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Title  Rural City Wall Addon
Author  Janus
Submitted / Updated  12-28-2002 / 01-19-2003
Category  Tilesets
Expansions  NWN - 1.29 or lower
The purpose of this is to be able to simulate a real city wall with the Rural/City combination tileset originally by Cathoris, with some nice modifications by Velmar. What you can do with this is have a wall with cobble on one side, and rural grass on the other going all the way to the base of the wall, instead of having cobble on both sides.. it just doesn't look like a wall to me that way. Hence this :) Also a re-done City Gate is added with rural grass one the outside part of it, and the Elevated Towers so you can simulate a real wall turrent or guard post along the wall. I only did straight peices of wall, not including the one tile that has a plant recesed into the wall, and the outside corner peice. I didn't see the point in doing the inside small corner. UPDATE: 1/19/03. Added the raised tiles with water near them to add grass to them, at the request of someone.. They look very good and complete the set. (So far :D)


Submitted: 12-28-2002 / Last Updated: 01-19-2003
3 votes
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Comments (24):

Posted by DOA at 2004-02-20 10:35:48    Voted 10.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 10   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 10   Ease of Use 10   Quality Control 10   

Posted by Oberyno at 2004-02-20 10:35:47    Voted 8.00 on 02/20/04
Overall: 9   Usefulness: 10   Value for Size 10   Ease of Use 5   Quality Control 6   

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:04:21    Voted 9.67 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 3 that made this score of 9.67.

Posted by Janus ( ) at 2003-05-31 20:38:00    
Sorry I've been away and not responsive for so long.. I've been dealing with Real Life stuff.. so now I'm back :) I'll see what I can do on the problems listed :)

Posted by yetro ( ) at 2003-05-27 22:53:00    
the point of is to be able to make something like this:
_______ _____ ______ ________
____ | | __GATE___ | | _____
| |_| | | |_| |
|_______| |_______|

... somthing like this.. hope its cleare..

so, greetings..

Posted by Gestalt ( ) at 2003-03-16 13:26:00    
Excellent work, these tiles came in really handy for making the border fort for Lord of Blight: Chapter Two.

Just one possible bug I've found - on tcn01_o13_02 (the elevated tower tile with grass on the outside) there seems to be a problem with the pathfinding / wok. If you place a grass elevated tower in a length of raised city terrain and then try running past it along the top of that wall, when you get to the left edge (looking outwards) of the tower tile you run up against an invisible barrier.

Otherwise it works a treat.

Posted by Yetro ( ) at 2003-03-09 02:22:00    
Just to say that the pack has an error, the door of city
doors rural dont appear.. this happend for a wrong number
on the set file.. this can be fix by changing type of the
second door of the tile 585 to 41, before was 125. Another
thing is that one tile is missing: the wall curve with
grass in the interior ground.
Eitherway the pak rocks.

Sorry for my english..

PD: if something is not cleare( the missing tile) i am
willing to post an image or something, a screenshots of
the toolset or game.

Posted by Janus ( ) at 2003-01-07 12:42:00    
Well on things that involve Velmar's fixes, I defer to
him :) I will look at doing the other tiles you asked for
that are fixes to the grass by the water.. I've looked at
it before, just abandoned it :)


Posted by tyrgris ( ) at 2003-01-07 02:01:00    

Man, I just realized that the problem I am talking about
I think would be Velmars Adjustment for Rural/City. Since
it has to do with the .mdl size of the one I am talking
about. I didn't think of it before since I got his hak
since it is needed for your work. But if you are going to
fix it, well then Way too cool guy :) ... Anyway, there
is the othe one I mentioned in my e-mail to you that is
from your hak, so atleast I wasn't totally in error asking
for a fix :) .... Let us all know if you and Velmar are
going to fix them two little things ... Thanks a million
times over for doing this great work. Bioware should take
pointers from you guys on how to make tilesets ;)

Thanks again....

Posted by tyrgris ( ) at 2003-01-07 01:44:00    
Janus, thanks for all the support on this. Please let me
know when you got a fix or a link to the fix. Thanks again
for all your superb work.

Posted by Janus ( ) at 2003-01-06 10:18:00    
Tyrgris, I sent an e-mail to you about your request.

Posted by Tyrgris ( ) at 2003-01-06 00:20:00    
Janus, the wall addon is a dream come true. Just what I
have been waiting for to do my city. But I have found one
tile not to be modified which I feel completes the combo.
I know the corner wall still has cobble, that one is fine.
But if you go to make a raised rural along the edge and
put trees on top then put a tree along the edge next to
the cliff you can then place a tree on the cliff along the
edge so it fills in that last spot. However, the tile for
that is still the original height. Would you mind making a
fix for it. I would really appreciate it if you could.
Thanks again for a great addon for the rural/city combo...

Posted by Janus ( ) at 2003-01-02 18:22:00    
Thank you for that information.. :)


Posted by MMAzrael ( ) at 2003-01-02 16:37:00    
For everyone - This addition will only have a problem with
the door IF you have Velmar's Underground City 1.4 included
in the same hak. If you see below, I was having some
problems. The issue is the doortypes.2da. Unlike other 2da
files, the doortypes hasn't been kept well track of and
often gets overwritten. Anyways, the problem is that Janus
refers to door 125 which courtesy of Velmar's Underground
City is a TempleDoor. All the needs to be done **IF AN ONLY
value for the door in the tvn01.set file. the Tile is 585
and the Door is #0. Change it from 125 to 121.

Posted by MMAzrael ( ) at 2003-01-01 18:20:00    

I created a new hak...just the rural city by Vel and it
works fine by itself. When I add your update, there is NO
door in that section. All other doors work fine.

As for the other problem that I posted, I found the problem
for that. I accidently deleted some textures. But anyways,
when I have just Vel's RuralCity and your addition, NO door
appears (but there is a door in the area list). When I
click on the door, I'm told that there is no model. Now
there aren't any UDoor's in the list of files. I've gone
through your .set file and I notice that you're missing a
definition for the actual door. Looking at the City
Exterior (tnc01.set) file, you see how tile 237 (? not
looking at it at the moment) has two doors associated with
it. Your City Rural Gate only has on door associated with

Posted by MMAzrael ( ) at 2002-12-31 18:17:00    

I don't know if it's me or if it's the tileset but for the
Rural City Gate I'm not getting the double doors. I'm
getting a small metal door. I'm having other problems with
some doors. Below is another posting that I left on one of
Vel's tilesets.

Vel & Co

I'm not sure which of your tilesets exactly is doing this
but I was under the impression that this (underground city
1.4) tileset would fix it. All my doors are white and lack
textures. I shouldn't say all, but any like City Gates, or
double door type tiles all have white doors. I actually
haven't looked in-game to see how they turn out but still.

Now here's the odd part, all the doors work fine on your
Underground 1.4 City. But they don't look right on your
Rural/City (or any other custom tileset) or any of the
standard tilesets either.

I've made sure the models are there and they are, in fact,
there. All the textures are there however they textures MAY
be wrong. I haven't opened them up in Photoshop yet but I
can't see 15+ textures being wrong at once. The reason I
bring this to you is because the problem started after I
added your Underground City 1.4 and rural/city to my hak.

Was curious if you (or anybody) has any ideas on either
what's going on or how to fix it. Thanks!!!!

Posted by Tar'Rin ( ) at 2002-12-31 15:08:00    
Sorry, was importing an erf from different package. Not
your program!!

Posted by Janus ( ) at 2002-12-31 14:14:00    
Importing? What are you trying to import, there wasn't
a .erf with the package. These files have to be added to
a hakpak to work with the toolset.


Posted by Tar'Rin ( ) at 2002-12-31 13:01:00    
I really like the idea but while importing it I get this
error "Acecess violation @ address 00561C42 in
module 'nwtoolset.exe' write address 00000000". And it
siezes up the tool set. What did I do wrong.

Posted by Kad ( ) at 2002-12-30 20:46:00    
uhg, my bad, I just realized that i am using an older
rural city hak so this doesnt work for me. damn my luck!


Posted by Janus ( ) at 2002-12-30 19:06:00    
Sorry I haven't been able to respond before now :)

Rothgar, that was the plan.. I just couldn't say I had an
actual city gate if it was rural... just didn't work for

Kad, I might be missing what you are asking here, but all
this really does is add the raised tile with grass on it
so that it no longer looks like you are walking on grass,
and then all the sudden it's a cobble ground leading up to
the wall.. didn't seem that "real" to me :)

Posted by Kad ( ) at 2002-12-30 10:23:00    
Very cool. Definately going to be using this in my modules.

Quick question though, does it replace all raised areas
with the castle walls? ( I know I can check this out at
home, but I am being impatient and don't want to wait til i
get off of work :) )

Posted by Rothgar ( ) at 2002-12-30 10:10:00    
Perhaps now we will begin to see proper City entrances,
rather than a rural wall and gate that somehow leads into
a city that has brick wall and an iron gate.

Posted by Manne ( ) at 2002-12-30 09:22:00    
Lovely! I have wished for this a long time now. Thanks.

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