215 Ambrosia Persistent Bank Demo Mod v0.5 Mojo 09-26-200 09-26-2002 Roleplay Countless 2+ English Medium No DM Required Multiplayer Any Any 02 Any Teen This module demonstrates the power and versatility of the Ambrosia Persistent Token System. This is a quick and dirty version of a player vault that I created to show off the token system. You can store gold and most items persistently meaning you can shut down your server and not have to load from a save game. This version is very rough and unoptimized. There are still bugs to be worked out but I wanted to get this out there so others can get ideas on how to use the token system. I will update this module when time permits but I welcome anyone to take this as a basis to make a more polished bank/player vault. I just request that you give credit where credit it due. 4 9 1 fms/Download.php?id=352 apbankv05.zip apbankv05.zip -- zip fms/Download.php?id=353 Mojo26bankreadme.txt Mojo26bankreadme.txt -- txt Cool any idea when your done with it? I do not recommend anyone trying to install this bank into their own modules. This was simply a demonstration of what the token system is capable of. The bank in this demo mod is very unoptimized and has some major performance hits. I will eventually be releasing a better version of this banking system in an .ERF format that people can import directly into their modules. So until then, I just recommend downloading this if you want to see how banking could be done. Well Not posted anything on these boards but you bet ive probably been one of the biggest LEECHES :oP Well Fair play MOJO , alot of hard work you have put into your Systems and if it was not for you and the other people who post thier hard work onto this good web site , the progression of how quick and with good quality people would be able to build thier worlds would indeed be alot slower and rougher then it is moving today. Just my 2Pence worth. Nick (UK)