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Title  JHR1: The Vethboro Dragon
Author  Jason Robinson
Submitted / Updated  08-26-2002 / 05-22-2011
Category  Mountain Adventure
Expansions  NWN-1.32
Setting  Forgotten Realms
Gameplay Length  Solo: 2, Multiplayer: 2-4
Language  English
Tricks & Traps  Medium
Roleplay  Medium
Hack & Slash  Medium
Scope  Small
DMNeeded  No DM Required
Single or Multiplayer  Single Player or Multiplayer
Max Character Level  01
Max # Players  03
Min # Players  01
Min Character Level  01
Content Rating  Teen
Alignments  Any non-evil
Hakpak  (included)
Gameplay Hours  02
Version 1.19 (10/10/03)It is hard to believe that only a month ago you decided to leave your home and take on a life of adventure. Unfortunately, after weeks of uneventful, unexciting, and unproductive days, you find yourself near Vethboro, a recently-founded village on the eastern side of the Thunder Peaks. Your desire to make a name for yourself is now quite high, but the chances of finding a quest more perilous than sheep herding--especially in a village this small--seem quite low...This is a light-hearted adventure intended for new characters. It includes some great community-created content, extensive dialogue, a bit of intrigue, and more than you ever wanted to know about the culinary practices of goblins.The module is designed to accommodate DMs of various skill levels. Documentation, maps, and a pre-created DM character are included to assist play.See the readme link (or the included documentation) for important additional information.


DateReviewerFinal ScoreQuick ProsQuick Cons
2002-09-23Alex Andrews aka 'Twigster'8.65Sometimes simple is best. This module is an hour and a half long and can fit into anyone's schedule.Be careful of some mistypes. Dropping a word or two from a sentence can really distract from the joys of this game. Also, keep up with the dialogue. Once a 'voice' of a character is established, keep it.


2005-07-01Interview with Jason Robinson (Hall of Fame Author - JHR1: The Vethboro Dragon)Maximus


Submitted: 08-26-2002 / Last Updated: 10-10-2003
Submitted: 08-26-2002 / Last Updated:
Link to Player's Guide External Website Beyond Our Control
174 votes
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Comments (297):

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Posted by Mirgalen at 2010-05-05 03:49:38    Voted 3.00 on 05/05/10
This could have been a masterpiece if it was not for some critical flaws.

- If the module is strictly for level one characters, players should be warned that only tough classes will have a chance to complete the module (without dying). Else, why not allow rogues, monks, bards... to start at level 2?

- After clearing some caves my character loaded like a donkey had to crawl back to the village hoping to exchange some of the spoil for gold. No way, the author decided to trigger something important before you get a chance to do the obvious (Was this module fully tested?). Rush to battle? I wish I could. My character completed the module crawling around something anti-climatic to the least and only managed to trade his armor and stuff during the epilogue.

3-4: It is clear the author tried to make something interesting, but still fell short. With more work it might be worth the download.

Posted by Mirgalen at 2009-05-12 05:03:50    Voted 3.00 on 05/05/10
I certainly prefer "Wendel's Woe" to this one. I just needed a short module to take a bard from lvl 1 to 2. With no henchmen and basic equipment there is no way a 8 HP, AC 15, BAB 0 character can survive these encounters (so I give it a 2 for game balance).

Posted by todde at 2006-08-28 21:47:22    Voted 9.00 on 08/28/06
Nice, fun, starter mod.
Good way to break in a character. While I can tell that the mod was created back in 2002, it still holds up due to the interesting story, and overall progression of the mod. Great for those of you starting a new character.

Posted by Yanos at 2006-08-21 20:29:29    Voted 9.50 on 08/21/06
Just Finished the module im MP with a friend, no DM. It was very simple, maybe because we were experienced. The final is very good. There are some strange itens, like fungus. You coould make them eatable,and maybe poisonous. That would be fun. Thanks.

Posted by FinitysEnd at 2005-09-21 09:52:51    Voted 10.00 on 09/21/05
A really charming and fun mod. Deserves a higher ranking than where it is.

Posted by Green Catmoon at 2005-08-09 18:59:26    Voted 8.75 on 08/09/05
Fun little mod and a great way to start a new character. Would have been nice to have made the intial dragon encounter a little more involved, if anything just to flesh out the encounter more.

Posted by mcwkjoyce at 2005-06-30 01:03:24    Voted 9.00 on 06/30/05

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2005-02-15 09:42:21    Voted 9.00 on 02/15/05
It was too short, but nevertheless, showed that not all dragons are evil. :)
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by Dags at 2005-02-14 14:03:18    Voted 9.25 on 02/14/05
A wonderful intro mod-- simple but compelling, just the way to give some personality to your first level PC has she/he heads out into the world.

Posted by Imp at 2005-02-10 15:39:11    Voted 9.25 on 02/10/05

Posted by Samson at 2005-02-04 19:04:01    Voted 9.50 on 02/04/05

Posted by garyh2018 at 2004-12-31 11:26:45    Voted 9.00 on 12/31/04
Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Short and nicely focused.

Posted by Jonesy14 at 2004-12-08 15:47:51    Voted 10.00 on 12/08/04
best first level mod on the vault, in my opinion

Posted by erthule at 2004-11-02 01:55:55    Voted 8.50 on 11/02/04

Posted by Spike_Spegeil at 2004-10-28 22:09:34    Voted 9.00 on 10/28/04
Outdated rating system used to calculate this vote.
Old School

Posted by Dajan ( ) at 2004-09-14 10:47:00    
Jason -

Just wanted to commend you on a very good, concise module. I ran into one issue, after the final battle, I went to sell some treasure to the merhcant and the innkeeper wouldn't engage in the "ending conversation" when I returned.

Also the woodcutter? (forgot his name) Wouldn't talk with me during the day, and I had to wait until night at his home to converse with him.

Great final battle (wish the dragon would have used a breath weapon, would have made a nice effect), tightly paced module with good challenges for a 1st level PC. Well done, I can see why this is a Hall of fame module.

Posted by koifish at 2004-09-03 20:59:35    Voted 8.75 on 09/03/04

Posted by Puychaud at 2004-09-03 07:36:43    Voted 8.25 on 09/03/04

Posted by Puychaud ( ) at 2004-09-03 07:28:00    
Played this with a DM - it went really well, (aside from one beginner who thought it a good idea to try and shoot Haspaar (sigh)). Players said they really enjoyed final battle, and were relieved when Haspaar turned up to help. Also liked the final scene, grateful villagers etc. Well done

Posted by Snowdon at 2004-09-01 09:44:03    Voted 6.50 on 09/01/04
Fun: 5   Layout / Design: 6   Dialogue 6   Originality / Creativity 5   Quality Control 10   

Posted by Plasnoid at 2004-08-24 20:26:00    
That was fantastic fun. I really got to feel like an adventurer again. Thanks

Posted by _Data_ at 2004-08-21 14:57:00    Voted 9.00 on 08/21/04

Just finished this module and here are some notes.

1.Some of the areas in the module are too big. This one is one of my pet problems that i always complain about. Areas that are too big are annoying because the automap (which i use constantly) fills half the screen. There is no reason whatsoever to use huge areas where two smaller areas would have done the trick. I understand huge areas are also not recommended by Bioware. I recall reading a message in the boards saying something like that atleast.

2.I thought the way you had those buying inventories open by clicking on tables and kegs to be interesting. From the top of my head i cannot think a single module that has done that.

3.I was told to talk to Gifford but i cannot since he is constantly attacking that tree of his.

4.I encountered a bug of sort at the end. When the goblins attacked the village i first tried to fight them along with the other villagers only to realize that there were too many. I then ran back to Haaspur thinking that i could ask him for help. well he only said his thing about taking the oath. I then ran out of his cave only to have Haaspur appear (near the exit of his cave) shouting about me needing help. Unfortunately there were no goblins in this area and Haaspur was not willing to follow me to the goblins.

Posted by _Data_ at 2004-08-21 14:50:33    Voted 9.00 on 08/21/04
Short module with an interesting enough a story.

Posted by Rib_Oterk at 2004-07-24 16:10:38    Voted 9.50 on 07/24/04

Posted by Rib_Oterk at 2004-07-24 16:07:00    Voted 9.50 on 07/24/04
Hey Jason,
Thanks for making the fun mod! I really like the extra effort you put in to make it really professional. Great work!

Posted by Ultramundane at 2004-07-11 13:04:49    Voted 6.00 on 07/11/04

Posted by ZeornWarlock at 2004-06-03 20:04:05    Voted 10.00 on 06/03/04
It's been a while since I've played this module, and now that I'm registered I can vote. I think it's one of the best on the vault, if not my all time favorite. Good work Mr. Robinson. :)
Retired from module building.

Posted by Dave Fritz ( ) at 2004-04-28 06:56:00    
Hi, Jason,

Just finished playing 1.19 as a solo Ranger. Great mod!!!!!!!!! Based on this one, I've decided to run the same character through a succession of PnP conversions, when I take breaks from the Original Campaign/SoU. I'm also running a character through Dave Mason's Harper's Tale series. I'm looking forward to your next mod.

I have one comment (not a bug or complaint). I've noticed several posts about the Goblin Marauder respawns during the final battle. My experience was ...



... that I could pick them off from the first level of the mountain and eventually, but maybe only 10-15 minutes, they stopped respawning. Then I came down and took on the Goblin Heros, etc. I stood back and picked them off too, along with Haaspur. Worked fine.

Dave Fritz

Posted by DarkRanger at 2004-04-21 20:45:00    Voted 7.00 on 04/21/04

Posted by codac at 2004-04-15 17:57:29    Voted 8.00 on 04/15/04

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