985 game Space Harrier... same theme and goal on each level, just more challenging monsters on every level. I cleaved my way through to level 12, not knowing about quests from Person until I found the temple at level 9. So I started over. And now I must say that the decaying remains that disappear make it impossible to complete quests. I ran around level 1 killing all the goblins, including the shaman and getting the gold to update my membership. I could afford the advanced and got the quest to kill the goblin shaman. However, all remains decayed away. So I went to level 2 and found nothing but orcs. I started over yet again and found out the head is with the shaman, but you have to get it right away. No head, no more quests given to Peron. With my cleaved campaign, I made it to 12, but gave up with the locked gate; I assume it has something to do with the levers. I won't penalize you for that, it's definitely great role-playing, but even powergamed at level 40, it's not meant for those that want a fast paced game. Due to my comparison to Space Harrier, I definitely will give this a high rating, but I can't give it a perfect 10 due to the decaying remains. Forgot to add in rating comments - also, portal scroll instructions were unclear. I apparently wasn't binded to any place and had to just go painfully throughout the mod. A simple stone of recall would make life much easier. _________________________ Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them. Thanks, Steve A good module that shoots for the feel of classic computer games from the Commodore 64 era and achieves it. It inherits both the good points and bad points of those games. Fun, but don't expect much depth. Just wanted to report a couple of bugs I have found. First is the NPC who sells the Portal Scrolls, for some reason I can sell stuff to him 10 times more then I pay for them. I can sell something to him for 1000gp and buy it back for 100gp, then sell again and buy again, etc.... nice little loop hole to make some cash.... Riddle Golem on level 15 near the red boulder, can't seem to get him to respond to the answer, same riddle as other golem on same level but he does not respond to the same answer. Scripting issue, I was taken down to zero hit points I was equipped with the Ring of Power that has Regeneration +1. However what happened was the screen kept saying "healing 1 hp, but I was showing at zero hit points. I was able to walk around but I couldn't do anything, couldn't rest, could not heal (potion or spell). So walking around with zero hit points with my regen ring "saying" healing 1 hp but still remaining at zero hit points. Fyi, great mod, A mamoth hack and slash. It does what it advertises and can be enjoyable for a small LAN/coop. However it is not good enough to keep interest. Numerous bugs. Don't play as a half-orc or you can't fit through the 3rd level transition. 20+ gameplay hours at level 1 to 1? No thank you. "Roleplaying: Dependant on module" Huh? "Setting of module: None" ....? I played this module completely through with three friends. We did have a great time, but I have to say there were a few things that were, for us extremely annoying. The death rules are top of the list. Having to re-equip, and lose items ruins the fun factor. The difficulty of most encounters especially early on makes this a frequent problem. If you are thinking of starting this mod, I strongly suggest changing this rule in the toolset. The lack of good treasure or items was also a negative. Others have pointed out some of the obvious bugs, many of which made us wonder if anyone had tested this the mod at all. At the end there were obvious scripting errors. You can't even get to the final level without DM intervention. We didn't mind the riddle golems, but we had no clue how to answer them at first as there wasn't any documentation. Overall, I was left with a sense that the module was a great first effort, but one that needs a major revision to make it truly playable. It could have been so much better. I am being pretty critical here, but maybe it's that I expected more from a Hall of Fame module. Surely there must be better multiplayer mods out there. Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 9    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 7   Layout / Design: 6   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 7   Quality Control 6    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 9    Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 6   Quality Control 9    Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 8    Fun: 7   Layout / Design: 8   Dialogue 5   Originality / Creativity 7   Quality Control 7    _________________________ Penumbria - A NWN Homestead Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 2   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 5   Originality / Creativity 3   Quality Control 7    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 1   Layout / Design: 1   Dialogue 5   Originality / Creativity 1   Quality Control 1    Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 7   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 8    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 9   Originality / Creativity 9   Quality Control 9    Fun: 7   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10    Fun: 6   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 6   Quality Control 6    Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 10   Dialogue 10   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10