192 Against the Cult of the Reptile God ningen11 02-08-200 02-08-2003 Dungeon Adventure ad&d 6-9 English Large No DM Required Single Player or Multiplayer 11 05 01 05 Everyone no hak needed based on an official ad&d mod 3 4 1 fms/Download.php?id=315 againstreptilegod.ace againstreptilegod.ace -- ace OK, I would love to say this is a great mod as the last person who attempted this one released a buggy version that I could never run, but I can't. There is no atmosphere, the tilesets used are inappropriate and there is no indication of the storyline or whats going on. I've played the original PnP module and so know what its all about and this is a poor showing. I went into the Golden Grain Inn and a castle interior tileset was used, with basically no placeables, and I was attacked straight away by the people in there, for no reason at all. Plus, most of them were labelled as cultists, and unless you know the mod, you have no idea why they are attacking, they shouldn't even be attacking! Sorry dude, but I have to give this a low vote. Better luck next time. Oh, my god, this adventure was one of my first attempts as DMing. I can't wait to play this in multiplayer (still gaming with the same guys ;-) )