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Title  DTime CityHak v.1.0
Author  DTime
Submitted / Updated  08-21-2002 / 08-22-2002
Category  Tilesets
Expansions  NWN - 1.29 or lower
I got sick of running around in any city that just had the same look as all others. What to do then. Right, let´s create a new City Tileset! It has of marblelike look, godd for rich peoples quarters. When you try some visuals in area properties you will see that it will be usefull for either icy styled or desert areas. The file is packed with winrar in a selfextracting package. If you have any problems download winrar (freeware, and I think it´s the best on market). Any feedback is welcome, either good or bad.


Submitted: 08-21-2002 / Last Updated: 08-22-2002
2 votes
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Comments (45):

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Posted by Dagon at 2010-01-01 16:07:22    Voted 9.75 on 01/01/10
This tile set hak looks a bit dated these days (Its pretty old!) but it is still used today. I believe Cormyr and Dalelands makes use of this tile set for a number of their areas.

I wish the CTP guys would give this hak a bit of a face lift. I don't think there is another tile set like this on the vault. All it needs is a bit of love to make it as good as new.

Posted by Dagon at 2010-01-01 16:02:38    Voted 9.75 on 01/01/10
Pretty solid hak. Cormyr and Dalelands uses this tile set for a number of their areas.

I wish someone would revisit this hak and give it a slight face-lift.

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:04:16    Voted 7.31 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 16 that made this score of 7.31.

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2003-08-24 03:55:00    

No, it doesn't ;) ... I'm from Germany, and I know that this is totally wrong ;)

It could be translated as rich, wealthy or kingdom , realm, empire ... Just FYI


Posted by William_Murphy ( ) at 2003-07-09 10:19:00    
Hey DTime, Reich in german translates best into Rule.
Just FYI

Posted by Jonas ( ) at 2003-04-25 04:10:00    
Excellent. This is what I wanted. That means I must stop modelling the marble city I have been working on myself. Drat. Ahh well. Anyway, I am part of the Shatterlund 2 development team (Thats right people. Shatterlund is coming back. And its not too far off... ) And we are making as small a hakpak as possible, with only the best content. Yours was at the top of the list :)
Im sure you wont mind is we use it in our own hakpak. We always give credit were due.

Posted by Daemon Blackrazor ( ) at 2003-03-13 23:05:00    
Naw, have fun, as long as the name lives!

Posted by Evan Hembacher ( ) at 2003-02-16 18:42:00    
Actually, the most efficient way to combine hakpaks is to
use the official (or semi-official ;D) hakpak
combiner...just search on google for 'hakpak combine' it
should show up.

Posted by Daemon Blackrazor ( ) at 2003-01-23 11:34:00 1989 I wrote a program called DTime; to keep
track of time, spells, poison, regeneration and wounding,
along with all pc ability scores and their adjustments. Not
calling YOU a theif just thought it was funny and weird -
cause its such a strange name - I thought nobody would ever
use it.


Posted by The Dungeon Master ( ) at 2002-11-24 20:22:00    
Use your hak pak editor (in you NWN utils folder)
Open one and export all contents to a folder
open the other, and import from folder.

save w/ new name.

Posted by Pentalarc ( ) at 2002-10-29 11:51:00    
Can anyone explain briefly how to combine hakpaks?


Posted by Sangre Fria ( ) at 2002-09-16 07:35:00    
Again, great tileset DTime, thanks for the trouble.

Bamf, NWN only allows one hak pak. This is a huge
limitation. So if I want desert areas, and the reskinned
Balor I'm screwed.

However there is a way around this. You can combine
hakpaks. This takes a bit of time since you have to
export everything from each hakpak, and then rebuild it.
My module required 3 different hakpaks, so I combined
them. Then I thought other people would benefit from this
so I posted it.

I do not benefit in any way from this other than getting
to use 3 amazing new tilesets in my module, which is the
best compliment I can pay to these talented people.

Good job guys.

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-09-16 05:54:00    
Oh.. the thief quote has been meant by fun... I think it´s
great that there are people who like my tileset :)!
Only thing is that it would be nice to know if someone
uses it for his own purpose. So... no offending by my
side :). The new version of the tileset will have some
small fixes, because some of the textures werenn´t meant
to be seamless ones... but I saw by myself that a have to
make them seamless (aaaarrrrggghhh). The Water and the
Grass Textures will be new to!

All Modules who use the first version will be functional!
I gave up using the dds format because the Bioware dds
isn´t compatible to the dds formats of photoshop and paint
shop..... and that´s my problem because the only good
thing for using the dds would be the mipmapping feature...
so I still use the tga.... don´t think that this will be a
big problem because the tga´s are compatible to all
graficboards on market... the dds not!


Posted by Bamf ( ) at 2002-09-14 09:25:00    
You downloaded his tile set, included it in a hak pak you
have chosen to distribute to other people, and get upset
when he accuses you of being a thief? Perhaps calling you
a thief was not appropriate, because you gave him full
credit (at the top of the file, or the bottom?), but I
suggest you actually contact the people who reskin the new
tileset BEFORE you include it in a hak pak you distribute

Why do people bother to repackage and redistribute content
that they themselves did not have a hand in creating?

Inquiring minds want to know... :)

Posted by Sangre Fria ( ) at 2002-09-11 12:37:00    

Lol, sorry didn't mean to offend and I gave you full
credit for the work. My inclusion of your file in my pak
should be taken as a compliment.

I have tested this myself, and have had a friend download
it and test it on my module. No problems that I've seen.

This tileset is great for my Sartan cities in my Deathgate
module. Thank you Dtime, and I'll forgive you for the
thief remark :P

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-09-10 05:17:00    
There´s a new hak, named TriPak which seems to include my
tileset....... I haven´t been asked, but if it works its a
good compilation.... the other two in it are good ones....
as I downloaded them all yet (except mine :-) ) I don´r
want to download the compilation.... if it doesn´t work
report it to me.... I´ll kill this thief if he didn´t do a
good job ;-)

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-09-09 06:47:00    
Oh.... the times downloaded are running low :) yesterday
it had been downloaded nearly 800 times and today 45
times.... funny.... server crashed I think....


Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-09-02 02:10:00    
If anyone is interested in making custom tilesets contact
me! I´m looking for people who are advanced in creating
Textures with Photoshop or PaintShop. Also any 3D Modeller
would be welcome as I want to realize Tilesets where not
even the textures or groupings of tiles are changed, but a
real Mountains/Hills (e.g. Dwarven areas with customized
housing) and Outside Ruin Tileset (like Myth Drannor would
look) will be possible to create! Mail me if you are

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-08-28 17:56:00    
By the way.... does anyone know a plugin for Photoshop
that helps to increase quality of images while resizing?
Or a better Grafx Tool for editing tga´s? Also any
textures are very welcome.... if you know where to get
some or created some by yourself contact me.... you will
be in the credits ;) (high quality please, got various of
very bad quality....)

Greetings DTime

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-08-27 04:10:00    
Yes, said it in a earlier post! You can download it here!
The DDS Version will follow soon, also the recent one will
be edited little bit as some textures don´t fit the mdl´s
sometimes. You can download this version, the new one will
be available as a whole and as a fix with instruction for
those wo don´t want to download it all again. All Modules
will still work with any Version, but for the DDS Textures
your hardware must fulfill the recommendments (grafikboards
GeForce and Radeon fully support dds, others like TNT´s or
older Ati boards could be more problematic).

If anybody tested a dds textured Tileset and it didn´t work
with his grafikboard, please mail me or post here. So it
will be clear who can download the tga version and who the
dds version.

Still you can send me any feedback and things you would like
to be changed! All will be answered!

Posted by Hitafiend ( ) at 2002-08-26 19:14:00    
Has the HAK been fixed or do I still need to download it
from your site?

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-08-25 15:23:00    
Working on it ;)
The different quality of textures was a problem, but I´ll
try to recreate some of these by myself!

Posted by Komodo ( ) at 2002-08-25 10:50:00    
Very nice tileset. Is there any chance of seeing a HiRes
version in the future? (Using the 512x512 textures from
the .dds files?)

Posted by Komodo ( ) at 2002-08-25 10:50:00    
Very nice tileset. Is there any chance of seeing a HiRes
version in the future? (Using the 512x512 textures from
the .dds files?)

Posted by Jesuslove666 ( ) at 2002-08-24 17:51:00    
I would just like to say you are the +blocked+. Thank you very
much, its nice to see somebody who listens to there forum
feedback. Keep up the good work

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-08-24 12:43:00    
OK, step by step!

-Start the tlk editor
-open the file dialog.tlk
-search the id 63548, in the german version the entry
is "Reich" which means nothing less than rich or kingdom
(sometimes the german language doesn´t make any sense I
think ;) )!
-whatever is listed here in the english dialog.tlk will be
the name of the tileset when you create a new area!!!!!

But the tileset is functional!!!!

This has been a fault I made! I´ll fix it . If you want to
fix it by yourself here´s another step by step explanation:

-open the NWN Viewer (also in package when you don´t
already own it)
-open my hak
-right click it and extract all files to a directory of
your choice
-close NWN Viewer
-goto directory where you extracted the files!
open the tcn02.set file with any texteditor of your choice!
-under [general] you´ll find an entry DisplayName=63548
-when you used the tlk editor as I have shown you before,
you can look for any name you want for the tileset or
click new entrie and enter -1 and then any name you want!
-depending on your chosen number edit the tcn02.set and
save it!!!
-open the nwnhak (you´ll find it in your NWN directory in
utils) and repack the whole hak (resource/add-->open the
directory where you unpacked my hak-->mark all files in it
and click open--> click file and choose save as-->
overwrite my old hak pack!)

This won´t change anything out of the display name in the
toolset! All Modules which include the hak will work!!! So
give it any name you want to!

Once again, it did so because I didn´t want to change any
original NWN files. But the tileset is working, as I heard
of some people yet!!!!!

Hope this helped you a little!!!

Posted by jesuslove666 ( ) at 2002-08-24 11:51:00    
I found the readme and tlk editor in your hak package. I
keep reading the readme file and your reply. I cant figure
out how exactly to edit the dialog.tlk with the dialog
editor so i can use the hak. The readme only seems to tell
me what the utility does. It doesnt tell me how to use it
to make your hak work. It would help to have step my step
instructions. I have the English version of neverwinter.

Posted by Dtime ( ) at 2002-08-24 10:06:00    
There should be an english readme within the package!!! I
know that my english isn´t that good that there won´t be
any questions.
The problem is that I own the german version! The name
shown at the area wizard can only be edited with a kind of
link in one of the hak files (*.2da, forgot the name)
which refers to a number in the Dialog.tlk and this number
is an id-tag for a textstring (I think its a very stupid
kind of solution by Bioware!!!! Simply giving tilesets
names wouldn´t have been a bad idea!!!!) . This Dialog.tlk
is different in every language version and edited with
every patch version!

Therefore, the name displayed in the area wizard can only
be edited when you edit your (!!!) dialog.tlk with the tlk
editor (in package!!!). I did so because I didn´t want to
change anyones dialog.tlk!!! Read my readme again, when
there are still questions........ my e-mail will be
visited ;)

Posted by jesuslove666 ( ) at 2002-08-24 09:51:00    
First off when i start the extraction process with winrare
its not in english. So i cant see any directions on how to
make the hak work if there are any. I went to edit in the
neverwinter tool set and enabled the hak. Then i started
the area wizard and selected city exterior. No problems
loading the hak. I cant seem to find the new marble models
please help me.

Posted by DTime ( ) at 2002-08-23 04:07:00    
@ seiffer66
Which fountain do you mean? I´ll try to fix this when I
know which one (Idid´nt find it!!!)

@ Knight Marshal
This Tileset is fully renamed, which means there shouldn´t
be a problem with any other Tilesets!
The second question: This won´t be possible! When you want
to do such things, you´ll have to edit the HakPak, fell
free to use the textures if you like, but think about that
other people who like to play your modul will need your
modified HakPak. If you don´t know how to edit a HakPak or
Tileset: I´m working on a new tutorial, the old versions
came from times as the beta toolset had been released.
You´ll have to wait ;)

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