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Title  'Forest battle'
Author  Lemonhead
Submitted / Updated  10-26-2002 / 10-26-2002
Category  Roleplay
Language  English
Scope  Medium
DMNeeded  Occasional DM Needed
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  Any
Max # Players  Any
Min # Players  Any
Min Character Level  Any
Content Rating  Teen
A battalian of elves and drow meet in a forest. Choose sides, then draw your bow!


Submitted: 10-26-2002 / Last Updated: 10-26-2002
5 votes
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Comments (20):

Posted by RMSXIII at 2009-01-12 21:40:11    Voted 10.00 on 01/12/09
Since everyone's being a jerk, I'll be nice and give you a 10.
But that won't get people to download this...
"Never forget...the nightmare."

Posted by PaulBlay at 2007-05-19 05:02:31    Voted 3.00 on 05/19/07
I think this is worth three points just for the comments in the thread. :-/

Posted by anarchy69 at 2007-03-26 14:44:15    
well all i got to say is that any of you that dont like this mod shouldnt be insulting lemonhead. instead why dont u bunch of*bleep*s who probably never got laid in ur life just leave lemonhead alone and go get a life other then insulting peoples mods that are probably a lot better then anything u could make!!

Posted by Kaze Ookami at 2007-03-08 03:15:39    
I think I am gonna grab this up. If all these angry people complain its so terrable then its gotta be good. Besides, Im just a Drow fanatic. Besides, Im getting so good with the fighter class im finding it hard to get a challange anymore. Maybe if I rush head long into a crowd of stinking surface trash I will remember what its like to die. Besides, Meeting Lloth face to face is thrilling.

Posted by Jared704 at 2007-01-28 03:33:42    Voted 1.00 on 01/28/07
Fun: 0   Layout / Design: 1   Dialogue 0   Originality / Creativity 0   Quality Control 5   

Posted by rascal at 2006-02-12 12:48:55    Voted 1.00 on 02/12/06

Posted by killcycle ( ) at 2006-01-08 11:25:35    
i have sampled a few of ur mods and to be honest they suck. please dont fill nwvault with this garbage. Like Mithrilworm said this is the imaginitave I.T skills mod of a 10 year old...possibly a 10 year old chimp

Posted by Peasant ( ) at 2005-04-07 10:57:00    
Frankly, this is my favorite module I love how bleak and boring and short it is. thankyou

Posted by marky ( ) at 2004-06-28 11:04:00    
I havn,t played this mod, and i probably wont.

i just think its bad how mean you guys are! give him a break man!

Posted by your momma ( ) at 2004-04-12 22:35:00    
It lacks imagination, and aligns itself with most of the other boring modules made by you pack of tards. If your no good, you just suck.

Posted by Basin at 2004-02-28 20:32:37    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 9   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 8   Originality / Creativity 8   Quality Control 9   

Posted by hmmm ( ) at 2003-12-09 04:23:00    
If you all looked a little more into this, you'd know this is just one big joke from the author itself.

He posts 3 of these on one day (26 oct) and also a few on 25 oct.

I'm sure he's laughing his +blocked+ off right now as he looks at the comments

Posted by Yeorin ( ) at 2003-11-29 19:58:00    
Wow. I don't think I've ever played a worse module in my life. There is no thought put into it whatsoever, it lasts about 45 seconds, and there isn't even any NPC interaction. Thanks for being a pox on the community, Lemonhead.

Posted by Basin ( ) at 2003-07-21 18:18:00    
But I'm not lemonhead. The mods I make could not POSSIBLY match his expertise!

Posted by Sam ( ) at 2003-07-14 22:49:00    
It's just bad for the community man. I mean how do we know what mods are good if the authors post positive reviews about ti under diffrent names. Think about it, do you wanna dl a module reviewed like that?

Posted by Basin ( ) at 2003-07-13 23:10:00    
Suck my nads Sam, you wouldn't know a good mod if it came up and sucked your +blocked+.

Posted by Sam ( ) at 2003-07-08 23:11:00    
Basin, I am very aware your Lemonhead. Please stop posting on your own "modules" under diffrent names.

-Thank You

Posted by Basin ( ) at 2003-06-27 00:29:00    
I played as a level 10 cleric, which proved to be a bit too strong for this mod. I had some l33t g33r too. Anyways, I was enthralled in the action of all these drows trying to shoot me up and arrows flying by my head, and my allies advancing from the south left only a slim area of retreat for our enemies. One by one they fell and our casualties were very slim. Overall I give this mod a 8/10. The idea of making a whole army is almost unheard of, because most module makers only put small encounters this large scale battle was really a refresher. The items in the corpses were well thought out and they really fit with the difficulty level of the mod.

I kind of wish there were more areas, like maybe a drow hideout or maybe if they got reinforcements afterwards and a boss maybe..

All in all, keep up the good work lemonhead. I think you have a lot to offer this community.

Posted by Drudley ( ) at 2003-05-23 13:12:00    
Damn this is funny, 3 "modules" now by lemonhead, all just two races or whatever fight each other.

"Occasional DM Needed"
No way, more like

"Occasional player Needed"
Just let the "module" run for itself.

Posted by Mythrilworm ( ) at 2002-10-28 23:13:00    
Lemonhead - If your under 10 years old. This is pretty
good. If not. Im sorry. You might want to keep these 'VS'
type modules to yourself..

Mythrilworm -

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