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Title  Trapporium V2.56983733333
Author  Firehazurd and Lacero
Submitted / Updated  05-02-2003 / 05-02-2003
Category  Other
Expansions  NWN - 1.29 or lower
Well after hours and hours of painstackingly playing video games while lacero scripted... I have managed to make this wonderful mod and all of the content with no help from anyone else... especially lacero, who didn't help at all... well he might have looked at it, and maybe even wrote the scripts... but I did all the hard stuff. So there.

This is an update for Fire's Trapporium, it has fancy schmancy scripts that do fancy schmancy stuff. Added to the hak is support for new trap kit types (custom#1 - custom#10) for the new traps. This means that you can recover and set the traps again. In the mod, however, only the razor wire is totally recoverable (because it was the only one that was practicle) the rest will give you a kit but it will be called the remains of the trap, this trap will only set a minor spike trap. Have fun.


Submitted: 05-02-2003 / Last Updated: 05-02-2003
3 votes
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Comments (25):

Posted by soulmartian at 2004-04-25 10:36:00    
I downloaded and installed the CEP pack... I just want to know how to set up the projectile traps.
Can I be Emailed or download just the readme file for them?

-- j

Posted by fatgato at 2004-02-20 10:36:47    Voted 9.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 10   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 5   Ease of Use 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by abates at 2004-02-20 10:35:18    Voted 7.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 8   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 10   Ease of Use 3   Quality Control 4   

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:04:28    Voted 7.50 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 4 that made this score of 7.50.

Posted by fatgato ( ) at 2003-10-24 19:25:00    
Ok we got some of the traps to work . I am having trouple with the flood trap not drowning. The Rolling rock only works after I reset it. The Whirling blade dont even trigger. all the other work fine. Was wondering if you could give me some pointers why its not working?

Posted by Adrian ( ) at 2003-10-17 03:15:00    
I love these traps but I’m sure a lot of people struggle to use them. Here is a quick guide that I worked out for myself.

1. Load the ‘Traps Galore’ module into the toolset.
2. Export all the scripts, the placeables and the traps
3. Import this erf into your module.
4. Add the following line to your On Module load event --> Edit, Module Properties, Event Tab:
ExecuteScript(“trap_on_load”, OBJECT_SELF);

The placeables.2da file supplied with the hak is a bit of a mess and references all sorts of extra custom content that you are not going to have. If you are not using any other custom content then this is not an issue and everything should work fine. Proceed to step 7.

5. If you have your own custom content then the lines from the 2da that you require are:

309 WallTrap **** wallblade **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
310 PitTrapIn **** pittrapin **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
311 PitTrapMe **** pittrapme **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
312 RockTrap **** rocktrap **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
313 FallBrick **** fallingrock **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
314 SwingRock **** swingingrock **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
315 SwingBlade **** swingingblade **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
315 RazorWire **** razorwire **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
316 WhirlTrap **** whirlblade **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
317 FloodTrap **** floodtrap **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06
318 WallTrap **** crushingwall **** **** **** **** 22 1 0 PLC_M06

You will notice that there are actually 2 number 315 in this so I’m not sure how this will work for those that don’t change the file. Obviously, those that are incorporating this hak pack into their own will renumber these anyway.

6. If you have renumbered the hak pack you will need to update the appearance of the imported placeables.

7. Right, you are ready to use the traps now. This is all described quite well in the trap_readme SCRIPT so have a read of that as I am not going to reproduce it here.

Hope all of this helps people to use these traps as they are truly excellent additions to NWN world.


Posted by Whalebones ( ) at 2003-07-20 08:50:00    
sure... great works... need some upgrade to work nice with 1.30/sou ?

Posted by Lacero ( ) at 2003-06-26 11:20:00    
Crushing wall doesn't really work, the animation fire did is great but it goes straight through people.

It's very hard to make sure people are forced back by the wall and then crushed. So we left it out.

Posted by Lost Dragon ( ) at 2003-05-16 22:01:00    
There seems to be a trap in the hak that isn't in the module. Crushing wall? How do I use that.

Posted by Ghool ( ) at 2003-05-08 13:32:00    
Just a suggestion. A readme on how to use the traps would help. I've managed to figure it out...I think. It would be very helpful if you included which custom traps activate what placeable. Great Hak btw, it was a much needed addition.

Posted by Lacero ( ) at 2003-05-06 17:23:00    
I know it's simple to add it, I saying players shouldn't be able to do it. The engine rolls the reflex save to see if your character manages to move out of the way in time, if we added this there'd be no need for a reflex save at all as the players skill at avoiding traps tells us if he dodged it or not.

If you want to change the scripts to use player skill rather than character skill then feel free, I prefer them being based off of character skill.

Posted by Tim ( ) at 2003-05-06 12:40:00    
The point is that you can delay the checks, at the moment the traps really strike (visually) the script should check if the target is still in range, and then do the reflex save and apply the damage and/or other effects. I allready adepted one of the scripts to do that, its quite simple. You just need some sort of formule to calculate when the trap strikes. I did it with the spinning blade, and i am planning to do it with the rolling stone.

Posted by Firehazurd ( ) at 2003-05-05 11:10:00    
I thought I had made a new 2da, oh well I'll look at that and fix it up. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about when it comes to the little animations and stuff, perhaps some elaboration would help :)

Posted by Lacero ( ) at 2003-05-05 10:45:00    
Tim, you shouldn't be able to run out of range. You get a reflex save for almost every trap. The delay in the trap appaearing is the only reason you are able to run away and thats an artifact of the engine, which Vel is trying to help us fix.

Vel, I don't really understand. Fire does all the hakpak / animation stuff, when he sees this he can tell me what to code and I'll do it. Thanks though, it sounds like it will work much better like that.

Posted by Velmar ( ) at 2003-05-05 09:34:00    
Lacero, I don`t know if you are aware of it, but you can
use more animcycles on placeables...
You could add the 'close' 'close2open' 'open' 'open2close'
cycle to the current on/off cycle.
(Or other way round, I`m not aware which one you are using).
That way you`ll have enough anims to make it work.
Use one fix animstate for the HCR visualization.


Posted by Tim Stokman ( ) at 2003-05-05 07:57:00    
Your placeable.2da is a total mess. There are about a hundred entries who refer to nothing. I discoved this when i tried to combine your hak. You should correct this, its quite irritating.

Posted by Tim stokman ( ) at 2003-05-05 07:42:00    
This is awesome, gonna use this in my mod for sure!
Some suggestions:
1) boulder trap has to be slower
2) do the damage calculations when the damage is applied, now if i run out of the traps range the damage is still applied to me.
3) make the traps visible, the fade-in delay is just too slow
4) Make more traps, spear traps, arrow traps, snake trap etc.
5) some of the animations are too short, those swinging blades and axes should last longer

I hope you won't mind if i adept some of your scripts. Some could use some improvement. Thx alot for your addition, i love it,


Posted by Lacero ( ) at 2003-05-05 07:38:00    
Kujo, the rotating blades should play a sound. NWN support for sounds in scripting is fairly brittle though so I'll have to have another go.

Vel, interesting idea. The reason the traps are created and then triggered is because with the HCR version we can detect when someone examines the trap. So when the trap is examined we can create the untriggered trap for a few seconds, and then play the animation if someone sets it off.

Also if someone flags a trap in HCR we can display the placeable permanently.

Unfortunately we can't do this method and yours with the same model, and Biowares traps don't let us know when someone examines or flags them. Also with your method when you reset a trap it would return to it's untriggered state and then suddenly disappear, unlike now where it fades out. Thats a small point though.

I guess whether there are seperate haks for HCR and normal is up to Fire.

Posted by Velmar ( ) at 2003-05-05 06:44:00    
This is brilliant !
I love all of the traps, and I want more...
Arrow traps, spear traps etc...

A suggestion, though....
You seem to create most of the traps after the trap has
been triggered. That is quite elegant, scriptingwise,
but the delay caused by this is too long.
(The trapmodel fades in and THEN fires it`s anim) .
A better way to achieve a trapspring effect is
to set the 'default' anim to triggered position for
placement in the toolset, then set all trapmodels
to 'off' (maybe do that on_load, like you do it now) .

Now a slight modification of the animation where the model
is set to be out of sight (say z=+/-5000) in the 'off' animation. Then in the 'off2on' anim`s first keyframe
make the object jump to it`s correct position
(be sure that transtime is 0 ) and then run through the
rest of the 'off2on' anim.

And add a little swinging to the swing types in 'on' anim,
just for flavor.

That way you only have to set the animation to 'on' when
a trap is triggered and it will fire instantly without

Again, I love this and really would like to see it improved.


Posted by Kujo ( ) at 2003-05-05 01:01:00    
good improvment...just slow down the boulder and to sincronize activation and damage u can delay damage or trap's effect, id like some sound on trap activation and when they r moving like rotating blades and others

Posted by Firehazurd ( ) at 2003-05-04 21:59:00    
Yeah the mod is called Traps Galore and it was in the exe with the hak.

Posted by sly ( ) at 2003-05-04 21:27:00    
excuse my ignorance, but is there a sample module or something to check this out at? I am assuming there is and I am just too dense to find it from the bottom comment..

Posted by Lacero ( ) at 2003-05-04 17:43:00    
I'll answer questions related to scripting. Fire can answer, uh, the other one...

2) You have to disarm a trap on a door before it will open. This is an engine thing, the alternative is making the trap One Shot. If you wanted pit traps that can't be reset you could do that in your mod, or you could not link resetable traps to doors.

3) Spinning blades might need some work. When you run through an open pit trap you should always have to roll a reflex save, and if you pass you don't fall in. The green "Reflex Save" effect will also display if you pass.

4) There are two scripting effects we can use to hide they plyers model, neither always works. The alternative is to teleport the player to a seperate area and blind and deafen them so they don't know anyone else is around. Or even have a seperate area for every pit trap. If lots of people want either of these say so and I'll do it, it's not hard at all it's just the way it is seemed the best to us.

5) I guess I forgot to remove the slow effect on disarm. Easily fixed if so. (Yep, I did. Thats what happens when you add features at the last minute).

6) I could add a delay to the damage section. Not a difficult thing to do so I will.

Thanks for the critisism. It makes stuff better for everyone, if people complain politely and in numbers these things get done sooner :)

Posted by Firehazurd ( ) at 2003-05-04 17:38:00    
I'll answer your points to the best of my ability
1. I'll slow it down even more I suppose, I really didn't want to give the player a chance to move out of the way because even if they did they would still get damaged.
2. You have to disarm the trap because there is still a hole in the ground, while you do have to actually get to the door to disarm it, you could role play having climbed out the other side.
3. All of the traps (to my knowledge) remain where they where after being triggered, this was done so that we could reset the traps, and because we couldn't place a trigger with a script we just left the trigger and did some funky magic with it.
4. The disappear and appear animations must not be absoulute *shrugs* I think thats a game engine thing.
5. Not sure but did you disarm the actual trap or did you use the switch? it might have been something along those lines.
6. I believe the script triggering the trap spawns in the placeable. This was done because in techniclly spotting the trap you also spot the 'placeable', and because you can't tie into the event of spotting the trap.

I appreciate the comments, keep em coming.

Posted by puff ( ) at 2003-05-04 16:43:00    
First of all I want to say thanks for the wonderful work you're doing with these traps, they really look awesome. However, there are still a few problems with them. I don't know if some of these are animation or scripting problems, so I'm not sure if you can fix them all yourself or if you'll have to get your friend to, um, not help again ;). Anyway, I'm just going to list them out and get it over with:
1) The boulder still rolls a bit too fast, in my opinion.
2) I couldn't get past the first door with the pit trap right in front of it. Each time I clicked on the door it said "Trap triggered!" again and wouldn't open. I had to move the module's starting point in the toolset to play through the rest of it.
3) Half the time, after I triggered a pit trap or the spinning blades once, I could run through it repeatedly and, while it would still say the trap was being triggered, it wouldn't always give the damage or effects.
4) Often, when triggering a pit trap, instead of "disappearing" and being paralyzed, I would be paralyzed and running in place on top of the pit.
5) In the water room I was still slowed even after the trap was disarmed and the water was gone. The door was also locked so I could not exit, but I suppose this could have been intentional (other than that I think this trap was the greatest improvement - I especially liked the "blub, glug" effect).
6) OftenI would be injured by a trap even before I saw it. Mainly the wall spikes, pendulum, and swinging stone traps. Maybe some others, too, but I can't remember.

Phew. Okay, those are the things that I actually think count as "bugs", although some might just be me being picky. There are a few more things I'd like to add that are just personal preference. Mainly, I think the pendulum and the swinging stone traps would look so much cooler if they were swinging side to side across the hallways instead of vertically down the middle of them. The swinging stones would also be great if there were two of them swinging towards each other from opposite sides so that they smash together in the middle. The last thing is that I think that the wall spikes look a bit too cartoon-y and out of place. The rest or the models look amazing, but I think this one would be better if the spikes were a bit longer and skinnier, and also a darker color than the light gray/white they are now.

Overall, I think these traps are wonderful, and a huge improvement to the ones that came with the game. Also, I know you people probably have jobs and stuff and can spend all day building things people like me suggest, but unfortunately I don't know much about modeling, animation, or scripting, so I have to content myself with providing constructive criticism to people like you. So here's my criticism, use it if it suits you. :)

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