161 Adalon - Boulder Ridge _Apoc_ 07-17-200 07-17-2002 City Adventure Adalon 3 4+ English I'd reccomend about lv3 for starters No restrictions Non-existent Medium Light No restrictions Epic No DM Required Single Player or Multiplayer Any 04 Teen No restrictions This is just a very limited beta version showing what the Adalon PW Server will include when complete. This shows the capital city of Alexandria in the northern reaches of Gaia, otherwise known as Boulder Ridge. The city includes some advanced scripting, most of which I found off other people (Lol - I'm not terribly good at this yet - still need to get hold of the worldbuilders guide) but the people I have shown it to seemed to like it. Scripting wise - you can buy maps that work like in the official campaign, there's a pressure plate that turns you into a penguin (you could export this and use it in yer modules) and various other nonsense nobody really wants to know about. THIS IS VERY MUCH A BETA MODULE AND EXCEPTIONALLY INCOMPLETE. ANY HELPFUL CRITICISM SHOULD NOT INCLUDE ABOUT HOW THERE ARE ONLY 3 SHOPS IN THE SPACE OF A 20x20 SETTING. 3 6.67 1 fms/Download.php?id=272 Boulder_Ridge.zip Boulder_Ridge.zip -- zip This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 3 that made this score of 6.67. --does the stupedest thing anyone playing the mod can-- there's only three shops in a 20x20 area you need more shops WHAAAA sorry...couldn't resist, you know some idiot'll post that here and be serious about it pretty soon Actually the reccomended level is 5. If anyone wants to know this is version 0.00001 (lol). But there's lots of cool scripts for you to take from it such as a door which automatically closes 6 seconds after opening etc.