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Title  .22 Pistol
Author  Squeeself
Submitted / Updated  01-03-2003 / 01-04-2003
Category  Weapon
Model Format  Fan Skin
Modern .22 Pistol model for Pistol hak here.


Submitted: 01-03-2003 / Last Updated: 01-03-2003
1 votes
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Comments (36):

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Posted by Dire Wolf Prime ( ) at 2004-12-14 15:31:00    
Now if only someone could make a hak or something that allows you to carry two of these at once.
And maybe a strafing and jump-shooting animation...

Posted by Mad Dog ( ) at 2004-11-28 17:34:00    
Why do people get mad when others post negative comments? These posts are peoples opinions and suggestions, how will it help if everyone only says that they like it? That doesn't give anyone a good idea whether its good or not if only people who like it, make posts praising it.

Posted by Ragnar's Claw ( ) at 2004-09-21 06:15:00    
how about Warhammer 40.k model or wrahmmer old ???? just so many storys and things like that

Posted by Princerouse at 2004-07-14 08:52:00    
I think it's pretty good for my "time-traveling" module.
Cowards taste death many times before they die, but the brave only taste death once.

Posted by Oin ( ) at 2004-07-04 12:26:00    
hi thats a good idea, a pistol yup i like it, but why dont you do some final fantasy clothes or some thing like that, it would by pretty cool

Posted by Oin ( ) at 2004-07-04 12:26:00    
hi thats a good idea, a pistol yup i like it, but why dont you do some final fantasy clothes or some thing like that, it would by pretty cool

Posted by Lui ( ) at 2004-02-20 20:51:00    
How do you make it go into the game?

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:32:48    Voted 6.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 11 that made this score of 6.46 then rounded to 6.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-01-20 21:45:00    
If Wizards of the Coast (creators of D&D) saw fit to create an official WotC RPG called D20 Modern using D&D rules, I don't see where anybody here can be so arrogant to think that their narrow opinion of what constitutes an RPG setting actually matters.

Bow before the masters.

Posted by Flamid ( ) at 2003-12-19 18:03:00    
If you don't like it, and don't want it, don't get it. Don't bring down the creator.

Posted by Jander_ci ( ) at 2003-12-19 05:18:00    
I dont know about using a .22 cal pistol in D&D, but this would be a great adition for say Urban Arcana.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2003-11-16 09:13:00    
Well this gun isn't for D&D rules is it, it's probably supposed to be something that can be used to go with the hak packs that put modern things in your module.

Posted by Alex Pike ( ) at 2003-11-15 20:06:00    
I agree that Neverwinter Nights is a game designed to be modified. Still, why add modern firearms to D&D game? If you're going to design firearm modifications why not make guns that are actually in the D&D rules, like the Arquebus?

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2003-11-14 07:03:00    
Shut up you dont want it dont download it, i think its pretty good.

Posted by John Velasquez ( ) at 2003-09-16 10:09:00    
You know, the model is a very nice addition for a contemporary world then mixes the genre's of magic with technology. However, since you are keen to making weapons.. Why not at least attempt to design a NWN Weapon based off of ittime ( Not based on a Flintlock )

How about designing a new crossbow that is utilyse a cyclic firing system? Say, 4 Bolts on a rotary apparatus that fire in sequence at a single target. After those 4 arrows are fired, you could balance the weapon by allowing for a longer reload sequence, having to lock and load every arriw into place after the prior were fired.

Similar crossbows have been seen in movies such as Gladiator, in the arena at the "Battle of Karthage" recreated scene.

That's my 2 cents,
my 10 cents is free

Posted by Feuer Faust ( ) at 2003-09-15 21:46:00    
I think it's a good model, and it'd fit right in with the modern haks, etc.

Keep it up.

Posted by MemanX ( ) at 2003-07-06 18:42:00    
Isn't anyone making a nwn / shadowrun thing? That would be neat. And the right kinda place for guns and magic.

Posted by Mick The Beast ( ) at 2003-07-06 00:07:00    
make an old Colt SAA .45ACP

Posted by Daedreag ( ) at 2003-05-21 03:50:00    
WHATS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!? Every ones saying its out of place, what about making a modern world with nwn engine?

Posted by Mireldeyn ( ) at 2003-04-25 00:47:00    
I think It would be great.....If there was an Exotic Ranged Weapon...
Personally I'm a Diehard Elven Longbow Sniper.. But I sure wouldn't mind a little gnomish Contrapted Arquebus, That would be quite creative... Perhaps a ranged weapon that Ignores Armor, at a penalty to attack? I don't know much about Weapon addition, but.. perhaps new sounds could be put in for combustion.. I wouldn't mind seeing NWN go Half Arcanum, as, While the Graphics left something to be desired(Then again, I played UO for 3 years) That game had some amazing concepts, art, and weapon variety.
I'm glad You feel like making a fire arm.. I have to admit.. a .22 is kind of odd though.. Early Firearms would be much more in place...

Posted by MR.ZEUS ( ) at 2003-04-22 01:29:00    

Posted by wouldn'tuliketoknow ( ) at 2003-04-16 06:29:00    
but kinda outta place
u should make some old fashioned pistols
and sum old rifles
its nice to see sum creative thinking

Posted by Alkazar ( ) at 2003-04-03 11:45:00    
I think lj was referring to certain other games that rip off D&D and do a terrible job of it... I could name a few, but I don't like directly insulting people...

Posted by Lozza ( ) at 2003-04-01 07:44:00    
Building on what Avi said, why not make a "pump-action shotbow +3"? Another cool idea would be to edit "Zonker's Rideable Horses" hak to include guns? Wow...lead-belching horses sounds like fun.

Posted by Some Guy ( ) at 2003-03-29 01:23:00    
A reply to lj:

While I agree with your post.. if you're suggesting that NWN is a D&D clone knockoff (?).. I feel need to mention that NWN is in fact a licensed geniune 3rd edition D&D game, set in Forgotten Realms, a very long-standing campaign setting for D&D. NWN is the genuine article, not a clone.

If I misunderstood you, I apologize.

Posted by Mahena ( ) at 2003-03-15 16:03:00    
Maybe when the new SW: Knights of the Old Republic comes out, one could switch the weapons around.

Dwarves with Blasters, while gnomes will be carrying Lightsabres

Posted by lj ( ) at 2003-02-14 14:47:00    
Great Gun.

Don't get discouraged by the narrow minded.
The real appeal of NWN is that you can make a mod with
laser shooting space frogs if you feel so inclined.

That is, after all, what makes it more than just a fantasy
D&D clone knockoff game that gets old about half way

Keep up the haks.

Posted by achijusan ( ) at 2003-02-08 04:52:00    

Can you make laser, blaster, and grenades so some motivated
soul can make GAMMA WORLD style mod or an "Expedition to
the Barrier Peaks" module (my FAVORITE EVER PnP mod !!

Maybe you could gen up a .45 for the "Shadow over
Innsmouth" mod...


Posted by Farual ( ) at 2003-01-20 19:17:00    
If your going to make guns, make black powder. duh

Posted by command_bob ( ) at 2003-01-14 17:52:00    
i love this pak. could you try to make pistol able to be

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