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Title  New PrCs and Spells; the Rain project
Author  DirgeSinger
Submitted / Updated  08-19-2006 / 08-20-2006
Category  Prestige Classes
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Druids gain mastery over the weather; casters of all types can teleport themselves from one place to the next; you can choose from 8 new PrCs, most designed out all the way to level 30!

This package is another release from my efforts on my module, found here:
Here's the new PrCs, and little snippets about them:

Blade of Weylin: The ultimate assassin class, Blades progress down a path that focuses them toward doing the most damage possible on sneak attacks.

Darkmaster: designed to be a strong alternative to shadowdancer; they automatically gain foci in helpful feats for stealth, and also gain concealment.

Dragon Spawn: On Rain, it is believed most dragons have two forms. One, humanoid--this is easier to maintain, and more restful. The second, their dragon form. The Dragon Spawn have recently appeared, not quite true dragons in that until they are fully 'mature' in their power, they cannot assume dragon form at all. Even then, it is not stable...

This is the elite arm of the Alliance scouts, trained to be versatile to perform all kinds of missions. They know the wildlands well, being able to traverse them unnoticed. They are trained to constantly be on alert as well, and are hard to catch unaware.

Unique amongst PrCs developed for NWN, the Mender class has some of the most simple gameplay design ever, yet can be extremely fun. Menders are servants of the Titan (goddess) of Life/Health on Rain, and from her they gain the ability to transfer life essence from their enemies to themselves, or from themselves to their allies.

Jacks-of-all-trades and surely charmers, they are known for being excellent light-swordsmen, for their charisma, and for their ability to hold their drink. In fact, some special brews seem to make them -better- at what they do...

The opposite of Weapon Masters, Warlords are specialized in no weapon, but increasingly proficient in all.

Wild Heart:
A worshipper of the Titan of Animals, the Wild Heart is a powerful opponent with nothing more than their bare hands. Where Monks train for ages, and bring their body under precise control, the Wild Heart learns to follow their animal instincts instantly.

Two existing PrCs are also modified to extend their use: the Arcane Archer becomes the "Mystic Archer" (and loses the arcane requirement), and the Harper Scout goes all the way to level 30 in its new "Errant" form!

This pack also modifies several spells (including making Knock and Find Traps more MP friendly) but also adds a number of new ones! Here's the list--you'll have to try them out IG, or take a look at the included readme files for more information.

Teleport (Dimension Door), Greater Teleport, Mass Teleport, Control Weather, Maelstrom, Greater Iron Horn, Sonic Cone, Take Root, Speed, and Mass Speed.

As you can see, bards and druids are the main benefitters, but all casters get something. :)

If you enjoy this package, please let me know (and maybe leave a vote. ;) ) If you use this package in your own work, I'd love to hear about it!



Submitted: 08-19-2006 / Last Updated: 08-21-2006
A demo mod, the needed hak, en .erf with the scripts and items, some readmes all in this download. --Control Weather fixed Aug 21.
Submitted: 08-19-2006 / Last Updated:
needed .tlk file from my module page.
1 votes
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Comments (5):

Posted by Dirgesinger at 2006-08-21 08:44:24    
@hympyke: Thanks for the report. I believe it should be fixed, now--needed to update some parts of those lines in spells.2da, and the scripts in the .erf and .mod. So the whole download got updated with the correction.

Aspiring author; NWN builder and DM.
"Sethal's Progeny: Wisdom of Wyrms" now on the Vault in closed beta!

Posted by hympyke at 2006-08-20 23:00:14    
Eh, no, sorry, the demo mod is buggy, not the hak.

Posted by hympyke at 2006-08-20 22:59:30    
I'm import, but buggy.. The control weather-thing is "bad streef".

Posted by Dirgesinger at 2006-08-20 12:54:55    
It did indeed, Hugie, it did indeed. :) I'm simply lucky with this project that I basically had the corpse of a nearly-whole PW to cannibalize. :P I have another 10 PrCs 1/3-1/2 done, and several more that had basic work done on them for that project. o.O Some day I may try to finish off the more polished ones.

As for SP: WoW... so close!! :P
Aspiring author; NWN builder and DM.
"Sethal's Progeny: Wisdom of Wyrms" now on the Vault in closed beta!

Posted by Hugie at 2006-08-20 12:46:34    Voted 10.00 on 08/20/06
Looks like a whole bucketload of work went into this; excellent job. I'm certainly looking forward to playing SP: WoW once it's released... :)
[My (Important) Submissions] [My Website: Link]

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