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Title  OJH Override Pack HotU v3.1
Author  OJH
Submitted / Updated  05-29-2003 / 12-10-2004
Category  Combos - Armor
Expansions  Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU)
Updated 12-11-04, for 1.64 patch.

This is the override pack that's used on my semi-persistant world. I would like to state that I did not make ANY of these fine heads, clothes, etc. If the creators take offense, I'll take it down. It's not a true hak, as all the files go into the override directory. Special thanks to Lisa for her excellent haks, I don't think there's anyone in the NWN community that DOESN'T appreciate your work.


Submitted: 05-29-2003 / Last Updated: 12-10-2004
3 votes
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Comments (124):

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Posted by Rain_of_Blades at 2012-01-09 00:51:36    
I see that Taro, its Rain, use to roll with you in Blood Angels back on OJH before jumping out then back in and out again lol, the blue monk...

Posted by SirAtlas at 2010-08-29 00:31:03    
Hey all. Just found a link to this in my backup drive. Brings back memories!

I'm still playing NWN!

Shoot me an email at if you are an old veteran of Harwyndale and Tycinvell
Taro Atlas
Varus Castellan

Posted by Hail_to_the_vodka ( ) at 2006-01-12 19:45:21    
Okay, you fess up to being an idiot..... Then you go back to saying the same crap you were saying before.... You're not making much sence here... But the server is dead and it's time to say bon voyage.... I just look occastionally to see if someone comes on saying: "Oh, the server isn't gone! It's back and better than ever!"

Posted by SwiftBlackNinjaMan ( ) at 2005-11-11 15:10:02    
Rofl. Wow reading over some of this shit... I was such an idiot. The funny part is OJH was even more of an idiot. I did have fun playing NWN despite OJH's countless attempts to ruin it.

Posted by Hail_to_the_Vodka ( ) at 2005-10-14 15:15:31    
Wow, I've just been reading this and it makes me remember the good old days..... I've been playing World of Warcraft... I tried to come back to NWN, but all the good servers were gone.

Posted by OpiumVanDerPol ( ) at 2005-07-11 22:51:18    
Wonder whatever happened to OJH, I intended to come back after a little six month hiatus and it stretches out to a year-long hiatus and the server's gone. Ah well, if any of the old players who haven't turned into social server, cyberwhores want to meet up with the old crew, several of them hang out in some of the local vault servers.

Posted by clocknova at 2005-06-21 16:02:40    
Please upload a version of this hak in a form other than .exe so that Mac and Linux users can use it. It's useless to me as it is. Thanks.

Posted by OJH at 2004-03-25 14:33:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
"this man is going to walk out with several things OJH DOESNT have. Dignity. Integrety. Pride. And last of all, a life.
Laterz " Apparently not only are your attacks completely pulled from thin air, but you're also a hypocrite. If you -had- a life, you wouldn't bother to keep attacking me on a file comment section which noone cares about.

Posted by SwiftBlackNinjaMan ( ) at 2004-03-25 13:43:00    
Looks like I made a good prediction. OJH is not man enough to admit his flaws.

Posted by arenus obscurus ( ) at 2004-03-25 09:52:00    
May I remind people that OJH rules the server, he can do whatever he wants.

OJH I might have a tip for a rule you might wish to considder, no items for above lvl 20. This will make people have to chose between AC 60 or a lethal attack power, and whit that prevent a lot of trouble by pvp'ers and powergamers.

Now I hope we can cut the chatter about the server, because not all that is is OJH server. Don't get me wrong but there are many people out there who would like to here more about the pack then about the server.

Posted by OJH at 2004-03-25 06:30:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Your accusations of DM logging are as baseless as they are laughable. Stop trying to powergame and I won't -have- to make more rules. It's extremely hard to make rules for every powergamer under the sun because you people keep finding new ways to be idiots.

Posted by OJH at 2004-03-25 06:30:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Your accusations of DM logging are as baseless as they are laughable. Stop trying to powergame and I won't -have- to make more rules. It's extremely hard to make rules for every powergamer under the sun because you people keep finding new ways to be idiots.

Posted by sephlim ( ) at 2004-03-25 05:12:00    
I agree with Swift COMPLETELY. When I first joined this module ((Who knows how long ago that was)) I was randomed for having a bugged item that I didnt even know about ((Like the torches having bumloads of spell bonuses)). Had that been in the rules, or had you paid enough attention when you made that module, you could have prevented alot of newbies alot of trouble. But soon after, I started playing a character named Manifest. And I attacked a chair out of roleplaying reasons, but I was killed by Crim. I told him it was RP caused because he was angry, I think you might have been there when I did it. But did you bother telling him to NOT attack me? No. And you pull rules out when somehting isnt going your way, like when people beat you, you log on as a DM and have your revenge. News flash: ITS A GAME. You cant always have it your way with NWN. Its losers like you that made me quit NWN.

Posted by Azraelt ( ) at 2004-03-24 15:35:00    
Aero, you're a delusional narcissist with a dysfunctional keyboard or a dysfunctional mind. Good Riddance.

Posted by OJH at 2004-03-24 14:47:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Cute. Tasteless. And completely asinine. Your very characterization of your characters ("one genius PvP Charector" who (didn't) "complied completely under OJHs rules." (Nevermind that you decided to take advantage of several hidden game functions that I didn't know of at the time.)) speaks volumes of your intent on the server (to powergame and pvp) and shows -why- you were banned. I -highly- doubt anyone cares what you write, as your ban was demanded of me by perhaps eighty percent of the current server population on account of your insufferable powergaming and randoming. Aero: Nobody cares. Oh, and learn to spell before you embarass yourself again.

Posted by MinionOfHell ( ) at 2004-03-20 17:48:00    
Just wondering OJH, why am i banned on sight? I didnt do any thing, and the INAREAtele was smith.Would appreciate a reply

Posted by OJH at 2004-03-19 10:12:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Alright listen, this is not a forum to comment on the server, don't use it as one.

Posted by Nasher ( ) at 2004-03-19 00:47:00    
Umm, you get pissed at me for useing my Nasher char and say its not allowed. put it in the rules list in the journal and i will respect that.

Posted by Nasher ( ) at 2004-03-19 00:46:00    
Umm, you get pissed at me for useing my Nasher char and say its not allowed. put it in the rules list in the journal and i will respect that.

Posted by OJH at 2004-02-20 10:37:16    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 10   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 10   Ease of Use 8   Quality Control 10   

Posted by LordEzzat at 2004-02-20 10:37:01    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 10   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 10   Ease of Use 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:04:29    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 1 that made this score of 10.

Posted by Manifest ( ) at 2004-02-13 15:30:00    
Ya know what? This module looks better now. I was just killed in Siflige for being a dragon, so Im going to install this and play here instead. Ive had it before, but I guess it screwed my computer. Lets hope it dont happen again.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-02-09 18:16:00    
can someone tell me whats been going on in the server? I have been gone for soo long

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-01-19 15:39:00    
I have a question about the modules veteran thing.. Lets say someone who was level 40 had a friend whom he reccomended the module to. If the veteran said he was a good roleplayer, do you believe him because hes been around for a long time? This isnt a post saying that you treat the vets with special goodies, but saying if you would believe him. I think that they should bring excrepts (spellcheck?) from some of their roleplaying experiences, such as emailing screenshots. But this may be complictaed... Oh well, nice cloths, could use some custom weapons, nice all around

Posted by SwiftBlackNinjaMan ( ) at 2004-01-15 13:28:00    
I was unbanned and I post here to give a perspective from a person people know and trust who knows the whole story.

Posted by Arenus Obscurus ( ) at 2004-01-15 08:23:00    
I must say OJH is the best local vault rp server I know, thats my opinion all of you have the right to think otherwise. If you dont like the server, I dont believe anyone forces you to go there... For those who are not interisted in my opinion abou the server: The OJH pack is a good pack and is recomendable for anyone who wants those extra suits and placables whitout having people to download a hack for the server/ module they want to try (if they dont want to download a hack before trying the mod/server).

Posted by Nuetral person ( ) at 2004-01-14 15:38:00    
First of all, OJH has the best local vault RP server.I realized that ater playing at other shi.t holes Compared to Siflige,and damn social servers who call thems selfs RP servers such as City of Slaves OJH is a paridise. They ban for talking bad about ADMS IC or murdering them, they also jail with out trying to use force, ADMS also accept bribes and jail random players and or pass out ADM items (that is siflige) and ban for making a character that insults others IC and take IC actions perosnly OOC (city of slaves). The over ride is awsome. Every one has the right to judge the server, thats my opinion. I think you need to hear both sides of every story. If you never heard the people who got banned,you wouldnt know what not to do.If you never hear the people who like the place no one would come. You might also come to the server and get banned yourself if you didnt hear the banned peoples views. If you want to stay at OJH's server
1. Dont argue with DMs over nothing. Such as item restriction rules, you CANT win.
2 Dont Bring a character you were warned about twice.
3 dont Relog 5 seconds after you die, that pisses DMs and players off
4 Even if you are right it is usually best for you to agree with dm and do what they say. I hate doing this too becasue i dont like going down with out a fight but they do have more power and can boot/ ban you.
5 Dont use telestones to bypass or bypass epic level character screening another way It s a ban on sight. Only vets can be lvl 40

Posted by OJH at 2004-01-14 14:46:00    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Fifteen. Mmhm, how quick to judge. One thing, don't judge my server based on the 'opinions' of the idiots I've banned. Seems rather foolish to judge my server based on the sentiments of people who were judged unworthy to be in it.

Posted by junglistgamer ( ) at 2004-01-13 07:18:00    
Heh im glad i don't play on this server and from reading posts from boh sides i'm glad i don't know any of you in game or even speak to you. What are you all 15 or younger? You sure act like it. Be glad you don't play a mmorpg on a RP server all of you would be banned and wasted 50$ to buy it. You guys arn't even mature enough to take your e-peen issues to a real forum or a chat room you have to make everyone else read your garbage posts that have nothing to do with this file-set. I was going to see what this was about until i read all this garbage.Children trying to role-play isnt going to happen sorry they arn't mature enough to understand the concepts of it and from what i've seen of the owner of this server here he along with his buddies and his enemies to are all about 15. Don't waste your time playing here for the many obvious reasons stated below. This is board trolls at its best and not even on a message board heh.Seriously move along this server isnt worth it.

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