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Title  Keep on the Borderlands B2 (v1.3)
Author  Merauk
Submitted / Updated  08-02-2002 / 08-02-2002
Category  Classic PnP Conversion
Setting  GreyHawk
Gameplay Length  3-4
Number Players  4-7
Language  English
Level Range  1-3 Party of 6 / Solo Level 7+
Races  Any
Tricks & Traps  Light
Roleplay  Light
Hack & Slash  Medium
Classes  Any
Scope  Large
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  08
Max # Players  07
Min # Players  04
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Everyone
Alignments  Any
A conversion of the original PnP module Keep on the Borderlands. Very limited scripting/conversations for indivdiual DM use, plays as stand alone hack n slash.


Submitted: 08-02-2002 / Last Updated: 08-06-2002
Submitted: 08-02-2002 / Last Updated: 08-02-2002
5 votes
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Comments (37):

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Posted by MikeLM9215 at 2004-10-03 08:31:16    Voted 6.00 on 10/03/04
Killing the monsters was fun, but the quests and journal don't work properly. Probably quit when he saw Shade Raven's Hall of Fame version.
The road to Ravenloft is paved with good intentions.

Posted by Profesor Death ( ) at 2004-06-11 09:53:00    
This has been my first mod since getting into NWN. Overall, I'm impressed although my buddies and I seem to be stumped, perhaps because we are new to NWN so we'd appreciate some help (spoiler follows)

The skeletons in the temple seem to be immune to everything we throw at them - magic, fire, weapons, cold, you name it. What's up with that?


Professor Death

Posted by swordfish ( ) at 2004-05-19 17:35:00    
Good mod dont know much about the real thing cept for how the hell do you get out of the little trp cave room in cave A I really need help

Posted by swordfish ( ) at 2004-05-19 17:35:00    
Good mod dont know much about the real thing cept for how the hell do you get out of the little trp cave room in cave A I really need help

Posted by Dr_Delicious at 2004-02-28 21:32:23    Voted 9.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 10   Layout / Design: 8   Dialogue 8   Originality / Creativity 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by wargfn at 2004-02-28 21:32:17    Voted 6.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 6   Layout / Design: 7   Dialogue 4   Originality / Creativity 4   Quality Control 7   

Posted by PurgeThunder at 2004-02-28 21:32:00    Voted 4.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 6   Layout / Design: 4   Dialogue 2   Originality / Creativity 4   Quality Control 6   

Posted by JoelKnight at 2004-02-28 21:31:52    Voted 6.00 on 02/28/04
Fun: 6   Layout / Design: 9   Dialogue 4   Originality / Creativity 3   Quality Control 6   

Posted by NeVeRLiFt ( ) at 2003-11-04 12:16:00    
I too have problems with the saved games in multi and single player. My characters also start on their knees and cannot get up when loading a saved game! Is there a fix as I really enjoy this module!

Posted by Kracky the Hooded One ( ) at 2003-03-31 14:24:00    
I too have problems with the saved games in multi and single player. My characters also start on their knees and cannot get up when loading a saved game! Is there a fix as I really enjoy this module!

Posted by Inquisitor ( ) at 2002-12-16 10:54:00    
Great module!

We're having trouble with 1.3 and saving multiplayer games.
Bascially, our party is resting when we all start, and
won't get up.


Posted by Andrew M. ( ) at 2002-11-21 16:53:00    
I've played a few versions of the Caves of Chaos, so I may
be a little confused. I am pretty sure this is my favorite
of them all (very faithful)
One issue I've noticed on a module I played during the week
was with benches, stools, couches, thrones - I tried
clicking on them a few times, and . So I just
stopped clicking them. (forgive me, I saw this in more
than one mod, and yours is one of the ones I played the
The Temple Complex: I think this is where I ran into a
medusa who I couldn't damage (weapon ineffective).
On the whole, I liked what I saw.

Posted by Balgin Stondraeg ( ) at 2002-08-18 19:35:00    
I'll probably post again after trying it (downloads are
slow on a 56k modem) but keep up the good work. B2 was a
classic and has already been ruined by enough naff
versions. I may rename some of the npc's in this version,
leave hints in npc dialogues that the Berserker prisoner
the bugbears are holding is wanted for crimes by his
northen kin and should be returned alive. I may also rename
the monsters Goblins:Lesser Goblins, Orcs:Goblins,
Hobgoblins: Eastern Goblins/Curry Goblins, Bugbears:
Northen Goblins/Norse Goblins (it'll tie in with a pnp
campaign that I'm running set in a dark ages world where
not every peasant knows the monster manual inside out when
describing what animals just butchered his sister). I just
enjoy adding a little flavour, that's all. If I come up
with any worthwhile changes I'll let you know.

Posted by Feystruck ( ) at 2002-08-07 22:24:00    
Ahh, Keep on the Borderlands, my very first roleplaying
This is a pretty good representation of what I remember,
but a few things did kind of throw me, principaly the
voices. You're fixing the giant rats, but when I looked in
the toolset, a lot of other NPC's are set to use the
Aasimar, Male voiceset, and an echoing paladin style voice
is not suitable for most of them.

As a suggestion for the Gnolls, try changing their
appearance to Hound Archon. Gnolls are hyena headed
humanoids, and the Hound Archon is about the closest model
to them. I'm using that appearance myself in a conversion
of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Otherwise, decent job. Cheers. Here's hoping for a B1 In
Search of the Unknown ;)

Posted by Merauk ( ) at 2002-08-07 17:16:00    
You unfortunately will lose the saved game. There is a
way to hack up the saved game to get around that but to be
honest I never have messed with it. Sorry it wasn't right
the first time and it cost you a saved game, I am pretty
confident this is the last release of it until I add B1 to

Posted by Merauk ( ) at 2002-08-07 07:47:00    
If you are having the out of disk space issue, just
download the file again. I have replaced the file in the
zip with one that does not have the bug with the name.

Posted by Dave ( ) at 2002-08-06 23:34:00    
I,m having the same problem as peter any help would be

Posted by Merauk ( ) at 2002-08-06 18:18:00    
Updated to version 1.3 (will take awhile to update)

Made ooze's move slow.
Changed voice on wererats to be more appropriate.
Changed model on gnolls to bugbear model.
Removed high level magic items from merchant.

I did double check on the music for all the buildings and
they all seem to be appropriate (only chapel music was in
the chapel), anyone notices otherwise let me know.

Posted by Jesail ( ) at 2002-08-06 15:01:00    
Try renaming the Module Peter, without the version number
at the end. This is addressed further down in this line of
posts. Hope this works. I'm looking forward to the update
Merauk. This is one of my favorite old time mods from 1st

Posted by Peter ( ) at 2002-08-06 13:46:00    
Hi -
Sorry to trouble you with this, but I'm getting a
message 'There is not enough hard drive space to perform
this operation' when I try to load your module. I've never
seen that before - I have a 1.4 gig cpu, 512MB RAM, 20 GB
free space, and so on, and other modules are running fine.
Suggestions? Thanks.

Posted by Merauk ( ) at 2002-08-06 09:06:00    
Raven Bulider -
I am not sure what PC you are playing on. I did some
fairly extensive tests on a PII 450 using a TNT2 Ultra with
256 Meg of Ram to specifically check the loading issues. I
will look into breaking the keep into two sections though.
There is always like you said a trade off to being honest
to the original and fitting it into the PC world. I think
in most instances though I was able to keep the areaís
small without interrupting flow with a lot of zoning (the
difference in tile size between NWN and D&D causes problems
as well). My objective was to leave a lot open for
personal customization (as put in the readme file) and
highlight the important parts with map points. To me NWN
is about a DM/Player experience. I wanted to give
something much like the original store bought D&D modules
to DMís, a tool you could use to give your party a quick
adventure adding your own flavor where you wanted. I think
it works fine as a stand alone hack and slash, but the
intent wasnít to provide a lot of conversation or scripts
that would hamper the DM.

Ranger Allan
Same points as above on the conversation side. I apologize
if the readme was not clear that it was intended for pure
hack/slash on the stand alone, and very neutral so that
with a DM you could have an open role playing experience.
I put just enough in (the rumorís in the tavern and the map
points) to direct people on a stand alone to go hack some
stuff up. I left everything else neutral though so that a
DM could easily possess the creature and provide
dialogue/RP elements to the players. If you add a lot of
scripts and conversations you lock the DM in and rather
then allowing him to take a base tool and provide his
experience he is only providing my experience.

I will look at both the henchmen AI (which is the standard
Bioware scripts) in regards to healing and other functions
he will perform. Will also check why there is no option to
not have him join you.

For whatever reason I remembered Gnolls as being small
which is why I used goblins. It is easy enough to change
to a Bugbear model which I will do tonight. I thought
about using a HakPak for the Kobolds as there are some
models out there for them. I didnít really want to over
complicate the install for people though, unfortunately the
monster choices are quite limited unless you use HakPakís.
Umberhulk doesnít really fit an Owl Bear but neither really
does a Dire Bear, it was just a choice that had to be
made. I went with Umberhulk (Ettercap was my second
choice) as it is an upright beast like the Owl Bear and
looks monstrous.

The +3 shield thing is the result of an un-updated merchant
tag, if you notice the other merchants sell the appropriate
goods for the level range (unless I missed some others). I
will double check all of them and correct. Will also look
into the music I tried to use sounds appropriately without
over doing it as many people tend to do, this includes the
music as well. It should be a subtle element and not over
bearing. Will definitely fix the smith music issue and
other wildly out of place ones. The raiders are included
directly south of the zone in point. The lizards are
placed in the exact same numbers as the original with day
and night posting/patrols. The spiders lair and the elfin
corpse are included as well. The locations are listed with
map points and the area itself is relatively small so they
should be easy to find. The jewelry guard dog models were
by design I know they are really big, just a matter of
taste there.

Agreed on the human voice for rats will try to find
something more appropriate for them. Same on ooze movement
rate. Hear you on the model issue again if I could have
found something better I would have used it. HakPakís are
nice but they do add a lot of textures which make it
difficult for people with older pcís to play and they also
add to the complexity of the install. Plus I havenít seen
oozes anywhere though might be a good project for me to
figure out how to make in 3Dmax :p

Expect an update tonight that will include fixed merchants,
checked sounds, new model for Gnolls, fixed voice for rats,
and slowed ooze movement rates. If I have enough time will
split keep into inner baily/outer baily so that it is two
zones to allow for better zoning times.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted by Raven Bulider ( ) at 2002-08-06 06:36:00    
Hi! My fiance and I were looking for a nice low level romp
last night and thought we'd try this one out. I was
unfortunatley very disappointed and never actually got into
any of the caves.

The keep was simply too big. I know you were going for a
faithful recreation, but areas that big take a long time to
load on many non-top of the line computers and the end
result was that we didn't see much for what we got. Some
times they are nessecary to fit in everything you want, but
in this case it was just more ground to run over. Then as
we wandered through this enormous keep no one would engage
in conversation. There was a large party of people right
by the gate, non of which had dialogue (or if they did it
was a one-liner). At the inn the henchman auto-joins;
there was no option to tell him you didn't want him to join
and once he did, there was no way to talk to him about his
tactics. At this point we thought that maybe this was a
module intended for a DM to run and closed it for the night.

There are some good ideas, but it would really help to
polish some of those NPC's and look closer at your henchman

Posted by Ranger Allan ( ) at 2002-08-06 06:28:00    
Well, I haven't played through all the way so far, but I
have a few bits of constructive criticism...

First, let me say that this seems to be a very faithful
conversion of the module.

Add more conversations... Almost evryone has a sound byte
associated, but very few actually talk. It threw me off.

Also, I personally think the caves should be darker. I
really hate that light blue cavern environment.

And the last bit... I got the henchman in the tavern, and
I noticed that every time he would die, he would
automatically heal! I pulled back out of combat and
watched him heal 20+ times. Invulnerable henchmen throw
off the balance a bit.

All in all, three stars.

Posted by Bellack ( ) at 2002-08-06 05:56:00    
A bugbear would have better represented the gnolls than

Posted by Joel ( 08/05/02 ) at 2002-08-05 23:32:00    
Nope, youare wrong about that one. Caves were seperated.
Went from A to I and if I remember right only two or 3 were

Posted by Weaselteats ( ) at 2002-08-05 21:33:00    
This is a good module, probably very good for a large
party of low level characters. It could get tedious going
through with one higher level character as you will kill
hordes of weak monsters, but that's just because the
module isn't designed to be played that way.

I appreciate that monsters not available in the toolset
have been created, and generally the model choices made
for them are about as appropriate as we can get with the
limited choices available, i.e. wererats for giant rats,
umber hulks for owlbears. I did see a few things that
should probably be fixed, though. The giant rats have the
voice of a human, the one that says 'That tears it!'
and 'Leave me alone!'. That was really weird when I was
fighting about 20 of them. Also, the oozes should have
had their movement rate reduced, and the model choice for
them seemed a bit odd (skeletal devourers), though I can't
really think of anything else that would be much better.

It's been a LONG time since I played the original module
(close to 20 years), but as I recall the Caves of Chaos
were one large dungeon complex, not a series of smaller
caves with separate entrances. I could easily be
forgetting something here, though.

All in all a good module.

Posted by Morgaine ( ) at 2002-08-05 19:22:00    
And here I thought I was probably the only person to still
have the original DnD module lying around :)

Posted by Only ever ( ) at 2002-08-05 19:03:00    
Rauk best module maker ever

Posted by Merauk ( ) at 2002-08-05 18:37:00    
I changed the file name in the zip file so the errors
people were getting about disk space are gone. As noted
below if you already downloaded it just delete the v1.2
part so the suffix is .mod only.

Posted by Campione ( 08/05/02 ) at 2002-08-05 10:40:00    
Wow... I still have the original module that my older
brother used to play DM for AD&D! Terrific!

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