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Title  Grand override compilation of ages
Author  denderman
Submitted / Updated  05-23-2010 / 04-20-2011
Category  Other
Expansions  NWN-1.69
Time to share back. Near 800 mb worth of overriting files I've collected and "forced" to work together over the years (compressed to 143 mb for the sake of downloading). Screenshots are going to give some idea of what's included. Please note that I don't use override files that just changes something, but use the ones that changes something for the better (But I respect the effort nevertheless, I'm picky not snobby).

I did not made or took part in the making of any work compiled here. All the credit is due to following authors except some .2da merging and some minor fixes made by myself. I also edited portaits.2da and soundset.2da to permit acces to all portraits and soundsets by gender (those which make sense, so no chair or throne portraits). Also "genderless" soundsets are added to male side mostly.


Henchman Inventory & Battle AI mod v1.08 by TonyK
Using only basic monster and companion ai options (no wandering monsters, potion regeneration etc.)

Script, Spell fix compilation by ILikeKillAndYou and Shadooow (v5+)

Familiar & Companion Fixes by Ben Harrison & The Krit

Remove PC Properties by The Krit


by lordofworms
Bugbears - Facelift
Goblins Override
Improved Zombies
Updated Werewolf Model

Undead Redux 2 by sixesthrice

Giant Pack by Bloodmonkey
I included only hill giants

Erinyes (Baatezu) by Magma

Chicken Reskin by Ancarion

Stirge - 2nd Ed. D & D Style by Lathspell

IMProvments by Adinz & Sixesthrice

Anything above was taken from the following Creature Override Compilation by Cervantes35 if was available. Also below are the remodels I fail to find original vault sources and gather from Cervantes35's compilation
Ettin by Ziroc
Ogres by DLA
Trolls by Diademus
Troll by Mr. Furious
Mindflayer Venerator by CODI
Ulitharid by CODI
KNOWN ISSUES - CEP trolls (ones only killed by fire or acid) may lose animations. Move the files c_ogreA.mdl c_ogreA.tga c_ogreB.mdl c_ogreB.tga out of override folder if that happens (removing files reverts ogre A and B models back to bioware default)

New Orcs,Bear,Spider,Troll by Grimm182
I included only blue orc reskins

Platinum-haired Nymph by Blackfire V2

Texture Fix for Bioware Bebilith Model by Bioware (Fix by BigfootNZ)


kurairyu's hands 1.5 by kurairyu

Kurairyu's hands for CEP 1.01 by Mordaedil

CEP 2 Heads by Ioryo
Includes CEP 1.5 heads as well.
KNOWN ISSUES - Be aware that using those heads online will make you look headless to anyone that does not have the override unless the module server runs uses CEP hakpak. Also 14 of the male human/half-elf heads show up with metallic texture but that's a rather insignificant number.

Alternate Combat Animations v4.0 by Ragnarok_mr4
Can be adjusted via craft menu dialog.
KNOWN ISSUES - Works only offline, added unarmed attack animations do not work with CEP (bioware default animations work)

Xaltar's Head and Underwear packs by Xaltar
I included only the body (in underwear) remodels and not the heads. I also "fixed" corrupt animation for tattooed female torso by removing relevant files and reverting back to default bioware tattooed female torso.


by The Amethyst Dragon
Colorized Scroll Icons
Spell Icons: Colorized: Generation 2
Feat & Ability Icons: Colorized
Radial Icons: Colorized
Emote Icons for NWN 1.69
1.69 Icons: Colorized
Dungeon Master Icons: Colorized

by BoomWav
Enhanced class icons
Enhanced skill icons

More colored GUI icons by Circonflexe
I included only the feat icons which don't go to quickbar

Immunity Icons by Mordaedil


Retextured/remodeled tower shields for override by (zpirit)

Weapons Redux: Spears by sixesthrice

New Weapon_VFXes by DeathFace (RestlessKnight)
KNOWN ISSUES - I "fixed" the acid effect bug by removing relevant files and reverting back to default bioware acid effect. Still my .mdl editing skills are not enough and there's a bug that prevents schytes from having electric effect (effect only, not weapon property).


Baldurs GUI (v0.50515) by MtK
BG2 Themed GUI by lizard-man
I "merged" above GUIs and added a main menu background to my taste.

I can understand that some may find above GUIs and the merge I made obstructive, if that is the case I suggest you download the merged GUI file from the Files section to get its files to help remove them from the override and use the GUI at the link below instead
Semitransparent chat and party bars by jen


NWNCQ Project V1.3 by chico400

NOT INCLUDED in the pack since it does not technically go to override folder, but very strongly recommended is the
NWShader by pkpeachykeen
GRAB IT for the most bestest NWN experience.

I'll try to follow and update as the authors update.

*Last updated on 18/02/2011 - renewed screenshots*

If you never heard of .7z file format (which has the best compression there's for now) use the link below

Backup link in case Gamefront goes dead


Submitted: 05-23-2010 / Last Updated: 02-18-2011
In case you wish to use a GUI of your choosing, use this file to have the GUI files used in the override compilation to help remove them.
Submitted: 05-23-2010 / Last Updated:
Extract to \NeverwinterNights\NWN External Website Beyond Our Control
2 votes
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Menu background featuring the latest NWN wallpaper by Bioware. As can be seen by its crudeness, this is crafted by me, but I sort of like and use it. gui_pre_bknd1.tga and gui_pre_bknd2.tga are the relevant files.

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Comments (12):

Posted by Thezibaim at 2012-07-30 10:28:10    Voted 10.00 on 07/30/12
Wonderful !

Posted by Celorn at 2011-06-12 13:50:50    Voted 9.00 on 06/12/11
2 things... 1. This is pretty cool for newer nwn players, it's got nearly all the overrides I've personally added in over the years myself. 2. If you look at WoW addon sites like, there are things called 'addon packs' which would be a cool type of thing to see here, you don't need author permissions, just assemble your favorite group of overrides into 1 package, all automatically metalinked. If you had to make modifications you would need a 'diff-pack' that would have to go in after all the overrides in order to tweak things to work well together.

Posted by elagneros at 2011-05-15 18:17:53    
I like the menu background. You should put it up as a stand-alone file for people who don't feel like digging through the whole archive.

Posted by denderman at 2011-04-20 03:26:07    
Oh failfront you've failed me yet again.

Thanks for noticing, reuploaded and refreshed the link. I was wise to set up a backup link last time it seems.

Posted by Kraven_Khor at 2011-04-17 05:37:02    
Sorry never mind, just saw the back up link. my apologies.

Posted by Kraven_Khor at 2011-04-17 05:35:26    
link is dead, could you re upload it please? thanks in advance.

Posted by ILikeKillAndYou at 2011-02-02 07:54:31    
Script, Spell fix compilation by ILikeKillAndYou

I suggest you add ILikeKillAndYou & Shadoow (v5+), since he worked on the last version.

Posted by Jedijax at 2010-05-29 12:50:55    
Hahahaha! No, I didn't mean "YOU" were a dilemma, Sixesthrice, I just named the "dilemma after you; by this, I mean there are authors who would like their work to be left "as is", undisturbed in terms of modification, out of other's compilations, or simply would like to have a polite request.

For example, I recently suggested Chico to add your canopies from Wildlands and Snowy Wildlands into his NWNCQ, but he mentioned he would respect your wishes and not include them in place of Lord of Wormz's.

Sorry if I gave a wrong impression! :D

Posted by denderman at 2010-05-24 12:33:14    
Yes, I can understand one being sensitive about having his/her work used in a compilation. My aim with that pack was not only to pack up the best overrides of the vault but also deliver them working together. I know people, as I used to be, downloading good stuff from the vault but gets to discard some of them because he/she can not have them all working together.

Also yes, it was impolite not to ask for permission but I beg to be understood with emphaty. Nearly 20 authors' work is included most of whom are long gone from the nwn community. I've seen many packs and compilations none of which says a thing about consent, so I thought giving links to original works for credits should suffice. I credited Cervantes' compilation only because it includes some remodels that's even extinct (ettin by ziroc) or modified only there (DLA ogres). I shall rearrange my credit links and give links to each work seperately.

So, if it leads to uncomfort for any author I'd rearrange or remove the compilation. I'd take no offence and hope I've inflicted none.

Posted by _six_six_six_ at 2010-05-24 09:55:35    
While I have no problem with my undead and weapons being up here. It might've been nice to link to the original pages instead of just Cervantes' compilation, and it was a bit impolite not to ask, maybe, but I'm not going to complain. I wasn't aware I was a 'dilemma' either - I guess you learn something new every day. Actually I thought I'd consented to your request a long time ago, Jedijax, but now I look back I at my post it seems I never actually gave you an answer.

Anyway, looks like there's a nice collection of different stuffs here. Haven't tried your set out myself, but I have quite a few of these lying around in override myself - good choices.
--- What can Q do for you? ---
Undead Redux 2 | Wild Woods Tileset

Posted by denderman at 2010-05-23 23:36:57    
I thought I was following the nwn community but somehow must've missed that. What is limited with what dilemma? I know sixesthrice (_six_six_six_) from his submissions on the vault. Is it wrong to give links to the authors I have compiled creations of?

Posted by Jedijax at 2010-05-23 19:30:27    
Is it possible to do this without author consent? The reason I have not released my heavily modified NWN is because none of its upgrades are mine, save for model mixes, animation fixes, and texture editions. Isn't this limited by the "Sixesthrice" dilemma?

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